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100th Blog Post


I didn’t realized that I actually reached 100th blog post already. I didn’t blog actively and reaching a 100th post seems like a very long journey for me. So may be it’s time to look back at the several posts I did which grab a lot of attention. It might not be as popular as now but I guess I should celebrate this linking several post which I like. Excuse the narcissism for a moment.

Probably the very first “actual”
blog post I wrote for this blog which had been viewed by other people rather than me and several friends. I guess this blog earn me quite a reputation back then among UTM students. I only promote this to my course mates and my sister back then. I also shamelessly ask my sister to promote it to her friends. Quite surprisingly, it went better than I thought. I only realized it when my senior came to me and compliment me for the bravery and outspokenness in that post when I never asked her to read. She said someone(whom I don’t know at all) promote it to her and I had many UTM students I didn’t knew came to my chat box that time and complimented me.

Ok I had been blogging about idiots and I still think that my initial two posts are the best. Read and laugh your ass off.

My Creative Juice Cumming In

How about several of my retarded post? I guess pretty much most of the bloggers I’ve known now only had been reading serious stuffs from me. I guess this would be a very different side for you guys.

Men Are Perverts but They Are Reasons Why My Blog Have More Daily Visitors

Although I do not personally think these are my best post but they seriously generate the most visitors to my blog and even now. I guess all men are perverts and internet had been way too convenient.

Seriously WTF. I am still getting many visitors to my blog searching for “shit covered ass”, “dirty ass porn” and so on so on. I would definitely like to know what is so arousing about ass full of shits? We have many of those running the country. Seriously.

My Thoughts and Opinions

Too many to choose but I think I will go for the best one. The one I did on Ris Low. Sure that it is filled with sarcasm but I am actually serious with those points.

That’s all for now. Actually I love all of my posts. Choosing a good one for me and linking them up here had been an ass of a job. Please do read back if you had the time.  I guess that’s how every author feels about their book And the comments in those blogs is not there because I had replaced it with Intensedebate from the old Blogspot comments box. I had been slacking and I actually forgot what I want to blog. Damn, I am getting pretty old right now. Till then. Buh bya.

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