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This only happens ONCE in a millennium and what makes it so special other than that? It’s my birthday as well and therefore, I decided to give birth to this new blog and domain of mine, ericleeh.com

This image background I designed can also be viewed at about.me/leehuangshi

What is ericleeh.com all about?

Basically it’s the same as my old blog Embedded Thoughts at leehuangshi.blogspot.com but I decided to turn things up. I’ll be doing design reviews probably once a week be it product design, interior design, architecture and many things more. I’m turning this to a design and lifestyle blog besides my old purpose of sharing my thoughts and ideas to the world.

ericleeh.com Logo

I started thinking of this because I wanted to give more exposure towards our local designers and we not only have famous fashion designers here. Our country is well known in furniture design globally but not locally. We have many talented designers working in many international companies such as Asus, Sharp etc.

The badge

I am still keeping my trademark of sharing ideas and opinions towards current issues and providing an interesting point of view. With this blog, I hope to have a fresh start and be more committed as well.

That’s all for now. Hope you enjoy my new blog for now.

P/S: Let me know if you wanna exchange links. The links are located at the top of the blog. Thanks.

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