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1st Anniversary


A year had passed just like that. Everything seems just happened a couple weeks ago rather than a year. I’m talking about the relationship between me and Caroline. Yes, without a doubt, this relationship has its ups and downs. We do have arguments and sometimes things seemed tough. But here we are, still standing strong as ever.

Probably I guessed our relationship had answered many questions. Is a long distance relationship built through online world possible? Yes, it is. God bless the Internet for bringing people closer especially both me and Caroline. How the year has been so far for me? It’s been pretty amazing and seriously, didn’t expect things to turn out like how it is today.

I’m not gonna make this too personal by telling out our future plans and so on but I’m gonna say this  one thing. Caroline had asked me this one question before as I believed many people would be asking their partners as well.

Would you get bored with me after a long time?

Well, the answer is this. I don’t believe that you will get bored of a relationship with a person. If there is such thing as being bored of a relationship with another person, there wouldn’t be marriage. It all actually boils down to whether each of the partner would want to make the relationship fresh. That’s how we ignite the flame in the relationship and make a relationship last. When a person claim that he or she is bored, then the reason is obvious. He or she is not making any effort in making a relationship alive.

Why during courting stage, everything seems so fresh and nice? Why in every single beginning of a relationship, things always seemed sweeter? This is because each individual holds different surprises in terms of speech and action for one another that would keep it interesting. So why can’t such thing occurs for long term in relationship? Running out of ideas is only an excuse. Because this thing, it had to be done with two partners and not only one. If only one side of the relationship is being active, sooner or later, that relationship will be doomed.

Being in a relationship, is like a partnership in business. You cannot expect your business to run well if only one side of the partnership to contribute. So how to keep things fresh?

Argument is one way of keeping things fresh. With argument, you will get to know both you and your partner’s weaknesses. No one is perfect in a relationship. Arguing is only a small step in making a relationship perfect not the person in it perfect. Me and Caroline have our fair share of arguments. I too wish for less arguments but those arguments I believed helps both of us especially me, to know each other better. I wouldn’t know what she dislike if there’s no argument right?

Besides that, we avoid doing things repetitively. I always avoid doing things too repetitively for her. As in going out for movie too much or stay at home too much. This is why I always follow and allow Caroline to attend events together. Doing things together as friends and also partners is special. It’s refreshing always. Even though I preferred to stay at home to rest during weekends, I still will go out to have fun with her. Occasionally, we go for a movie and good food.

Although, we did argue because of the events we attend contrary to what most people think because I was kinda exhausted from all the events and workload. However, we did compromises with each other in the end.

Talking to each other about everyday lives is a good thing as well. Sharing is caring right? I asked a lot about her day and if anything interesting happened to my day, I would tell her as well. That’s how to keep conversation fresh. It’s true the topic is the same but the content would be different right?

So that’s how I answered her question. The day I got bored of her, is the day I stop doing things that make the relationship alive which I definitely would avoid at all cost. I need not to worry that she stop doing things to make the relationship alive as I trust her or if I sensed it, I would tell her and ask her to get on with it. I love her that’s why I want things work. for this one year, things had been like that. I wish there will be more years to come and of course everlasting. Happy 1st year anniversary to you, wifey. I love you.



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