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5 Things That I Don’t Get It


Have you ever encountered a situation, where no matter how much you look into it or think about it, you just don’t get it? I think the most common thing around will be “I don’t get what guys are thinking” or “I don’t get what women are thinking”. I’m gonna laid of this question for my next post and list down 5 things that I would never get it. If any of you have a good explanation for it. Please do share.

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1. Pay To Park

At my workplace, somehow getting summons had becoming the norm. We had been issued with many parking summons which makes me think. Why do we even need to pay to park our car?

I do understand if I park in a shopping mall, they will have guards wandering around to take care of the security. Parkings in shopping malls are always being kept in a tip-top condition. So just by these conditions, I will be happily paying my parking fees.

However, my workplace which is in some sort of aย shop houseย area, we need to pay our District Community to park our car. Let me get this straight, I pay to park at the place where the conditions are not well maintained at all and the community police loiter around the nearby mamak shop more often checking the security of the neighbourhood? To top it off, the charges can be even worse than some upper class shopping malls?

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So why do I need to pay for parking my car? To cover the cost of the development of that place which happened so many years ago? I am sure that the cost are already covered after so many years especially by the rental fees from so many offices nearby. So why do I need to pay to park?

2. Toilet Seats Debacle

Probably one of the most talked about topic in Western countries. Women there get all pissed off if their male partner forgot to put down the toilet seats. So what’s the big deal actually?

I mean, can’t women there put it down themselves? And after they finished their business, then wouldn’t they need to put the toilet seats up? Do they really need to depend on guys to help them do their business? Men don’t seem to have any problems taking the seats up if they saw it is down. So what’s the big deal actually?

3. Pay To Scare Yourself

I bet most people would love to watch horror movies. In fact, most of us are afraid of the supernatural as well. However, I knew someone who is totally afraid of ghosts and he still wanted to watch horror movies. He pester people to accompany him to watch horror movies while being fully aware of the fact that he would not be able to sleep that night. So why is this happening? Adoi!! Guy summore!! Sia Sueh la…….

Please don’t be mistaken. I knew many girls who are like this as well. They know they will be scared and yet they went to watch them. So they like to be afraid?

4. Sex Sells

Image from http://nikol-eta.blogspot.com/2010/10/marketing-point-does-sex-really-sell.html

I’m not talking about those advertisements or shows. I’m talking about blog posts. If someone blogs about sex or any perverted stuff, I will be damn guarantee you that many people will look into that blog post. It’s not about perversion I guess, it’s more like curiosity.

When I blog about some of these stuff last time, I tend to generate more visitors than usual but at the same time LESS comments than usual. Why is that? I can only come to a conclusion that many are interested in that topic but end up to shy to comment on my post. Shy or not, I still get to know that you are just pretending to be not interested.

I myself too are much more interested in those blog posts which I ca’t even understand what actually messed with my curiosity. How about you?

5. People who are full of themselves.

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I seriously would not in a million years understand why would someone be so full of themselves. It’s good to have confidence. However, there is a difference between confidence and overconfidence. I knew someone who claimed he know almost everything but yet the rest of us know he’s just bullshitting himself.

And then recently, I saw a fat guy commenting on my friend’s picture being looked fat and funniest of all, he said it until like he’s fit and slim. I can ASSURED you if he’s SLIM and FIT, I will be having the body of Ryan Reynolds and 6′ tall. I really seriously wonder where all that confidence come from. And I am basically slightly overweight to begin with. Got my drift?

Then there’s another case of overconfidence where there is this person who would go around telling people how great she is and also how likable she is. This gets to a point where I don’t even know how to tell her that what she think is so great is actually quite normal and it means nothing.

So QUESTION OF THE MOMENT is: What are the things that you don’t get or understand?

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