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6 Awesome Things To Do In Da Nang, Vietnam


Da Nang is one of Vietnam’s major port cities and located at the coast of South China Sea. Da Nang is quite a well known tourist destination for the Westerners despite being almost unheard of by most Malaysians. When I first mentioned to my friends that I will be heading to Da Nang, I got stares of confusion from them. I can’t blame them as I personally had not heard much about this place before this. Due to the good opportunity given by AirAsia and Da Nang Tourism Board, I was given an opportunity to learn about this place even more.

Since not much people especially Malaysians know what is there to do in Da Nang, Vietnam, I decided to come up with a post of what are the things you can do over here before you decide whether you should make some room for Da Nang in your upcoming holiday plans.

1. Let’s Go To The Bea–Beach!

My Khe Beach

Since Da Nang is one of the major port cities in Vietnam, it is no surprise that this came into the list. Da Nang have plenty beautiful beaches around and the sand there were extremely fine and soft to walk on. There are public beaches in Da Nang and there are private beaches as well.

My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach

The Public Beach Near A La Carte Hotel

The Public Beach Near A La Carte Hotel

2. Explore The Da Nang City

View of Da Nang City on top of A La Carte Hotel

Of course, Da Nang City holds a certain charm to tourists who wanted to take a break from the beaches. There are a lot of spots for one to explore over here in Da Nang. You can take a boat ride up and down the River Han and you can see the several landmarks of the city such the Dragon Bridge and the Hanging Bridge.

The Dragon Bridge

Boat ride down River Han

Be sure to be there every Saturday 9pm as there will be a Fire and Water Show held at the Dragon’s Head. You can view this either by standing at the bridge itself or on a boat. I would recommend viewing it from the boat if you don’t mind paying a little fee as it would be much more comfortable and the viewing angle is perfect especially for photography.

Fire breathing dragon head

Water breathing dragon head!

There are a couple of Sky Bars in Da Nang that you can actually chill and have a look at the amazing town of Da Nang. These are the 2 places I been to that offers amazing view over the Da Nang town. One is at A La Carte Hotel that is located along the coastline of Da Nang City. The view at A La Carte Hotel is amazing as one side you have an amazing view of the sky, beach, sea and mountains while the other side offers the breathtaking cityscape.

On top of A La Carte Hotel

On top of A La Carte Hotel

On top of A La Carte Hotel

This hotel also offers THE BEST TOILET VIEW EVER!

The toilet with glass wall around. You can observe the town while you poop as the town observe you poop.

Photo credit to Joel Wong.

We also went to SKY36 which is the recently opened highest sky bar in Da Nang. Over here, you can view the entire cityscape of Da Nang including River Han and their iconic Hanging Bridge and Dragon Bridge.

The view at SKY36 sky bar.

The view at SKY36 sky bar.

The bar at SKY36.

The DJ at SKY36, DJ Chanel.

And if you are an avid runner and marathon enthusiast, do drop by their amazing Da Nang International Marathon. My trip happened to falls on this particular marathon and it is a nice change of pace to jog around the town and observes the town in a different perspective.

Da Nang International Marathon

Da Nang International Marathon

Da Nang International Marathon

3. The Hills For Some Breathtaking Views

Going up Ba Na Hills

In Da Nang, you can experience the sea, the town and finally the hills. There are a couple of places you can drop by to experience the hills such as Marble Mountain, Ba Na Hills and also Phap Lam Pagoda, Monkey Mountain. During our short trip here, we couldn’t make it to the Marble Mountain but we make a short trip to Ba Na Hills and also Phap Lam Pagoda.

Group photo at Ba Na Hill

Garden at Ba Na Hill

At Ba Na Hill, you can have an amazing view of the town when you take their cable car however, we were quite unfortunate as it was very foggy during our visit there. What I love about Ba Na Hills the most is they have some amazing European inspired architecture around. The architecture are very well maintained unlike our historical sites over here.

Beautiful architecture at Ba Na Hills

There is also a giant Buddha statue in Ba Na Hill. It is pretty interesting to see a place that was heavily influenced by European architecture to offer something which is the complete opposite.

Giant Buddha statue at Ba Na Hills

Entrance to the giant Buddha statue at Ba Na Hills

When you are in Da Nang, especially when you hung out around their public beach in front of A La Carte Hotel, you will not miss the sight of a giant statue of Guan Yin or Goddess of Mercy. Going to Monkey Mountain will let you encounter this 100-feet statue up close and I heard you can even take an elevator up to the top of the hill to have an amazing view of whole Da Nang. Unfortunately, due to time constraint, we could not do so but here are some of the views that I had captured at there.

Phap Lam Pagoda, Monkey Mountain

100 feet statue of Goddess of Mercy / Guan Yin

View over the town of Da Nang from Phap Lam Pagoda

Both locals and tourists alike frequent this place for prayers and sightseeing. The event that inspire the construction of this 100 feet statue of Guan Yin is some time ago, the locals reportedly saw the appearance of Guan Yin over the town of Da Nang and this statue was built in order to honour that incident and the goddess.

Groufie with the Goddess of Mercy

4. The MUST VISIT Hoi An Ancient Town.

Ancient Town of Hoi An

Hoi An Ancient Town, a UNESCO Heritage site is just situated approximately an hour drive from the Da Nang city. Here, you will experience a culture that doesn’t change much from the 50’s. The architecture over here is simply beautiful and it is definitely one of the must visit places if you are a photography enthusiast and appreciate the beauty of old architecture.

Ancient Town of Hoi An

In fact, you do not even need any good gears to get great pictures. I’ll just let some of the photos do the talking.

Ancient Town of Hoi An

Ancient Town of Hoi An

Ancient Town of Hoi An

Ancient Town of Hoi An

Ancient Town of Hoi An

Ancient Town of Hoi An

Ancient Town of Hoi An

Japanese bridge in Ancient Town of Hoi An

Ancient Town of Hoi An

Fisherman in Ancient Town of Hoi An

Ancient Town of Hoi An

5. A #fuckdiet regime with Vietnamese street food. Go caffeine overdose!

Central Market, Hoi An Ancient Town

Vietnamese street food are some of the best street food I had encountered so far. The complex flavour of their food is hard to emulate and most of the time, you couldn’t get to taste authentic Vietnamese cuisines. If you are in Hoi An, do remember to pay a visit to their Central Market for their wide selection of street food.

Bun Mam


Chicken Porridge

Bun Cha Ca

Quang Noodles

Banh Uot Thit Nuong

Banh Uot Thit Nuong

When you are in Vietnam, unless you have a serious vendetta against coffee like Caroline, you must give their Vietnamese coffee a try. I had multiple cups of Vietnamese coffee when I am there that I lost count. The best Vietnamese coffee I had was this one recommended by one of my travelmate Wan Yong which located by the river side.

Vietnamese Coffee

This coffee place is fairly easy to locate. Go to the central market and go to the back entrance. Walk along the river and about 50m away, it is the first store by the riverside on your left.

Self proclaimed best coffee in Hoi An which I can’t really ague

6. Get your suits and dresses tailored for cheap!

Vietnam is no longer stranger to cheap tailoring. Over here in Hoi An, you can have your clothes tailored at lightning speed. A full suit for men will only cost about 150 USD and above depending on the quality. One of my travel mate, Jason had his tailored for only slightly over USD 200. Chee Ching had her dress tailored at USD35 while Calista had hers at only USD 45.

You can get your suit done is just 24 hours and you can request them to send it over to your hotel if you stayed around Hoi An. I would recommend you to google for the best tailors around Hoi An before coming over to avoid being cheated. Here are a few links that I recommend.




There you have it! The 6 awesome things you can do in Da Nang, Vietnam. If you like street photography like me, Hoi An is a place that you shouldn’t miss out on. There are plenty more things to do in Da Nang and it definitely would not cost you a bomb to venture around here. The people are friendly despite the traffic is unbearable to me. This had to be one of nicest to travel in South East Asia.

If you are heading to Da Nang from Malaysia, why not check out AirAsia as they are now flying to Da Nang 4 times a week! For more write up about Air Asia’s flight to Da Nang, you can read it over HERE.


If you would like to view more photos that I took in Da Nang, do check out this Facebook album : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.789926221030233.1073741966.178896838799844&type=3

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