6 It Begun

So fast 6 months had passed. May be people would think we wouldn’t last this long but we still prove them wrong. Let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we?

1st Month

The journey begun and also filled with many uncertainties of course. It was unexpected and yet it excites me. We had some problems earlier on with both of us uncertain whether is it the right decision for both of us. We just follow the flow.


We both had dedicated posts to each of us for our first monthsary. I think many people had read them but it you want to read it, here’s the link.


Got my piggy from Caroline as present as well.

2nd Month

Things got slightly rough but we still pull through. We both got to know each other more and it is definitely fun for me.

3rd Month

Can’t really believe we are already here. Yet the moment felt so short. Although we still haven’t met each other yet but feelings are definitely growing.

4th Month

Our VERY FIRST meeting. I still remember it like it just happened yesterday. With me fetching her bestie Annie and Caroline refused to come out from the airport for a good 15 minutes. Both of us are really nervous. Actually the only concern I have is if she’s taller than me which she’s not. A relief for both us and how we enjoy our time together and also with the rest of our twitter gang.

5th Month

Caroline’s birthday and I was kinda sad that I’m unable to celebrate with her. Hopefully I can celebrate her birthday together with her next year. made a poem for her though and here it is.

Happy Birthday My Dear Caroline
The Birthday Poem

Our second meeting with me going to Sabah with my family. Things were definitely fun. I enjoyed my time there very much and definitely hoping for more in the future.

6th Month

My birthday couldn’t celebrate with her as well but it’s ok. Definitely there will be more next time for us to celebrate together. But she had a post for me!


Wow, it’s already half a year and time do flies. Honestly, it doesn’t felt like half a year to me. It sometimes seems ages that we been together which is a good thing as this means we tend to know each other more. Besides that, it felt short as time really do flies.

It’s quite difficult to be in a long distance relationship and we made it this far. Many would have not expected it. we are still going on strong. Sometimes I really do wonder, how long will this last? I cannot really answer for sure but then I definitely hope it would last and never break.

I’m not sure about you guys but I am exceptionally touched when I see 2 old couple holding hands and walk side by side. Still smiling to each other and as though newly weds. How about you?

I would like that to happen to me and Caroline as well. Wish us all the best.

P/S: Happy half year anniversary wifey. I love and miss you always.

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  1. hubby!!!! <33

  2. later meet up we celebrate ur belated bday n oso advanced valentine day okie!!! :p

    • advanced valentine enough le…hehe

  3. wish it never break too! Love u n miss u always too! 😉 hugs!

    • love and miss you always…hugss

  4. Hey Eric! Awwww don't worry about what other ppl have to say abt ur LDR… you will know it in your heart if it's worth the distance, time and effort… happy 6 months to u and ur beautiful Caroline… 6 months and counting… :D:D:D

  5. okie!! hehe

  6. Happy 6th-monthsary to u & Caroline!! and may there be many more to come! :)

    • Thanks a lot monica!!

  7. So sweet xD
    From untold-storyxmyworld.blogspot.com aka Evangeline Ang

  8. Happy 6th-monthsary to you and Caroline! : )

    • thanks panda!! haha

  9. Wishing you both the very best! Faster get married you guys! : D

    • hahaha not yet la… XD

  10. Happy 6 months Anniversary, Eric!

  11. I am into LDR too and we're still going stronger as the day goes on. 4 years it has been for me and my prince.

    I am happy for your monthsary. More loving!

    • Thanks…i wish you all the best for your LDR as well… =)

  12. With such strong love you both have for each other… surely this LDR will succeed. Let love, faith and trust keeps the flame going.

    • Thanks for the wish!! XD

  13. Happy 6th month anniversary to you both. The journey is still early for both you.. and there are bounds to be more hindrances along the way.. but stay true to each other.. keep the love alive and all would be fine.. Good luck!

  14. So sweet to know the love is very strong tho far apart. Wishing you two all the best! :)

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