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A Birthday Post


Today is Caroline’s birthday. And also it is her first birthday celebrating with me and in West Malaysia.


As usual, I will start things off with how things are with us so far. I can’t say it’s perfect. Like any other normal couples, we had fights and boy, we had some fights.


I think the hardest thing is that there are a lot of things that we need to put up with each other. But then again, these is how relationship is being modeled to perfection. Even though there is no such thing as perfection, as long as it is compatible with me and her, that would simply be more than enough.


We so have some lame moments on our own. In fact, we have them everyday. Life is never dull or boring unless one of us got all bad mood and emo for no apparent reason. I guess today will still be the same as before. As interesting as before.


So I hereby wishes, you, my wifey, Caroline Ng May Ling a very happy birthday and although there are not all happy times for us, I wish there will be more happy times ahead to mark your birthday. I might not show it at times, but I still love you as much. A happy and blessed birthday you will have. I cannot give you much or shower you with all the treasures of the world for this birthday, but I am finally here next to you to celebrate it with you. Happy Birthday, wifey.


Oh yeah, without forgetting, here’s another wish for one of our very first and closest blogger friends. Happy birthday to you, Foong. May you have another kicking panda years to come. Cheers!

That’s it for today. A very short post as I’m still busy with my work. Many apologies for not blog hopping, commenting and also replying your comments. I promise to do so as soon as I’m free. Have a nice day everyone.

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