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Remember I blog about this? It’s a post titled Distance regarding how me and Caroline whom we never met before can end up getting together. This is another post quite similar to that but this time I’m gonna involve the rest of our blogging and twitter friends


First of all, I think we are the living proof of how technology can really make the world smaller. I think we can prove doubters that actual relationship resulted from the internet be it the friends kind or the lover kind, can really happen.

When most people tend to say you wouldn’t know the person you knew online really well and they might be out there to take advantage of you. I do agree to a certain degree but let me ask this instead. How sure can we be if we met a person in real life can be more trustworthy than our internet friends? We had seen betrayal even among friends and family members so why meeting a person is so important in building friendship? Unless you judge a book by its cover?


Grey Ang

Let me start of with several bloggers that I first met. I’ll start with Grey Ang. Among our gang, he’s the first I knew way back 2 years ago if I’m not mistaken but I just got to met him recently around August? At first, I was wondering would I be able to communicate with him at all? This is the first time I’m meeting someone from the internet world. Well, end of the day, I’m glad situation aren’t any awkward at all. Believe me, I feel much more comfortable compare to meeting my coursemates for the first time.


Ethan, Merryn, Caroline

Then, it’s Merryn I’m meeting next along with her family. well, the first meeting we didn’t talk much as she was busy with her booth. And not to mention the ever cute Ethan ignoring me. LOL. But then I think our second meeting is way better than the first.


Adrian, Quachee


Lionel, Caroline, Mei Yee

Then it would be Foong, Quachee, Adrian, Witch and Saucer next. In fact, I’m kinda surprised that everyone could communicate and blend in so well despite some of us meeting up for the first time. All this while, we are just keeping up with each other on Twitter. But I think most probably our gossips that time is the true ice breaker among us. And yet now I emphasize AGAIN, I’M NOT CLOSE TO THAT GUY AT ALL!!! (regarding our gossips that day)




Kelvin Tan

Our recent meet up with Erika and Kelvin too been well. Although Kelvin seems to be on the quiet side but I hope he had a great time with us. I’m definitely sure Erika does have a wonderful time with us and especially with Quachee I guess. LMAO


Annie, Caroline

Oh yeah, I get to meet Annie who is Caroline’s bestie for the first time. Not too bad either even though before this I never talk to her at all.


My Boss, Me

And finally of course, my dear Caroline. I bet everyone will be wondering how our first meeting was. Nothing short of spectacular. To tell the truth, the only thing that I’m worried about that she might be taller than me. But I’m relieved that I’m taller EVEN when there’s someone out there wanted to pull a prank on me by giving Carol a 3 inches tall boots. FAIL ATTEMPT. I’m still slightly taller. XD

Of course, I’m not so worried about communication with her. I guess after the experience of meeting the rest, I am quite confident that it would be the same for me and Caroline. We will be much comfortable with each other very quickly. It didn’t take long for her to warm up enough to keep hitting me. It didn’t take long for us to hold hands or hold each other in our arms. Am I happy? Of course I am. Were things any different from our online bonding or telephone conversation? Yeah. Definitely very different. It is much better and much sweeter. So next time if anyone ask me how far are we. I’ll answer, we are physically a click a way, our heart is just side by side. (Pardon the moment of jiwangness, I just wanted whoever read this to tremble with geliness)

So that’s all for today. Sorry for missing out so long because I was very very busy with my job earlier on. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell them what happen to my job. May be next time when Foong is free to join us. Have a nice day everyone, it’s a blessing to know everyone of you especially Caroline.

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  • lianemarkus

    You guys really made a lot of memories which you both will cherish for the rest of your life. I just hope all relationship is like your relationship. Both of you have similar likes and I think that made you create a good and effective chemistry.
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