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A Day In My Life


I always wonder why people keep expecting me to be a very happening person. When I said I don’t club, I did went once earlier this year but that’s it, people find it hard to believe. I said I don’t really drink, in fact, I only had my first liquor last year at home which is only a glass of whisky, people find it hard to believe. I said I don’t smoke, people don’t believe.

Once I was working in Anime Tech, Sunway Pyramid, a Malay girl from another shop came in to ask to borrow my lighter, I said I don’t have because I don’t smoke. The girl’s facial expression was like I just told her that I’m Johnny Depp and I’m actually her real actual birth father. She even TRIPLE confirm with me by asking me two times am I really bullshitting her. The whole shop was only me and her, who am I to impress over there? Her?  This is a serious joke.

So now, I’m gonna tell you guys exactly HOW NORMAL MY LATEST LIFE IS!!!


Nowadays, since I got to work, I woke up as early as 5.55am. Reason is?


Make a wake up call to my wifey!! XD LOL Actually I too wanted to go gym as well before work but sometimes my work had left me too tired to get my ass to the gym and work it out.


I’m not sure with you guys. Usually when I woke up and half asleep, I will adopt this so called praying and kneeling position. Doing that for like 15 minutes(if I never go gym) before finally waking up and wash up. Don’t ask if I purposely do this as a ritual. It’s just that I wanted to pull my body up but my efforts only left me at that position and I end up too lazy to move so I just remain that position.


Working time has always been hectic! But I always had time to chat with Carol. At least that will keep me awake and sane for the rest of the day. Don’t get me wrong, I kinda like my job despite being so hectic. But hey, that’s what a designer’s job usually are!! So chatting with her, facebooking and tweeting with the rest of the tweeps in twitter world had been making my job less boring!!


If I had to go through a day with doing all that, I will end up being like this before my working hours ended!! After go back, I just bathe, had my dinner and then resume talking online and blog hopping. Then youtube-ing as well. Then before I go to sleep, this is what I do.


DUH!!! Who else I’m gonna talk to but Carol on the phone before having my good night sleep. Oh. For the song? Need me explain? LOL


But sometimes I’m getting too tired like last week, I tend to almost fell asleep while singing/talking. But I still manage to finish my task for now! XD Then I will hit the sack and go for my appointment with Grandfather Zhao.

As you can see, there’s nothing exciting or interesting in my daily life routine. I do go out for yum cha or movies with friends but somehow these bunch of fellas won’t bother to call up for meet up BESIDES Soon Yee. And yeah, i know one of them are reading this AND YES, I’m talking about you guys. LOL. Although I do went for food hunt a lot but now not anymore. Let’s just say my interest is elsewhere right now.

That’s all for my sien life right now. Till next time, I’ll resume my usual blogging style. Bye.

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