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A Jogging Moment Part 1


Recently, I had started to jog. All that for health reasons. Realized I’m no longer young, I should do something about my health then I started jogging despite how much I hated it. It’s boring and monotonous to me and if it isn’t because I no longer have any friends to play basketball with, I wouldn’t think about jogging. So just last Sunday, I went for a jog and this happens.

Lately, there had been many stray dogs running around the park. I do not know why and what brings them there.

What is actually going through my mind at that moment

Ok, I’m actually A BIT scared of the dogs over there. There were 3 dogs on my jogging path and I did not know what should I do. I continue jogging while thinking should I just jog past them or turn back and run away. And I noticed those dogs were staring at me and I wasn’t sure if I turn around to run, they might chase after me. FORTUNATELY, these dogs eventually turn around and runs off as I am closing near there. Phew~~ I’m in luck.

I have one more good jogging story which I will share in the next post. Do stay tuned. I had been feeling unwell lately, which explains my lack of blog hopping, commenting and blogging although I were doing a lot less before this. Sometimes, it’s better to just leave a comment here as your latest link will automatically be posted here so I can read by clicking on it! It also actually helps with your SEO if you care enough.

But please comment something related and if not, you will get a backlash from me.

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