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A Jogging Moment Part 2


It’s Monday and how’s everyone. I’ve been feeling sickish and slightly under the weather to be interested in doing anything. However, I’ve tried to keep up with my weekly post if possible. This story is a TRUE STORY. It doesn’t happened to me but I will use myself as a reference. So, enjoy.








So had you been misunderstood as a snatch thief when you are just plainly jogging? This happens to one my high school friend. He was just innocently jogging around a neighbourhood and his usual route includes many narrow alleys. Not to agree with all the stereotype, I think it’s essential to let everyone know that my friend is an Indian. (Didn’t drew it out to see how many actually reads what I write again.) Hence, we are discussing on how racism and stereotyping could do to the society. If an Indian guy jogging around, would you actually automatically assume he is a criminal? I wouldn’t. That is because I don’t think criminals are limited to being a race. FYI, my father was once robbed by a group of Chinese guys.

Probably I misunderstood her as well, she might think everyone who passes her by is a snatch thief. But still, one of the most epic jogging story I’ve heard to date.

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