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A Perfect Relationship


What is a perfect relationship to you guys? Good looking partners? Lots of sex? Relationship that permits freedom? Or a relationship that does not have any arguments? I think that most people would rather have a relationship that does not have any arguments to be considered as perfect. Am I right?
However, do anyone really thinks that that is the perfect way for a relationship? A relationship without any arguments or disagreements? I do know that almost everyone out there prays that arguments could be minimized and I do that too when I’m in a relationship.

Boredom Comes Into Equation
A relationship without arguments unfortunately also equals to a relationship that is boring. I know how some people tends to disagree with me now but it is a fact. No matter how loving you two can be, if you guys have the same opinion with every little things in life, then you are actually going out with yourself. It’s just like masturbation.
Imagine this, having your partner knows everything about you down to the little details such as how you pick your nose and what type of underwear you like to wear. The thought itself is scary and passionless. A relationship should not be like that in my opinion. Regardless how bored you are getting of your partner, there should be way to spice things up a little. Which explains why so many girls resorted to meaningless arguments. They argue just for the sake of arguing even unconsciously. I know many girls will try to deny this but that is actually happening. Guys are not much better but very few of us will resort to this method naturally.
Running Away Is Not An Option
Most people will tend to run away from arguments or the problems they faced everyday. I heard before of a story of a old married couple who never argues before in their entire marriage. This is because when they get married, they made a pact not to voice out any arguments and when they reach and disagreement, they will go for a walk to walk it off. Sounds like a peaceful family to most people but to me, I think that is rather depressing.
The couple is actually running away from their problems instead of confronting them. They should just talk it out rather than keeping it inside them. Imagine all the years of disagreements kept hidden within yourself and the problems might occurred again in the future. Tell me. Is this the life you want it? Is really not arguing the best solution? Or is it just a form of running away?
Arguing The Right Way
I didn’t encourage anyone to just stab their partners or throw tantrums around. I do not encourage people to argue more and further strain their relationships. It’s true that argument keeps a relationship stronger as it present problems that needed to be overcome in order for a better future. Arguing is not necessary throwing your voice up or at any chance, murdering your partner. It can be done in a softer way such as sitting down to talk it out in a calm manner. Respecting the views of your partner while trying to understand them. Sounds easy but it is hard and I too having a problem executing it right.
Anyway, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. To me, a perfect relationship is when both stay committed and happy together. When an argument arises, they should talk it out and at the end of the day, they should appreciate and happy to have one another. That’s all from me today. Have fun building a nice relationship everyone.

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