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A Relaxing But Hectic Trip To Genting


A very hastily planned trip doesn’t always worked well. The trip was planned just 2 days before the trip and the tickets were bought a day before it. It all started funny when I drove all the way to KL Sentral only to end up not knowing where to park the car. Heng have to walk quite a distance to get the tickets while I’m listening to Gary Chao’s songs in the car.

The next morning, Chai Lei was late and the bus was delayed 2 MINUTES just to await her arrival. You know what? We got bloody screwed from the bus driver and bus conductor. Suddenly, I began to miss the ever-late-bus at Pudu and the drivers there not minding to wait for 10 minutes. I got sick during that day, a sore throat, flu and a possible mild fever. This had further indicates this trip gonna be a fucked up one.

Yours Truly,

And the rest of the peeps.

As soon as we arrived at Genting via the cable car, we were greeted by our tour guide and also the ever-generous Penny’s father, Johnny. The moment I saw his thin side crops and neatly styled but funky hair of his, I had a feeling that her dad is kinda cool for his age. When I spotted the tattoos on both of his hands, I suddenly wished my father would have tattoos too. How cool was that! I’m not ass-kissing Johnny here or anything even though he treated us to two meals and get us a discount for theme park fare. Johnny is a cool guy not only because of his appearance but also his witty personality. These are the several conversation involves Johnny.

Heng: Wanna go for Corkscrew?
Me: No. That’s too extreme for me…
Johnny: (Interrupts my speech half-way) Screw The Cock.
Heng: Cock the screw.
Me: Yeah. And screw the Corkscrew.

And during dinner…

Penny passes us our bowl of soup. One of Heng’s friend was together with us but I could not recall her name so I shall call her A.
Johnny: This is for you(passes the small bowl to A) and this is mine(taking the whole pot)
A: Our one so small and your one so big ah? Give some la.
Johnny: Oh, sure.(takes out the only prawn and several other ingredients)Help yourself with whatever remains there.
A: There’s nothing in it anymore!
Johnny: (gestures to me)Help yourself in whatever remains there.

The trip was filled with rainy moments but we too had several events, conversation or jokes that makes this trip a whole lot interesting. As usual, I made quite an impact with the many things I did. One of it is….

Heng: Come on, Eric. Go for the Corkscrew. You play then Chai Lei will play also.
Me: No! I will piss my pants.
Penny: Then you go pee in toilet first then no more excuse.
Me: I’ll shit myself.
Penny: Then you go toilet settle everything only comes out and play.
Me: I’ll vomit then. (I admit I’m kinda a pussy at times when it comes to heights)

And not to forget…My constant molestation on random things

We saw a freaking cool guy selling the chinese flute. Penny could not resists and request him for a song.

Penny: Can play us a song with that flute ah?
Guy: Sure!! What song do you want?
Penny: Can you please play the “Sheng Mu Yu Tong”‘s “Wei Ni Er Huo”? Thank you very much first.
Guy: Huh?? Er…(Stunned for a few seconds and looking blank)
Penny: Never mind. Just play what you best at.

We too had several priceless moments worth sharing with many. One of it is further proof that Chai Lei is blind. She had previously misread my number plate 6310 as 8310 and the following conversation further proves her blindness.

Chai Lei: Eh, why there is black smoke ah?
Me : Huh? What?
Chai Lei: Why got black smoke there? (points at a direction)
Me: : That’s not black smoke. IT’S A BLOODY TREE

Chai Lei wore a 3-inch high heels over here for one particular reason. Its because our height difference wouldn’t be too apparent and she can converse more comfortably. Looking back at the things we did and the hours we spent, it’s definitely a BAD idea. This prompt us to go shopping with her for a new pair of shoes.

Chai Lei with her high heels.

Johnny: Datang sini untuk 12 jam, takkan nak pakai high heels. Lain kali, pakai macam ini la.(points at his sneakers)
Chai Lei: Haiyo, saya tak tau ma. Dia cakap datang jalan-jalan saja.(points at me)
Johnny: Yalah. Jalan-jalan untuk 12 jam, nak pakai kasut ini? Patah oor..

We did went for bowling and this picture is solely for proof to Chai Lei who challenged me to score over 100 and beat the others. And I get 2 drinks for it. IN YOUR FACE! HAHA! E is me.

We stumbled upon Michael Jackson The One Tribute concert by Michael Jackson of Asia whose name I could not even bother to remember.

This trip was filled with a lot of self camwhoring which prompt to these few remarks.

Penny: How long does it takes the cable car to reach Genting.
Me: About 15 minutes
Penny: (turns to Heng and frowns)He’s gonna camwhore for the whole 15 minutes.
Heng: Yeah, with every angle from 0 to 180 degrees, vertically and horizontally.
Me: Bo Pian ah…Leng Chai is like that wan la…

Heng: I think you can fight with my gf.

To put me in justice, I’m not the only camwhore in the group.

And my personal favourite is during the monorail when this pic was taken.


A shitty and hectic beginning for the trip but it end up quite fun and worthwhile. May there will be more of these coming soon.

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    oooiiii ~~~~~~~~~~~ feel like wana slap you la…lol…dis noon, i wondering why ur classmate ,namizam know about the shoes thing… kanasai..u bloged it ! kick you kick you !!!!! ishkkkk !!! Behtahan u la…keep gagi take gagi's face ..lol… Nextime bowling again la..lol..~~~

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