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A Yippee for Yippee Cup


My camera wasn’t with me for a few days! I was devastated!


There are so many bubble tea franchise being set up nowadays. Sooner or later, there will be a bubble tea stall everywhere just like how 7-Eleven is. If given, a bubble tea stall could end up behind the alley behind my house and I could ask the seller to just throw it in my room or the toilet where I’m taking a dump. Enough with the out of the world and gross description. My point is, there are so many bubble tea store around, how would we know which to go?

Shop Exterior

Shop Interior

Locating in SS2, it’s hard to miss this spot with its huge banner and trademark yellow and green stripes. Refreshing colour combo and I like it. I sure do hope this place will offer drinks as refreshing as its name and corporate colours suggested.


Chocolate Oreo Blend – RM8.90

Vanilla Oreo Blend – RM8.90

I love Oreo Blended drinks. Despite I don’t really share as much love for Oreo biscuits, I love how Oreo tasted being blend together with ice cream or drinks in this matter. The Chocolate Oreo is only average to me. Probably the chocolate taste had slightly overwhelmed the Oreo taste. However, the bomb was the Vanilla Oreo Blend and also Strawberry Oreo Blend. I might not have the Strawberry Oreo picture here as the picture taken was too bad to be posted. But these two drinks had bring out the best of the Oreo chocolatey taste and not to mention how well balanced is the taste produced.

Signature Pearl Milk Tea – RM5.90

Signature Pearl Milk Tea is fragrant and deep in flavour. It’s actually better than some famous milk tea franchise which I’m not going to name here. Enough said,

Gui Ling Roasted Milk Tea – RM5.90

Chocolate Moo – RM5.90

Probably my favorite of the night is my specially ordered Chocolate Moo. I was curious about it when I saw the unique name it has and when I asked the owner about it, he highly recommended it. When I wanted to to add some extra ingredients in it such as pearl, pudding, jelly or anything, I was actually being refused by the owner to do so and he insisted I tried it on its own. Ok, talk about persistent in quality control. Who am I to argue about their judgement?

With its pleasant outlook, the Chocolate Moo did not fail in delivering its quality as well. The cup is filled with about 75% chocolate and then topped it with a thick mousse. Not your average whipped cream or foam, this mousse is slightly salty in nature and it comes to me as weird in the beginning. Sprinkled with some chocolate powder, these drink is practically seducing my taste buds to make some sweet love. After much advice, I decided to drink beginning from the tip of the mousse and all the way down to the chocolate drink. The thick and fluffy mousse with its hint of chocolatey and salty tasty was definitely peculiar in the beginning but quite good actually. Once reaching the bottom of the chilling chocolate drink, the sensation turn into a very chilling and refreshing drink.

It’s definitely like drinking two types of drinks and I thought it was ok. However, I decided to stir it all up and mix it up real good and drink it. Words cannot describe how good it taste. The hint of salty mousse is quite apparent in the chocolate taste and it was good. Way better mixing it up together. Cheers to interracial mixing! A very unique and good drink only available here at Yippee Cup.

Lemon Milk Tea with Ramen – RM5.90

Lemon Milk Tea with Ramen is too a very unique drink. Its sourness is something not to be taken lightly off. If you like REALLY REALLY REALLY sour drink, this could be it. The unique ramen in it, honestly, never seen any bubble tea shop offers ramen toppings, it’s like glass noodle but with a more chewy texture similar to the pearl used. Enough said, I shall have my next bubble tea here with ramen.

Crispy Fried Beancurd – RM4.50

I did not have much expectation for food in the beginning. In fact, I always thought shops which prioritizes their drinks are always fare below average for food. I’m surprised that Yippee Cup beg to differ, I love beancurd and thus crispy fried beancurd is absolutely delicious. It’s crispy outer skin and also the soft texture had made the perfect sensation eating them. Have no complains at all. Love them!

Crispy XL Fried Chicken – RM7.50

Never a fan of those taiwanese fried chicken as I don’t really find them nice at all and rather filling too. This fried chicken however suited my taste more. The crispy layer and also the thick meat in it is very well fried.

Seafood Tempura – RM6.50

Probably one of my favorite food of the night. This seafood tempura is fried until golden brown and the slightly crispy layer covered a soft and chewy texture on the inside. Seasoned with some taiwanese chilli powder, this is the bomb! I could not have enough of it. May I add that this boxful was gone within a second a took my eyes away. I only had ONE piece of it before I got caught up with something. Next thing I know, the empty box is decorating the table. Unsatisfied, I ordered a whole box for myself and then eat them while watching Gintama. And while I’m at it, I requested it to be extra spicy for more kick and I love it. I still think they should add even more chilli powder for me that night as I’m a freak for spicy stuff and I have little regards to my aftermath in the toilet. Burning Butt comes second when it comes to enjoying good food.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Waffo – RM4.00

The waffle is not bad to me. The thick cake dough with its crispy layer are well prepared. If you love waffle, I recommend you pay a visit to try it. I’m not too much of a waffle fan to make a judgement.

These are the few promotions running for Yippee Cup.

Go to their Facebook Page and you might win an iPad2

A Christmas treat

Another christmas treat and promotion!

So head over to Yippee cup now or you can visit their facebook for more info!

Yippee Cup
SS2 Branch
44, Jalan SS2/66
47300 Petaling Jaya
Phone: +603-78746899 ( SS2 )

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