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Since I never really tell anyone about me before, I guess what other better time than blogging about myself during my birthday. Please excuse me a moment of narcissism and self love. Many people do not really know me that well especially those that only know me through my blog, I guess it’s about time for you guys to check me out.

Who Am I?
The name is Eric Lee Huangshi and yes I never really hides my name online. This is because I do not think I need to be. You guys can just simply call me as Eric. Why? Because nobody had the fucking memory to remember the name Huangshi. When I’m in secondary school, my English teacher thought my name is a girl’s name despite teaching for 2 years. FML. And I had people kept forgetting my name even though it sounds exactly like the Chinese Emperor Shih Huang Ti in reverse.

I’m studying in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design. If you guys do not know what is my course, it’s basically designing anything that you uses in your daily life from your shoes to cars, products to sex toys. I had a brother, a sister, a really really really extreme mom and my dad, the most fucking extreme realist in the world.

My Interest

Basically I had 6 Loves in my life.These are the 5s.
1. Writing and Talking about random stuffs
2. Taking photograph
3. Design and Drawing
4. Making friends or just socializing
5. Checking out Hot Girls
6. Sex (Who don’t, if you don’t means you are either a liar or someone who always had a badsex or a virgin)
If you guys had the exact interest as above, then we could definitely click. Oh yeah, my newest interest is this “Innocent Girl”, if I never list it out, then later she gets unhappy and kicks the shit out of me. I wouldn’t want that to happen. XD

The Narcissist

I’m one of the camwhoring guys. When I had nothing to do and could not find the urge or place or porn to masturbate, I will camwhore and pretty much take any picures with my trusty gay partner, Ricoh Caplio R7. I could pose in many “la yau yeng” pose and then sometimes certain gay pose in order to please the cameraman or woman. I totally believe in loving yourself in order to gain confidence to get on ahead with your life. it doesn’t matter if you look like crap, as long as you had the confidence in doing your things, pretty much nothing could stop you. However there’s a fine line between confidence and self delusional. Some people just are overconfident and caught up in their delusions.

The Man With Words.

Like you guys can see, I could write long elaborated stuff. I not only can write but zI could talk as well. Try spend a day with me, I’m gonna warm you up real quick with all my lame jokes and sarcasm that got you laughing till you shit. I could come out with really really random statements and remarks. I made up my own jokes and proverbs at the same time. One example? Here it goes.

Any one tried “Tong Kai Wan sun”(Cantonese) before? It is directly translated in English as (Slaughter Chicken to Offer the God?Deities). It is usually done by elderly when some good fortune befall on them. In my context it meant a bit different. Go Geylang at night and you will see what I mean. XD

Yeap, I’m lame and random like that but then at the same time, I make sense. For those who still don’t get it, in Geylang at night, there are prostitutes who stands outside a temple and they will bring customers in for a good time. XD. Another one will be my infamous “L-Theory”.

The Mind Reader

I don’t exactly read mind but I just could easily understand the psychology and also personality of a person just by observing their words, speech and small actions. If I talk to you, I am judging you at the same time. You guys will be surprised or find it creepy that I could sometimes tell out accurately your personality despite not knowing you for long. I could ecvebn judge a person by how they handle their financial needs and money.

The Serial Curser

I am a serial curser with quite a habit of cursing all the time. It’s rare to hear me never mutter a single foul word whole day. this is because the foul language could portray my emotions and statements strongly. I might curse a lot but I have high regrds for decency and well manners at the same time. If you gonna curse, curse it right.

The Real Me

I’m just a normal guy in every single way. I’m not quite like the type of person that you could easily associate with. It’s complicated getting to know me and not much people succeed. But the one who done the best job so far is definitely my Innocent Girl although she’s not innocent at all like she always claim. I still love her though. XD I am quite an understanding person and I could give you real good advice if you guys will pay close attention to what I’m saying

I always value family, friendship and definitely relationship.You mess with me then I’ll get even or forget about it but if you mess with any of those 3, I’m gonna fucking murder your family. I am very approachable despite my cocky face and speech at times. I rarely judge a person by looks in making friends although I had this habit of checking out every single hot girl that passes me. You will love me as you know me. (Thick Face)

That’s all from me. There’s a lot more I wanted to write but I just wanna keep it short and simple this time. People will get bored when you talk about yourself too much. XD. This post is just to give u guys a basic idea on what kind of person am I actually. I promise I will back to my usual blogging mode after this. And I’m gonna blog about my birthday celebration too. I never did blog about my personal stuff but because these people made it specially for me, they deserve to be talk about in my blog/ Enjoy. XD

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  • netster

    ho ho ho 🙂

    Happy Birthday and i hope you have a blast one 🙂 with the love one of course but if you decided to go for the emmm 'Innocent Girl" – saya tidak terbabit dalam kes ini hehehe
    My recent post Unboxing Celcom iPhone 5

  • Charmaine

    Happy Birthday to ya! XD
    Am tempted to write a post bout myself too but too lazy to do it LOL

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