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When you are holiday, what is the most important thing besides having enough cash and fresh underwears in your luggage? That is making the life of your friends and colleagues much more miserable by spamming your social media with all your holiday posts!

But admit it. There are tonnes of things Internet can do to our holiday. Besides boasting on your social media platform, you also can easily find out directions to your desired destination via Google Map. That piece of junk tourists’ map you get from the airport, you can keep it as a tool for bathroom emergency and nothing more.

Obviously, someone is jealous of my wan tan mees

I went to Macau the other time, the whole map is written in Portugese and Mandarin despite being a map for tourists. I was actually looking for a famous Portugese restaurant in Macau and the address written on Tripadvisor was not stated in the map. And that’s when I realized that the map only states the main roads around and the whole damn map consists of 70% small roads.

However, using the internet abroad usually could cost even more than your entire trip around the world. Most of us went oversea and came back, only to find a ridiculous amount of charges from our monthly telephone bill. That is basically heart-attack-on-mail. So what is actually going on that makes your phone as if it is on a massive dose of drugs?


The answer is simple. This is because data charges are charged by  pay-by-usage basis. The more you use, the more you are charged and each countries have a different rate of charging block. The amount could varies from RM10.66 per 1MB until RM18.66 per 1MB. And heck, I average a 30MB per day usage and that definitely will put a dent to my bank account. But if you activated DiGi Roaming, you will only be charged at a flat rate of  RM32/RM36/RM56 per day! And it doesn’t matter how many  data you used in a day, as long as you exceeded the 3MB usage limit, you will be charged the flat rate.

So what are you waiting for? Make your holiday bragging an affordable option by activating your roaming! More info at http://www.digi.com.my/roaming!

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