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(ADV) Furby Boom – A Gift for Christmas


Firstly, my apologies for the absence. I know I did many of these apologies as late but trust me. It was beyond my control and I had been really really busy with life. I still many pending food blog posts to be done as well. Well, I hope I could get back on my schedule by at least next month! Anyway, Christmas is around the corner so have you gotten a gift for your significant other or kids? If not, then why not read on further of this post. Recently, I got my hands on one of these Furby toys that had been all the rage. I am always curious of what exactly is this thing whenever I pass by them in shopping malls. For all who did not know, Furby is an electronic toy pet from Hasbro. Much like the Tamagotchi being brought to reality.

The package of Furby Boom came in a box. What’s unique about the box is there is a patch of Furby’s fur on top of it. You can actually felt and see the fur of your choice before making your purchase.

It comes with a manual and also a row of stickers that indicates the choices available for Furby Boom series.

Front View

Right View

Left View

Back View

To be honest, the whole Furby Boom is nicely made. I was expecting joining patches on the fur but that doesn’t seems like the case at all. The fur on the Furby was nicely covered and it do feels like as though you have a real life pet with you at the moment.

The Furby Boom runs on 4 AA batteries and it seems to last very well.

The mouth of the Furby is actually moves as it speaks. The eyes, which are made of screen, will showcase tonnes of expressions that would best describe how the Furby is feeling. It creates a very realistic interaction with you and to me, it felt as though it is almost alive.

The whole Furby was covered with sensors. Tickling it at any parts, the Furby will respond. You could even pull the tail for some fun and the Furby might just fart on you. There are numerous things you can do to it that triggers different emotions. For example, you could pet and stroke its head and it will purr like a cat. Or if you actually kiss the Furby, it will display affection for you. The affection that would only show if you kiss the lips area. Don’t ask me how it could detect that. I personally saw Caroline does it and it responded that way.

LOOK! It even had my signature eye expression.

One of the most interesting about this Furby is that it could actually react to music playing. I tried playing the song Ringa Linga by TaeYang for the Furby and it dances to the tune and beat of the song. To further test it to see if it dances to just about any song, I tried out several songs. It seems to dance to all the songs I played from my playlist. Either we have similar taste in music or this thing just dances to all songs. So I decided to search and play a song that I hated to see its reaction. I choose Justin Bieber’s song. And FORTUNATELY, it didn’t dance or show any interest to the song. I approve of this Furby’s taste in music.

The interaction with the Furby does not end there. You must download the app Furby Boom to your smartphone, available for both Apple iOS App Store and Google Android Play Store. With this app, there are tonnes of things can be done to interact with your Furby. Firstly, you can hatch eggs and your very own Furblings.

When your Furblings were hatched, you can play games with them and earn in-app cash to purchase upgrades! Don’t worry. Those are not real cash unless you really wanted to use real cash to purchase those cash. And the games are actually fairly easy to play so kids will be able to enjoy the games fully.

Besides that, you can use this app to directly interact with your Furby. You got to set a name for your Furby first and I set mine to Doo-Doo. These names were drafted based on their Furby language. I initially thought I could go for Gi-La but too bad there isn’t any options on that.

Then you can actually feed your Furby, treat its sickness (yes, it gets sick), bathe or take a dump. It is really pretty much close to a real life pet. So this is probably the best digital pet companion that you can ever get!

Eating its Coke Float which is also a medicine. I hate human medicine

Feed your Furby FOOD!

Shower your Furby!

There are tonnes of feature for the Furby to be played with. And then interestingly, Furby have different personalities within them. It changes depending on how you treat it. Here’s one Furby transformation video where it was being overfed or fed more than its liking.

These Furbies are definitely a great Christmas present. It can be a really interactive and fun digital pet companion for anyone ranging from kids aged 6 years old to an old lady aged 200 years old. It is suitable as a gift for almost everyone especially girls and kids.

On top of being just pet companions, they can actually be a part of your fashion accessories. You could bring them out without totally looking weird and the fashion styling on the Furby would definitely stylish enough to compliment your appearance.

So if you are looking for a gift for your girlfriend, fiance or wife. This could be a really great Christmas present. Or you can even purchase them if your kids are constantly pestering you for pets which you wouldn’t buy for them because higher chance you be the one taking care of it or the pets will die. Because this one pet companion that wouldn’t die. The most you need to do is just replace the batteries.

For more info, visit www.furby.com

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