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(ADV) Redeem Your FREE Dongle From Celcom


If you are having plans to go back to your hometown to celebrate Raya, there is no better time than NOW to redeem your free dongles at appointed Celcom Blue Cube Centre. Why is it such a good time to get it? Here’s why. Do you dread the long hours of travelling inside your car with high possibility that you will stuck in a horrendous traffic jam since the entire world seems to be visiting your kampong this Raya for whatever reasons? With Celcom Porta Wifi, it could help you stay connected on the go and making every journey an enjoyable world. With it, you can share on the go your instagram videos of filtered pictures of the horrendous traffic all the way back to your hometown.

So what is exactly a PortaWifi? PortaWifi by Celcom is a personal WiFi device that is portable enough for you to bring it everywhere. Be it at home, outdoors or even inside your car, riding on Celcom First Data plan, you can surf basically anywhere and anytime. No data to show your friends the roti you are eating in your car? No problem. Celcom PortaWifi will help you share with your friends since they are so eager to look at the shape and color of your roti!


So you can online anywhere you want? So what’s next? Hold your kuda-s. With the PortaWiFi device, you can share access up to 5 devices at once which means your laptop, tablet, high-end smartphone, mid-end smartphone and android camera can all online at the same time using only 1 data plan. Those gadgets of yours need not to feel lonely anymore! And it could surf at a speed up to 21Mbps with a total of 10GB data to be used as well. With the widest coverage and the fastest mobile network in Malaysia, you will be the first to upload pictures of traffic jams along the North South Highway this festive season! Imagine how many likes and shares you will gain from it!

From my earlier post, you know that Celcom is giving out FREE PortaWifi devices right? If you couldn’t spot one, then this is a good time to grab one as Celcom is having a promotion where you can get a FREE PortaWifi when you sign up with their Celcom First Data plan. You then can enjoy rebates up to RM120 on your monthly bills. There, Celcom just probably saved your boring dreadful long kampong trips!

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