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(ADV) Sector Focused Career Fair by UiTM and TalentCorp


Being an adult means you have to make important decisions that will affect your entire future. There isn’t  a turning point and careful considerations had to be made when it comes decision making. One of the toughest decision is no doubt the one involving your career. I’ve heard countless stories of people getting into the wrong industry and also misled by the company that they joined.


To prevent that problem, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Graduan, MDeC and TalentCorp jointly organized this Sector Focused Career Fair (SFCF). It was officiated by YB Senator Dato’ Seri Abdul Wahid bin Omar, minister from the Prime Minister Department.

The SFCF will provide an opportunity for students and also fresh graduates to have a chance to meet CEOs and HRs from big and well-established companies in Malaysia. I felt this will be a great way for them who are about to step into the working world, to know what is right for them and what do they really want. I had been to countless of interviews and I enjoy going to interviews. It gave me an opportunity to learn about a certain industry firsthand. This fair was the perfect platform for getting to know your specific industry of interest better.

A plus point of this SFCF held in UiTM the other way was the industry they were focussing on were Shared Services and Outsourcing industries. These two industries were the least understood by graduates in Malaysia and yet one of the most relevant ones (even high paying ones)

Probably one of the most valuable experience one can actually gain from this SFCF is the Career Talks where fresh graduates and students would actually be given a chance to engage with prominent industry leaders. These people are influential in their own respective industries and it is hard to even meet them let alone having the opportunity to ask them questions regarding their playing field. This is a good opportunity given to students who are keen and I still remember back in my uni days we had a chance to sit and chill with experienced industrial designers to talk about their works. This motivates me back then to pursue my passion in design.

Hopefully there will be more career fair like these in the future. Most of the career fairs were usually packed and unorganised as the variety of industries available drowns one another. It makes graduates have a hard time looking or even overlooked the industry they are interested in.

For further information on TalentCorp and SFCF, please visit www.talentcorp.com.my or www.facebook.com/SectorFocusedCareerFairSFCF

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