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AirAsia Free Seats | Sapporo Winter Festival


The greatest moment for all avid travellers is here! AirAsia is having their FREE SEATS promotion once again from this 22nd June 2015 till 28th June 2015. Book now and travel between 15th February 2016 till 31st August 2016 or you will regret later when you have to fork out a huge sum of money in the future!

Hurry up as there are only 3 million promo seats available! Each year on this particular period, me and Caroline would usually on the edge on our seats clicking away trying to get the best deal for our future travel plans. We always made it a point to travel together and it is a common interests that the both of us have. Although the both of us have different motivation when it comes to making travelling plans – I would usually be interested to check out sceneries, architecture and mountains and stuff like that while Caroline are more motivated to check out their shopping options.

This time around, the both of us have different destination in mind as well.







Yes! I always wanted to visit the Sapporo Snow Festival. Probably it was my nature as a designer, I always have a deep interest in sculptures, architecture and designs. I had been seeing all these marvellous ice sculptures FOR YEARS through the internet – it is time for me to see them for myself.

Sapporo Snow Festival, or also known as Sapporoo Yuki Matsuri, is Japan’s biggest winter event held in the city of Sapporo, Hokkaido. In this festival, there are 3 main sites which are the Odori Site, Susukino Site and Tsu Dome Site. Across these sites, there will be plenty of gigantic and splendid ice sculptures and visitors will be able to vote for their favourite sculptures.

It is amazing to see the amount of details these sculptor put into their creation. Heck, I can’t even manage anything half decent with Playdoh. I could spend whole day just staring and taking pictures of these amazing sculptures.

A festival will not be complete without any fun activities for you to indulge in. And at this very festival, they have a section called Tsudome where they built hills of snow where you can snow slide to your heart content. Coming from Malaysia, a tropical country where we don’t see any snow, this is a huge deal for me. Participating in some winter activities is definitely within my bucket list to do and coming to this festival will help me to cross off some of it.

Besides the sculptures, food and activities, there is one thing that I would really look forward to is their Kamen Rider show. Any kids raised in the 90’s definitely had heard of the superhero Kamen Rider. I used to bug my late grandparents to go out of their way to rent some Kamen Riders VCR for me when I was a kid. Watching these childhood hero of mine upclose will definitely elevate the experience to another level.

And last but not least, the MAIN REASON why I, or any Malaysians that would like to go to this Sapporo Snow Festival would be this. While there are a lot of countries in the world experience 4 seasons which are Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, in Malaysia, we have these instead.


Tell me la. Naturally, you also would like to go to a Snow Festival right?

If you want to check out Caroline’s story on where she would like to visit instead, CLICK HERE.

DO remember to check out AirAsia FREE SEAT PROMO at HERE and HURRY! Tomorrow is the last day!

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    Omg!! SO cool!! your cartoon is damn funny!! =p

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      the hit. My iniirsatpon for our movie night desserts started when I was reading a blog post by Created By Diane.  Earlier this week, my son and I, were scrolling through instagram when we stumbled upon her

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    I would love to make booking but only if I could get some information for the proper paper work. It sure is going to be the best thing to enjoy that I have been waiting to see from a while.

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