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AirAsia In-flight Menu


Our famous local airline, Air Asia has a new menu for their flights! Honestly, every frequent Malaysian travellers had definitely board their flights before. Who hasn’t since everyone can fly? But one thing for sure, not everyone had tried their in-flight meals before. That includes me. Well, unless you count the can of milo I drank before once few years back. So I was invited over to try their new in-flight menu and I jumped into it, well, since I never had any before. And do note, these items are already on sale by now since this is a long overdue post. My apologies for being late since I am drowned with work and personal matters.


The whole place was graced by lovely air stewardess and it seems that they are going for a flight experience approach in addressing us. That totally got me thinking if we were about to board a plane to fly off somewhere. There will be 2 new items for their November and December menu which are the Spicy Tuna Wrap and also the Christmas special of Roast Chicken with Cream Sauce. AirAsia is definitely going for a warm Christmas meal approach this time of the year.

The menu was designed to suit the upcoming festive season.

For most of AirAsia inflight meals, they came with a packaging of red aluminium foil.

AirAsia X Bento Set (RM30)

One of the meals offered by AirAsia X is this Japanese Bento set. It contains a variety of Japanese food such as Smoked Chicken Breat, Sea Bass with Teriyaki Sauce, Kamaboko (Fish Cake), Nimono Vegetables, Pickled Vegetables and what I assume to be an Avocado Maki. The whole set cost about RM30 and it was pretty reasonable priced considering the amount of food you get out of it. I was surprised that they included Avocado Maki and that shows the quality they wanted to commit for their guests. My initial thought was probably a Crabstick Maki which is way much cheaper but gladly proven wrong although I am not an Avocado fan.

Spicy Tuna Wrap – Pre-book at RM9 and Puchase on board at RM10

The Spicy Tuna Wrap was definitely my favourite among all the dishes presented that night. Fresh vegetables like lettuce, cucumber, carrot and onions. Each ingredient blends in well and definitely it sits well with my appetite with its slight spiciness. I wish it could be spicier though.

Roast Chicken Premium Meal Set (RM28)

The chicken thigh meat is tender and nicely roasted till slight crisp on the outside. This roasted chicken was served with cream sauce and this is only of their newly included dish in their Chirstmas menu.

The roast chicken for this is served with cranberry sauce. The sweet cranberry sauce provide a nice flavour and taste for the chicken. The combination is like Swedish meatballs with sweet cranberry sauce. So, I assume that this dish will be quite a big hit among the women.

Big Breakfast Meal (RM24)

For those who wanted a Western dish for their meal, this is your thing. A crispy potato hash brown, sauteed button mushrooms, chicken sausage and baked beans. All served with their nicely seasoned and cooked omelette.

Kamal’s Mee Goreng Mamak (RM10)

This time around, AirAsia is including a permanent dish in their in-flight menu which is the Kamal’s Mee Goreng Mamak, joining their two most popular selection the Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak and Uncle Chin’s Chicken Rice. Firstly, the flavour of those mamak restaurant’s mee goreng is definitely there. The spiciness is a definite kick-in-the-arse good and the lime juice extract blends in well naturally. The only downside of this dish is that I felt it is a little salty to my liking. Upon Jason Chan‘s inquiry, we were given an explanation for it. Apparently, our tastebud tend to be slightly dull when we are flying above the air. The amount of salt used is to compensate for the dullness in our tastebuds during flight. That is definitely something I am not aware of till this moment. Interesting indeed. That brings me to this coming story.

Well, like I said earlier, I only had Milo before in their flight. It tasted quite washed down back then like what most Chinese aunties and uncles would say, “Must have add tap water already la. Save cost mah.” Well, I guess that wasn’t really the case.

Probably I should ask them to add more sugar to my Milo next time. Definitely.

Overall, it was a good experience to try out so much of their in-flight menu. But I usually prefer to eat something light while flying so I could save my appetite for some feast later on in my visiting countries. The most notable ones for me is definitely the Mee Mamak and Spicy Tuna Wrap. But that’s my preference. So what’s yours?

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