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An American Christmas Feast at Morganfield’s @ Publika


Christmas is here guys! Not to mention the New Year as well! How has the year been so far? Good? Bad? Or so so? But regardless of how the year has been, Christmas is around the corner and it is time to be joyful and festive! When Christmas arrives, usually one will be going through places and suggestions on where to dine for their Christmas dinner. Here is me offering an awesome place to dine at if you are looking for pork dishes for this upcoming Christmas, Morganfield’s at Publika.

The Morganfield’s outlet in Publika have a very cozy and comfortable feel into it. You will always feel welcomed by the environment and also the friendly staffs. It reflects perfectly the American dining feel and I always felt your interior should represent well the dishes you are serving.

One of their signature drinks for this Christmas is their Christmas Breeze. The drink is sweet with a hint of sourness and fizziness in it. It is a mixture of Gingerbread syrup, fresh lemon juice, cranberry juice and soda.

Awesome Threesome


For starters, we have the Awesome Threesome which consists of a deep fried giant onion in the middle, grilled potato and spicy wings. The portion of this thing is HUGE! So, order with caution and only if you have at least 2 or 3 friends with you.

The onion is deep fried to perfection, in fact it is very addictive and definitely tasted much better than most onion rings I had. The wings are nice but it wasn’t too spicy in my opinion. The meat of the wings are tender though. The real highlight of the dish is definitely the grilled potatoes. The skin is grilled to crispy perfection while the insides are still soft and moist. Not to mention they have three awesome dippings to go with and my favourite is their BBQ Mayo dip.

Mushroom Soup

The mushroom soup they served is thick in texture and definitely chunky with mushroom bits. If you are a fan of thick and creamy mushroom soup, this will be your dish.

Grilled Norwegian Salmon

The salmon was definitely a delightful dish. The meat is still soft and moist while the skin the crispy. The salmon was not overcooked, a mistake I encountered quite often on a salmon dish which leaves the meat dry. However, what makes this dish good is the orange salsa dipping condiment they served with this dish. The slight sweet and sour dip is awesome and goes brilliantly well with the salmon. I’m pretty sure I enjoy this dish a lot is due to the orange salsa dip.

A closer look at the Orange Salsa Dip

Roasted Turkey

One of the MUST-HAVE dish for Christmas is definitely Roasted Turkey. It is like having Bak Kwa for Chinese New Year or Lemang with Rendang Ayam for Hari Raya. However, turkey is a difficult dish to cook. It is easy to go overcooked and rendering the meat extremely dry or worse – undercooked with the middle part still raw. Morganfield’s nailed the part to maintain a well cooked but extremely tender and moist meat for their Roasted Turkey. I’m an instant fan for this well-cooked dish. Not very often you get to have turkey meat this tender and juicy. In fact, this is probably the second time in my life that I had turkey meat this tender and juicy. If you are looking to have a great Turkey dish this Christmas, look no further and come to Morganfield’s at Publika.

The MVP – The Most Valuable Platter

Be amazed by the size of this platter as it took up close to 3/4 of our table! If you are a fan of BBQ meat dishes – don’t miss this out. This platter cost about RM199.90 and it is meant to be shared with 6 people. It is a platter of awesomeness and one that is well worthy to be inserted into my #FUCKDIET regime. After this platter, you will be left satisfied and for me – wondering how many burpees I had to do to get rid of the calories but screw it, it is worth it.

Spicy Devil Sausage & Herby Hog

Jack Daniel’s Iberica Baby Back

Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs & Hickory BBQ Beef Ribs

Smoked Peppercorn Lamb Rack Ribs

Notice how I didn’t highlight the fries and salad that came along with it because honestly, you will be more interested to see how well these meat are cooked. My favourite out of all these meat are definitely the Hickory BBQ ribs and also the Jack Daniel’s Iberico Baby Back. The slight sweetness in the sauce definitely brought out the flavour of the meat and not to mention that the meat are cooked pretty damn well.

I’m a fan of Lamb Rack Ribs but I felt the gaminess of the lamb rack is too much for me that night although my other dining partners felt it is alright. The sauce for it is pretty awesome as well.

Volcanic Chocolate Lava Cake with Ice Cream

Like any American dining outlet, they serve volcanic chocolate lava cake with ice cream with us for dessert. The chocolate cake is not too sweet – just the way I like it – and served with the vanilla ice cream, you can never have anything more satisfying to finish off your meal.

Like what you had been seeing and reading so far? Why not make Morganfield’s Publika as your preferred choice to dine at for this Christmas season with your loved ones. A great Christmas dinner with great company have to go along with great food and great environment! Do check out their Facebook page as well and Merry Christmas everyone!

Thanks Anna for all the pictures! Do check out her awesome blog over HERE.

Morganfield’s Publika
26 & 27, Block C4, Level G3 Publika Shopping Gallery,
Solaris Dutamas,
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

GPS Coordinates: 3.171338, 101.666691

Tel: +603 6211 9958

Website: http://www.morganfields.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/morganfieldsmalaysia

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