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An Emotional 2 Weeks


Finally, I’m back to blog-o-sphere. I surely miss all my blogging moments a lot. Anyone miss me? If you do, please type “screw you” in the comment box. Though I guess most ppl will when they don’t even miss me. Hmmm….Anyway it had been one hell of a roller coaster ride for me for the past 2 weeks. As you guys can see from my facebook and twitter post, I had been in an emotional wreck. It never happens to me before that i rant stuff like that so publicly. This is because I miss blogging so much and had to go on to update hrough other means. Pathetic.

Anyway, I’m gonna blog about this 2 weeks as I never felt so down before in my life. Work never seemed finish and I had even prepare to give up on my project and decided to just extend another year of studies in this hell hole. Thanks to ppl who wish me and support me through facebook, twitter and msn. I also would like to thank my good friend Caryn for her support the other day. She lend me her ears for me to spew rubbish and she comforted me like a good friend. Besides, she was dying from boredom that time, I assume she would welcome ME to talk to her. LOL

However, what really touched me during this period, there are 2 things. My family members and my friends in UTM. I’m gonna start off with family members. I was really overstressed. I had not been eating or sleeping well at all. I even survive on biscuits once a day for 2 days in a row. It’s not that I’m too busy until I neglect my meals. It’s just that I’m stressed to the extend of not having any appetite and even nauseate on many occasions. I had to force myself to eat and every rice or mee my friends pack for me, I could only manage 5 mouthful maximum. Yes, that’s how stressed I am. I built up a lot of negative emotions within me and I felt like crying to let it go. But I can’t. While I’m still struggling for the impossible, my mom called me. That’s when I finally broke down.

Of course I kept it in me until the phone conversation is over. The reason I cried is not because I felt like giving up. The main reason is because I realized how much I miss and love her and I felt guilty for not performing well for her sake. My mom had never been much in showing how she support me. For once, she called to give me support every day. It touched me endlessly as she never did that before. She is the main driving for for me to complete all my works. Besides that, my sister who had to dig out some time from her bus schedule to help me with so many things. A simple thanks just won’t be enough to thank my family members, I really felt blessed to be born in this family.

Then, there is my UTM friends. They are actually my juniors in my course but I would like to regard them as my friends instead of juniors. Kenny Cheng Wei Phoi, I know that retard for about 8 years but he’s included here as well. They help me with all sorts of things to complete my project. They go through sleepless nights to help me with it and Kenny had accompanied me in many occasion in order to support me. My dear juniors and friends, Sai Yun, Juee and Huey Ing. As a senior, i did not really help you guys much but the help that you guys provide, I couldn’t thank you enough. Thanks for being there and doing all this for me. Kenny, you had been my best friend for the week. You do not know how to do my work and yet, you still force yourself to not sleep and help me. Thanks a lot. I can never thank you enough too.

I’m really blessed to have everyone I mentioned above. I seriously think that God is not being unfair to me. God had sent them to assist me through all these bullshits. Thanks a lot. For those who is wondering what am I so stressed about, here is the pictures from my design projects. The ones that I had been squeezing my mind for weeks for.




Seems easy? Not really. Not until you see the workload that I had. That’s all for now. I will be back in my usual blogging style for the next post.. See you.

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    When the exams are on the head I use to have the same situation that you are having right now in this article. I am sure that there is supposed to be some genius solution to solve it.

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