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Anti-Gay Musical In Malaysia


It is not something new that our government launches some anti-gay campaigns to the younger generation. They came up with a ridiculous book to identify the symptoms of being gay which I blogged before over here titled Symptoms Of Being Gay. Or how they were banning the campaign Seksualiti Merdeka which means Sexuality Independence which I too blog about before over here titled Is Being Gay A Crime. I do have another blog post written about gays which titled The Gay Issue. Feel free to read them.

Right now, the government is reportedly backing an Anti-gay musical that is set to tour schools and universities around Malaysia. I initially thought it would be something about being gay is unnatural and things like that. But as I read on, I found the stereotypes they used are purely uncalled for. I actually find it disgusting. Here is how it goes.

*in case you are not aware, it is a common stereotype to categorize musical performers as GAYS in the western countries.

For those of you who are not aware of the Asmara Songsang or Abnormal Desire musical, you can take a look at the several articles below.

Anti-gay musical tours Malaysian schools and universities

The press conference for the musical

Views from several parties through Malay Mail

Yes, the disgusting part about the whole anti-gay musical is how they stereotype the Lesbian, Gay and Transsexual community, LBCT in short, to be having wild orgies, taking drugs, wild partying, casual sex etc. How sure are they that the LBGT community majority partake in these sort of activities? Last I heard, most drug dealers caught in Malaysia are straight with probably a wife or a girlfriend. I am pretty sure that straight people too have wild orgies and parties as well. Casual sex is definitely not only exclusive towards the LBGT community. There’s a reason why there are so many hookers around? Do they only service members of the same sex? And then, the plot portrays that those who refuses to turn away from the LBGT community, will be ended up with divine retribution. Seriously? Seriously? If it is divine retribution, I think those politicians who succumbed to bribery should be given first. As far as I know, a lot of them avoided divine retribution including one who had been in power for so long that he got deluded. If you ask me, it seems like God is forgiving act of pure robbery of the poor but not on the act of homosexuality.

Having this musical would result in one thing. The exclusion of the LBGT or people suspected to be in that category from the society. It promotes hate and also instead of “curing” them, it might result in more complications for closet gays. Where is human’s rights here? What does it mean by “unnatural” or “against God’s nature”? Can we actually believe anything written several thousands years ago blindly and insistently argue it is correct? We do know that there are several popular beliefs that are refuted in the modern times such as the Earth is flat, Earth is the centre of the universe, women could not work, women could not vote and the list goes on. Isn’t it the same over here?

To tell the truth, when I was still schooling, I was taught and exposed to teachings on how unnatural same sex relationships are. The highest level of insult considered by my young self along with other of my friends would be gay. It’s not son of a b*tch, mother f*cker, and the following long list of profanities. It was only when I could think much more maturely that I realize how incredibly discriminated against were the LBGT community. It was actually until I read a Singaporean blogger named Ms. Chor Lor, who is a transsexual that I realized that some things really couldn’t be help. I do agree that may be  a lot of transsexuals were working as escorts over here in Malaysia, but considering the fact that they were shunned by the community, no companies willing to give them a chance (God knows for what f*ck sake reasons) and many more. One got to do what it takes to actually feed themselves. I strongly recommend those who are unsure of the LBGT community’s struggles to read her blog. She compiled her life experience in a series.

If you ask me, the musical is probably a piece of crap in terms of delivering the right message. What are we to talk about in-discrimination when we are promoting and encouraging the young to do so. Well, I got a lot more to say but that’s enough rambling for today. For those who are interested with the production team behind it, here is the list.

Director & Scriptwriter:
Rahman Adam

Actors & Actresses:
Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan, Julia Ziegler, Kamal Adli, Radhi Khalid, Razak Ahmad, Najwa P. Ramlee and Abby Rossidi

Choreography and Musical Direction:
Dato’ Suhaimi Md. Zin

Artistic Direction:
Lokman Ghani

Main Presenter:
Thrive:dition (an international business consultancy eh? Guess you guys need to learn from Starbucks)

Looks like I won’t be seeing any of their works anymore. Regardless how well made Asmara Songsang will be, I still think it is a piece of crap even if I didn’t see it for myself.

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