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Apa Cina Mau


Our country, Malaysia, is going through one of the most racist moment yet. There are a lot of people trying to provoke racial tension by claiming the reason Barisan Nasional suffer some major loss is due to a “Chinese Tsunami” where most Chinese voters had defected to the Opposition. Utusan Malaysia decided to pour petrol over the burning flames  generated by that statement by coming up with the headlines “Apa Cina Mau?” which directs translate to What Do The Chinese Wants.  It is not only plain racist to be uttering uncivilized statements like that but also stupid. The reason is Opposition had won the popularity vote of 50.1% while Barisan Nasional only at 46%. If saying only Chinese voted for the Pakatan Rakyat, I’m actually surprised we had became the majority in this country. Looks like the Chinese is the largest race in the world for nothing. We must be pretty productive and horny. For those who wanted to read some of the articles, here it is.

‘Apa lagi Cina mahu?’ soal ‘Utusan’ selepas keputusan PRU13

Najib’s ‘Chinese tsunami’ remark aimed at Umno polls?

Utusan Malaysia stirs up racial tension with ‘Apa Lagi Cina Mau?’ headline

And here’s the comic for today.

Pork. Most Chinese can’t live without pork. I can assure you that. Most Chinese are not that religious or anything. We don’t hate Islam at all be it Christian or Buddhist. We just love pork too much that it plays a major role in deciding to convert to Islam or not. Well, at least that applies to my friends who wanted to marry a Malay or already married to the Malay. More often, it is a battle between pork and love. So don’t get offended my Malay friends and readers.

What do the Chinese want is pretty simple. The 3 main things we wanted are corrupt-free politicians, lower cost of living and also better public safety. Correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t that what EVERY Malaysians want? Provoking racial tensions like that could lead to another 13 May which saw a bloodshed between the Chinese and the Malay counterparts. It is actually a good thing that most Malaysians are more civilized and matured enough especially the Malays, to stand up and refuted that this is not a Chinese Tsunami. Nothing more touching than seeing another fellow Malaysian of a different race standing up for another fellow Malaysian. Kudos to you people.

This is a democratic country, I wouldn’t care less who are you supporting at times but some times, brainwashing from both sides of political party are dangerous. We could see a lot of people being paranoid during  election for checking their ballot papers that Sunday. A lot of people were even afraid to take their lane numbers fearing they would be tracked. Fear mongering is not played only by the BN but also by PR. And some things that PR proposed, people will tend to think that it would bankrupt the country and economy. This is slightly stupid in my opinion as the budget and economy proposal drafted by Pakatan Rakyat was lead by Anwar Ibrahim himself. The very man and ex-Finance Minister that brought Malaysia out of the 1997 South East Asia economy crisis without help from the World Bank. A feat that most neighboring countries could not achieve. When I posted regarding cheaper cars, some people thought I simply babbled regarding it without much research or even considering the domino effect it would caused. I once had this assignment back in my uni days whereby I researched into this. The car duties imposed by our government was initiated by Tun Mahathir for the hope of pushing Proton sales and protecting them (which he is the adviser of at the moment). This is not a secret as it was declared by him openly and also even recently when BN decided to slashed down some of the prices for fully imported cars from 3 countries. If Wikipedia wasn’t reliable enough although it was quoting directly from the Malaysia Automotive Association to convince anyone, here is the direct link to MAA site despite it was listed among the Wikipedia’s list.


Malaysia is imposing one of the highest car tax in the world losing only to Cambodia. The government once tried to cover up by saying the tax imposed were actually to cover the fuel subsidy but what they didn’t mention, is their export of petroleum was used to cover the subsidy. Contradicting and confusing much?

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