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Ever heard of a fast food sushi restaurant in Malaysia? One that actually worth the money you pay to satisfy some quick sushi cravings and taste a lot better than those being sold in supermarkets everywhere?


The Sushi Q in Publika would be their first dine-in restaurant

The interior of the Sushi Q outlet is something to look at. With it’s modern and Japanese traditional style blend into it, it definitely looks comfortable enough to chill out and eat. Not to mention the abstract art beautifully decorated the place.


A definite MUST for me for every sushi meal.

Garden Salad

We were greeted by several types of salad to start our meal. I was surprised that there are some Western style salad over here such as this Garden Salad. Not bad actually. The vegetables are indeed very fresh.

Seafood Salad

I like this Seafood Salad. I love how the raw salmon and also cooked prawns blend with it. A touch of some lemon juice on it, it tasted great.

Scallop Lips



The 3 dishes above is equally good to me. I like both the Scallop Lips and also Awabi which is actually made from abalone. Very appetizing and it’s definitely something nice to start off a meal.

Baby Tako

Since this is the majority’s top favorite, it explains the taste well. Tasted good enough but I still prefer the Awabi and Scallop Lips.



Assorted Sushi

We were being presented with some sushi and it definitely tasted good. I’m quite surprised with its quality since Sushi Q decided to adopt the fast food concept. We do know that majority fast food chain had to overlook the quality of their food in order to achieve its fast preparation of food but Sushi Q definitely took care of its quality as well.

Tazuna Maki

This Tazuna Maki is also good. The salmon on it is fresh and I would not mind to have more of this on any given day.

Lobster Mayo Yaki

Vegetable Futo Inari

Salmon & Avocado Maki

Seaweed Sushi, Tuna Sushi, Cooked Salmon Sushi, Scallop Lips Sushi and Baby Octopus Sushi

These are quite good but I would prefer my sushi not to be too much on the sweet side. The sweet bean curd is used on these sushi, and they taste quite good although I prefer sushi without it. However, Caroline love it and I guess this is entirely only me the one feeling so.

Unagi, Butterfish, Half Cooked Salmon and Crab Stick Sushi

Did not try the Butterfish Sushi but everyone was requesting for it. So I bet this had to be very good as well. The half-cooked salmon sushi is good and definitely tasted better than some I had tried before.

(From left : Ebiko, Ebiko, Ebiko, Tobiko)

Duck Ramen

Abalone Ramen

Surprisingly, I found myself liking the two ramens mentioned here. I am not much of a ramen fan but the soup base is quite good. It’s not too thick but very rich in flavor. The ramen is cooked nicely without turning soggy and its texture is just nice. Not to mention the great duck meat and abalone slices accompanying it.

Handroll Sushi

Crispy Chicken Handroll Sushi

Handroll Sushi In A Pack

These are Sushi Q’s signature Handrolled Sushi. Compare to the normal hand rolled sushi, these hand rolled sushi are actually rectangular in shape. According to Elwyn, this type of sushi is very common in Australia as being shaped rectangular, customers can easily hold them and eat on the go without making a mess. Definitely an interesting concept.

And my favorite among all the hand rolls are definitely their signature Crispy Chicken Hand rolled Sushi. I’m quite surprised that it tasted well as I never thought that fried stuff can be used as a sushi topping. A definite MUST HAVE if you popped into any of Sushi Q’s outlet.

For those who are wondering, there are 18 types of handrolls available at Sushi Q which are soft shell crab, crispy chicken, fresh prawn, special California, awabi, unagi, spicy prawn, California, spicy salmon, smoked duck, chicken teriyaki, vegetarian, cucumber with avocado, tamago, kimchi, cooked tuna & chicken floss.


Their Mochi is not bad and its texture are pretty chewy which is a good thing. I tasted many Mochi that has a overly soft texture to it but this tasted just nice.

If you are wondering, you can see most of the food are served on plastic container instead of the traditional sushi plates or something similar to that. In fact, the cups too are made from paper rather than the normal ceramic or plastic cup. Their move is in accordance to their fast food concept which enables people to take away their sushi easily and eat them on their container. This is also their move to help to preserve the environment according to Sushi Q.

It’s definitely nice dining at this restaurant. It’s very cosy and chilling her with your friends can be as comfortable as it can gets. For more information about Sushi Q, below are their details.

Sushi Q
Lot No.20, Level UG1, Publika Solaris Dutamas,
No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Email : funtasticsushiq@gmail.com
Facebook : Sushi Q Malaysia

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