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Bad Omen


I’m not exactly an optimistic person to begin with. But most of the times, when I encountered a sign of bad omen, I usually ignore it and take it as nothing. In fact, even a good omen I will usually brushed aside. Main reason is I am not exactly the luckiest person alive despite what many people thought I was. I’m not kidding on the fact that people kept thinking I’m the luckiest b*stard alive which also due to the fact that I won a lot of contests. But anyway, the story this time is about a bad omen I encountered recently. Yes, recently. If you read my last post or my friend on other social media platforms, you should know what this is about.

My eyelid was twitching like mad for a week before the accident. Coincidentally, I had been working and staying up late for more than a week as well. So, naturally I brushed it off as being too tired. The Chinese believed when your right eyelid (which is exactly my eyelid that twitched the whole week) twitches often, it is a bad omen. If it’s your left eyelid, you might have an unexpected fortune. And indeed, after the accident, my right eyelid stop twitching. Some might say that is the sign or even proof that it is actually a bad omen. I’m not sure what you believed, I still thinks it is merely a coincidence. Reason? Because when my left eyelid twitched last time, nothing good happened to me and it stops after I had a long rest. This blows.

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