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Being Bold


Being bold is exactly what most people lack. We now lived in a time when there are more cowardly people than bold people. Exactly what most governments in the world wants because once people are no longer bold, they no longer dare to object to any unfairness. Don’t worry. This is not some political post or anything like that. I’m just voicing my thoughts in hoping people to be much bolder.

When we talk about taking initiative in life, what are we referring to exactly? For what purpose?
Why do we even need to be successful in life? How do we measure success in life? Money? Health? Cars? Women? And what do these so called “successful” people have that we don’t? The ability to kiss ass? The ability to work hard? The ability to envision something great? No matter what ability they have, they definitely did it because of the boldness they had.

When Cowards Infest The Society

 As bad as it may sound, the world is getting overcrowded with cowards. Some might not label themselves that and just merely saying that they are just being smart.But if you guys think about it, there’s a fine line between being smart and a coward. Had anyone watched the movie “Race To The Witch Mountain”? IF you do, do you remember the line “The more public we went with the story, the more likely they are safe”? Or something like that, I can’t remember.

The problem with people nowadays, none would dare to voice out. They assuming is it unsafe and so on. To me, it is bullshit and excuses. When the society is filled with cowards who do not dare to voice out, the higher ups will have much more control and advantage over us. When we are not bold enough, we are definitely going downwards instead of upwards. When Guinness talk about Life Favors The Bold in their ad, they are damn right on the point. This is because the bold will have much more power and control over those who hid their balls.Why do we always bitch about certain things but when it comes to confronting that matter personally, one would just simply fail? Then we continue to bitch about the same sort of thing without even realized we did nothing to make a difference? That’s what happen when the society is infested with cowards.

Unite Is Strength

Most people will just eventually wait for some other people to take action first before voicing out any opinions. They might called this smart but I label it as excuses. Being smart is suppose to be in the ways of conveying a message rather than the timing of taking the particular action. Most will just follow the majority rather than making a stand. Being bold is no longer in the dictionary for most people.When someone fail, they will just quietly step back and will take no further actions.

Let’s reflect back on history. Will we achieve our independence by being so cowardly? People need to be bold in order to get what they want. Unity is the main key in determining the success. Try to imagine this. When there is only one abused worker stand up against the employer while the rest just observe, will the protest be significant? When everyone stand up, will it be much better and easier to achieve the desired objective? People need to know the value and importance of being bold in order to progress. It’s because of the “Wait and Wait” attitude among most people in our society, things rarely goes our way. When each and everyone try to be bold for at least once, the impact will be very much obvious as most will just get what they want.


Sadly to say, there are many followers here in this country. Many just tend to follow what majority will do. They will first see if it’s safe to execute an action and then see if there are anyone who dare to do so and then finally they bring out their balls from hibernation and talk shit. Being bold is not about following the majority. To me, being bold is always stand for something worth believing in even if it’s against the norm. Bold people are always leaders. They always seek to voice out and solve their dissatisfaction and will do their every bit to work them out without caring if there are people who against it.

What Had You Done?

Take this question and reflect it upon yourself. What had you done to try to make a change? Me? I had always tried to voice out here in my blog in hope of influencing people to see things in MANY perspective. It is ok if you want to remain anonymous like most people but not everyone of them are brave. When it comes to insulting, many people will put themselves being anonymous while fearing them being found out. This is not a smart move but just a cowardly move. Remain anonymous on the net and remain anonymous over certain particular comments given is a total different thing. I just relate this matter as most of my readers are bloggers and they can relate.

If you wanted to influence someone, how can you do that while you try to cover your tracks in so called certain “brave” moves of yours. I never comment anonymously and I am not afraid of getting hate comments for certain things I said. It is important that you take responsibility in the things you said rather than shrinking your guts. When you try being bold, you must always prepare for certain consequences. I will not regard myself as a very bold person. There are still things that I avoid but at least I don’t set my balls on silent mode and try to fake my emotions and feelings.

So, take this opportunity and reflect upon yourself. Had you tried being bold in your life to change certain things? Actually I had this post written for almost a week but my laziness prevent me from finishing it. Guess I should start being active once again.That’s all for now. Signing off.

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