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Being Bossed Around


Power is a drug. A little dose of it, will make you feel better. Overdosed of it, will make a person delusional about their own ability and duties.

Is it only me that sometimes will question whether do a person has the power to call the shots? If you are in a workplace or among your friends, the probability of having a person who would try to manipulate each and everyone. It’s a different case if that person is your senior, superior or boss. But what if it isn’t? Someone may be you junior or just a regular friend, tries to boss you around and even manipulate you. How would you respond?

To me, I wouldn’t care much and I wouldn’t let them manipulate me or whatsoever. Why? Because it doesn’t make sense. Take this for example, we went out as a bunch of friends, happily talking and eating and basically having fun. Then, this person start to act like he/she calls the shots by demanding the food that only he/she wants. Would you let it go? Probably I would as I do not have much demand when it comes to food.

However, what if the person starts to tell you what you should do or do not? Would you let it go, please that person or simply open up a can or ass kicking? Whatever your choice is, I wouldn’t judge as I believe each and everyone got their own choice to do whatever they please.

A bossy person in a group of friends are usually drunk with self-delusional thoughts that they are the one in command. Somehow I think, it’s more of a display of insecurity rather than just confidence. They are so insecure about themselves not having any friends or people liking them so that they had to do something to ensure that people will like or follow them. That’s why they boss people around. Most of them would try to get something that they know their friends will like or need whether in terms or favor or materials and try to use it to manipulate them.

And this bossing around might turn into a drug and addiction. It becomes a point where they really really thought that people could no longer live without them around. And when the bossing gets worse, people will start to leave them. They will then face their greatest fear and insecurity about losing friends. Hence, without realizing what’s the true reason, they become even more manipulative and bossy because they will think that whatever they did is no longer enough.

Are you someone like that? Do you give something to your friends such as free food, free rounds of beers, free movies or create great events or gatherings and in return you expect them to be loyal to you? Or do you have such friend who would do that to you? Time to face the fact that such person is just insecure about themselves. Rather than overwhelming with confidence like what they shown people, they actually lack of it a lot.

And if you are actually being manipulated by these people, simply to say, I quite doubt it is a real friendship. Friendships are built on trust and care. These things need a long period of time to build. You wouldn’t tell how much problems you faced after meeting a new stranger except being a psychiatrist or a pastor. Do you think it is worth being influenced and manipulated for things that are only temporary?

What if you are being manipulated to go against your friends and family members who had been there for you? What would be your choice?

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