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Advertising through blog had currently became an “IN” thing. More and more advertisers decided to look for blogs for advertising purposes. However, that is not exactly a good thing. You see, some cheapskate company decided not to go through expensive social media agency so they personally seek for bloggers to advertise as well. The problem is this. Some are actually insulting bloggers by offering some really really low price in return for a complete blog post.




How many of you actually experienced this before?




This is exactly why some of them would not even go for blogging advertising agency as they felt they could offer much lower to the bloggers and also save some money to pay any agency for it. This is why some agencies would only offer paid advertorials to their contracted bloggers because that chance doesn’t came very often.

If you are talking about events and stuff, most invited events or food reviews are not paid. Some tends to mislead the society by saying bloggers get to have a lot of privileges in form of free food and paid stuff. We don’t actually. If you think about it, food reviews aren’t free as well. We have to blog for it and it is not easy. Take me for example, a blog post without any comics took me about 2 to 3 hours to finish it including pictures editing. If I were to be paid doing this full time, it would be equivalent or sometimes even more than the value of the food that I had consumed. Which explains sometimes I rather pay for my own food.


This is especially true. This is because a really understanding advertiser would not pay peanuts for an advertorial and they would not cramp the blogger’s style. They would usually let a blogger blog however they want as long as they have the main points in. Some cheapskate advertisers would eventually requested it to be so dull and so corporate like article, I swear I would pull a trigger and shoot my screen off. Some requested to have a title to be their company’s name which is a major turn off for any readers. It’s a wonder how do they even survive in today’s innovative world.








Sometimes, some advertisers got mistaken between the term of paid advertorial and reviews. Paid advertorials are article where you bullshit a lot of good crap in a blog post for an advertiser whether it is good or bad. Review is basically everything what a blogger felt about the whole thing. Be it good or bad, a blogger should list it all down. Eventually some advertisers felt that since they gave away free tickets, bloggers ought to suck up to their ass and write everything good about them. Take a look at the example below.

You can read the unfavorable blogpost HERE. Basically from their second comment, I deduced that the commenter is one of the dance crew from the organizer.  This is actually a whole lot of bull crap arrogance  oozing out from their brain to their fingertips. The person simply just comment as though bloggers owe them a favor to write a favorable blog post when the performance is crap. To them, giving out free tickets is like giving free one year supply of food to third world countries. If you cannot accept criticism, you cannot go far. I was as well offended by the term amateur train spots. That is purely insulting and it just shows how the advertisers actually felt about us bloggers. Let me ask you a question now. Seeing this situation, would you still want to blog for a low price and being insulted like that?

Not exactly a blogger’s advertorial but rather a contest. The only thing that I’m impressed with this email is the sarcasm they used to make them sound so unconvincingly apologetic. The arrogance in thinking how would great is their free stuff amuse me and I felt that this guy should make a great lying politician. Just because some other winners comply to their T&C, that doesn’t make them right in the whole fiasco. Read about it HERE.



So if you are a blogger, please don’t simply accept any advertorials that pay you peanuts and make your blog as though it belongs to them. Take pride in what you are doing and try to consult others in terms of how much you should ask for an advertorial.

I always blog accordingly to what I think a blog post is worth TO ME be it a free or paid. (Except there is this one time which I was not paid and so I took down the ridiculous post.). Lately, I had been rejecting so many events that I felt very unfavorable to me that I could use the list to make a book out of it. Some don’t even had a clue what my blog is about and kept pestering me to go to the particular event. IF only I could meet them and this might happens.



Ok. I’m not that apologetic after all.


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