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One of Malaysia’s greatest treasure is our nature. We have so many high quality natural resources in Malaysia, it is actually quite hard to believe we are not one of the leading name in manufacturing original all natural products. Take for example Borneo Soap. A luxurious high end handmade soap, made in Sarawak. It is not only handmade, it is also made with all natural products of Borneo’s natural goodness.

I was invited over to Borneo Soap’s Mother’s Day event. It was during then that I was introduced to this luxurious soap brand from Borneo. There a couple of things that I am pretty impressed by this brand. One would definitely be their ingredients used. Their ingredients are purely natural and organic, a luxury and rarity in modern times.

Amin, Host of the day


The second thing that I am impressed by them is their insistence in using manpower to produce their soap rather than relying on quick machineries. Although manufacturing using machines will be much more cost effective and quick, but at the same time, the ingredients might not be treated properly. This explains the high quality control of their products and it definitely gave me a good assurance as a consumer. They uses the cold pressing method to produce their soap and it takes up to 21 days to complete a batch of soap bars.

At the same day, we were also being treated to a spa session at The Spa Village, Ritz-Carlton. I am being treated with an hour full-body massage (no hanky panky obviously) and also a 30 minutes scrub treatment. Almost dozed off due to the comfortable and cozy spa experience. Once the spa is done, I was given a Borneo Soap Bar to try during my shower session.

It was truly a surprise to use Borneo Soap. Being a guy, naturally I have little concern and care towards whatever body care products. But I always hated to use a soap bar as it often makes my skin felt dry and slightly uncomfortable for a period of time after shower. It is a different experience using the Borneo Soap as it (like what the girls meant I think) moisturise my skin. Now I know how rich men felt like.

For those who wanted to try this product, you can actually join Borneo Soap’s instagram contest! These is what you need to do!

1. Follow Borneo Soap on instagram (www.instagram.com/borneosoap)
2. Take the nicest photo with your mom.
3. Caption what your mom means to you and include the hashtags #lovemommyborneosoap #fromborneowithlove
4. Upload and share it on your instagram!

Winners will be selected based on caption and pose! There will be 2 Grand Prize for the contest. Each winner will get a luxurious spa session (1/2 hour full body scrub and 1 hour full body massage) at Spa Village, Ritz Carlton for 2 and a Borneo Soap gift bag. There will also be consolation prizes for 10 winners which will be Borneo Soap Gift Bag.

For my readers, Borneo Soap decided to give something special for you guys! So here it is :

1. Borneo Soap Online Store : 10% off total purchase . Use coupon code : borneosoap-Eric on checkout. Valid from 1st to 31st May 2014.

2. Borneo Soap Online Store : Buy 2 Free 1 Promotion. Buy any 2 Borneo Soap products, get a Beras Bario Body Bath Soap FREE . No coupon code needed, system will automatically allocate/add the free item to the cart. Valid from 1st to 31st May 2014.

So, if you are interested with the product, head over to their website and Facebook (links below) for more details!

Before I forget, there is  a total of 10 different products from Borneo Soap which you can actually try – Bario RiceBarleySagoOatsPepperKaffir LimeBetel Leaf,HoneyLuffa and Dabai.

Website : www.borneosoap.com
Facebook : Borneo Soap
Instagram : @borneosoap
Twitter : @borneo_soap

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  • Joann Davis

    I bought Borneo soap for my husband and ended up using it one day because my girly soap finished. The scent of this soap kind of reminds me of Irish Spring. It is a very fresh scent. This soap left my skin so very soft! I loved it so much that I actually ditched my girly soap for this one. I really really really like it a lot.

  • Smith

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