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Brunch at Mr. Wolf, Taman SEA | Petaling Jaya


After a long week, most of us would crash into bed Friday night and wake up near noon on a Saturday. Brunch is pretty much the meal of the day for most young adults and adults alike who prefer to stay in bed almost the entire morning. As many restaurants and cafes have been providing brunch menus, but I would say not many of them are quite like Mr. Wolf’s brunch menu.

Mr. Wolf is located at SS23, Taman SEA, Petaling Jaya. This nice and cozy restaurant is nicely decked up with soft and welcoming decors. I like the cozy ambience that this place brings and it is a great spot for a couple of friends to sit around to catch up. The raw and yet subtle concrete finishes provides a contemporary and hipster feel towards it while the use of soft wood table and chairs soften the edginess a little to make the place more welcoming.

Detox Water Of The Day -RM7

If you wanted to try something different than a typical plain water, you can always order their Detox Water of The Day. The ingredients used in the Detox water are different each time and to maintain its freshness, fruits or vegetables used are changed after a couple of days. With this water, you will get a hint of fruitiness and if you are expecting it to taste like fruit juices then you are wrong. Fun part about ordering this is if you find yourself liking the mixture, you can always see the ingredients used and duplicate it at home.

Mr. Wolf’s Pigbig Breakfast -RM32

Before I go further, I would like to highlight that Mr. Wolf’s dishes are mainly East meets West fusion dishes with a lot of Japanese and Korean influence in them. For their Pigbig Breakfast, the ingredients are Tonkatsu pulled pork on toast, poached eggs topped with hollandaise sauce, pork sausage, streaky bacon, roasted potatoes, grilled tomato and salad.

Their meat are seasoned and cooked well. The eggs are poached perfectly to have a nice runny yolk. This protein filled dish will delight any pork lovers out there.

Hangover Cure Ramen -RM18

Perhaps, the favourite for all us was this Hangover Ramen ordered by Mei Sze. The ramen basically consists of Shin ramen, 63c egg, maitake mushroom, bacon, seaweed and sesame seeds.Not to forget, the onsen egg just elevates the dish entirely.

Sous-vide Pork Loin Don -RM22

The Sous-vide Pork Loin Don are made up of steamed Japanese rice, pork stir fried with chili padi and garlic, master stock egg and pickled radish. If you are wondering what does Sous-vide means, you can check it out over THIS LINK. The Pork Loin is cooked over a long period of time and it is extremely tender. The rice itself are cooked nicely with enough fluffiness and moisture to make every spoonful satisfying.

Nutella Doughnuts with Salted Caramel -RM15

Last but not least, the Nutella Doughnuts came in an unconventional shape like fishball. I like the crispy crust it has and not sure is it we left the dish out too long, the dough inside is slightly harder than what I would like. The dish is perfect for those who would like their dessert not to be overly sweet.

It is fun to enjoy as well as you get to inject in the amount of salted caramel that you would like in your doughnuts. Although I preferred the amount of nutella and salted caramel prepared here, I do highlight a recommendation to the chef to have another syringe of Nutella for those who are nuts for Nutella.

I have tried some of their dinner menu as well which are also mainly Japanese fusion dishes. Their dishes are unique to their own and you would not find much restaurants carrying the same kind of dishes they have which is good. Do pop by their Happy Hour session and sample their food for yourself. I’m not an alcohol enthusiasts but I felt the price are pretty good for 2 glasses of beer.

Mr. Wolf
5, Jalan SS23/11, Taman Sea,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Operating Hours: Brunch (Fri:11am-2:30pm) | Dinner (Tue-Sun: 6pm-10:30pm) | Bar (Tue-Sun: 5pm-late) | Closed on Mondays
Tel no: +603 – 7886 1098
Email: alphawolf@mrwolfpj.com
Facebook: Mr. Wolf | Website: www.mrwolfpj.com

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Brunch at Mr. Wolf, Taman SEA | Petaling Jaya

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