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Happy Valentine’s Day My Love


Happy Valentine’s Day to all the couples out there! If you are single, don’t worry! You have your friends and family and also your HAND can always be your date. Ok, that’s a bit lame. Of course for my valentine this year, it would be none other than Caroline.

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Labuan And Sabah


Sorry for abandoning my blog, I guess I can only blog during weekends since I’m having this job. Anyway, most of you knew that my family had a trip over to Kota Kinabalu last 8th of December 2010. I know most of you have some similar questions so I’m just gonna answer them here without you guys asking those questions.


1. No, I didn’t propose the trip to there for my family. My mom the one wanted to go.
2. No, my mom wanted to go there not because Caroline is there.
3. No, the guy on the other end of the photo is not my elder brother but my YOUNGER brother.

So due to the major difference in ticket price, my family decide to fly to Labuan first before taking the ferry. We we went over there to do some sightseeing. So what is the MUST DO thing in Labuan?


Shopping for cheap alcohol, chocolates and cigarettes of course.

Then we stop by for lunch and honestly, the kolo mee here actually very nice. And I found out something. Ordering a bottle of beer is much worth it than iced coffee. I ordered my usual Kopi Ais which cost RM2 which shocked me because over in Selangor, the most expensive Kopi Ais I had is RM1.60. Bottle of beer here cost about RM5.




The Kolo Mee


Honestly, this is way TOO LITTLE. My family usually have several plates FULL of chillis rather than a few pieces.



Then we took a ferry to Kota Kinabalu which is 3 hours and 30 minutes long. After about 3 hours of flight, another 3 hours of ferry ride, my back and neck seems like had aged 50 years. When we reach there, we checked in to Cititel Express Kota Kinabalu in Asia City. Honestly, the hotel is much better than I expected as the Cititel over here in Mid Valley are famous for prostitution. The one in KK is definitely a total opposite of the one over here.


At Jesselton Point



At Cititel Express Kota Kinabalu

At night we had seafood dinner at Old Village Seafood located at Asia City. According to my parents, some of the seafood price are actually comparable to the ones in Selangor and some even more expensive. And they had high expectations for the seafood over here as many people said it is cheap and fresh. I can say after seeing those prices, they are slightly disappointed.






This plate of crab only RM16!!


However, they had some promotion over certain seafood which is very cheap. And one thing I can say, the freshness of the seafood over here are totally in a different level compare to the ones in Selangor. The seafood is delicious due to their freshness and I cannot express it well through words. You got to try it to know it.


Later at night, I get to meet my love one while the rest of the family went over to a nearby night market to walk around. Darling Caroline bought ikan bakar for me and my family. No doubt, one of the best ikan bakar I had although I had quite few ikan bakar in my life. I especially love the chilli paste which is hot enough for me. Totally superb. Too bad no pictures are taken and I’m still full over the seafood dinner. That’s all for now. Stay tuned for my Mari-Mari and Tanjung Aru post!


Salmiah (Caroline’s friend), my dear Caroline, Me


P/S: It felt really nice meeting Caroline after such a long period of time. Kinda wished that night would be much longer that time. Although I’m tired but it’s all worthwhile.

The Birthday Poem


I bet most of you people have read about my blog post for Caroline’s birthday right? And also most of you have read the Hidden Message behind this poem from Caroline’s blog post right? If you don’t, I reveal it here.


I seek a gift, Cruising along the ocean breeze,
Love was a myth, At least until I saw you, miss,
Off we go adrift. Reaching for what we both had missed,
Vow to not ever grief, Over the pact we both conceived,
Each moment may be brief, Love still grow fonder like a kiss,
Yearn and if, In this ride we through all rift
Our love will be received, Never broken never adrift,
Until conceive, Eternal bond that we wished.

If you take all the capital letters that I had placed in this poem. It will come out like this.

I seek a gift, Cruising along the ocean breeze,
Love was a myth, At least until I saw you, miss,
Off we go adrift. Reaching for what we both had missed,
Vow to not ever grief, Over the pact we both conceived,
Each moment may be brief, Love still grow fonder like a kiss,
Yearn and if, In this ride we through all rift
Our love will be received, Never broken never adrift,
Until conceive, Eternal bond that we wished.

Yeah…it spells out as I LOVE YOU CAROLINE. Yeah, I do intend this from the very beginning for several reasons.

1. I want it to be special that way.

2. A sole proof that I’m the original author for this poem.

Actually I only intend to reveal the hidden meaning in this post and I wonder if anyone observant enough to spot the message. Don’t include Caroline because she wasn’t aware of it until I told her about it. LOL. As many people still doubt that I wrote this by myself, I do wanted to let you guys know that I took Literature in English Language in STPM and score an A for that subject as well. And I started the subject half a year later than other students in my class.

Let me further explain in detail what is the meaning of this poem lines by lines

I seek a gift, Cruising along the ocean breeze,
To me, Carol is like a gift for me. There is a vast ocean in between our states, Selangor and Sabah. As though the ocean(South China Sea) breeze brought it across the ocean to me.

Love was a myth, At least until I saw you, miss,
In short, I fell in love. Myth means non-existent. It does not exist within me until I saw Carol in my life.

Off we go adrift, Reaching for what we both had missed,
Start a relationship that we two wished it should happen earlier?

Vow to not ever grief, Over the pact we both conceived,
Never regret the decision that we made to be together.

Each moment may be brief, Love still grow fonder like a kiss,
As most know, me n her is in a long distance relationship. That’s why the moments that we can meet each other are very brief/short. But we still grow fonder like a kiss. Why like a kiss? Don’t you guys agree that once you start kissing, more things will followed up after that? Love grows and also (insert your own version of naughty moments).

Yearn and if, In this ride we through all rift,
We hope that our relationship will go through all obstacles and if that happens, read next line…

Our love will be received, Never broken never adrift,
It just means that our love is real and we shall not be apart.

Until conceive, Eternal bond that we wished.
When all that happens, we can be together forever. Hopefully of course and fingers crossed.

So basically that’s what my poem is about. I don’t think it is as great because I’m not a magnificent poet and the words I used are pretty much not as flowery as it should be. I used an hour plus to come out with this due to many trial and error of slotting in the hidden message. but to complete only this poem, took me about 30 minutes only. That’s all for now. Still doubt I wrote this? Nothing else I can do. LOL

P/S: I used to write songs, both love songs and rap songs, when I’m younger but I don’t think those are any good as I cannot come out with any good music to accompany the songs. Ah, this makes me feel like starting to write again.

Happy Birthday My Dear Caroline

Warning first ah!! Another bulu roma raising experience!

It’s been 4 months plus and yet here we are. Things are a bit shaky but I still believe that there will be a better future for us together. I would like to wish my dear loved one Caroline Ng May Ling a very happy birthday. May your life will be filled with happiness and success and also me of course.

For this birthday of yours, I know I couldn’t celebrate with you. I know I am not there for you. But I hope that all the upcoming birthdays of yours, I will stand by your very side to wish and hold you personally. I had many flaws as I’m only human and I am glad that I have you with me. I’m sorry for any mistakes and wrongdoings that I had done.

I seek a gift, Cruising along the ocean breeze,
Love was a myth, At least until I saw you, miss,
Off we go adrift. Reaching for what we both had missed,
Vow to not ever grief, Over the pact we both conceived,
Each moment may be brief, Love still grow fonder like a kiss,
Yearn and if, In this ride we through all rift
Our love will be received, Never broken never adrift,
Until conceive, Eternal bond that we wished.

Happy Birthday, Caroline.

Reached The Stars


Most of you guys already know and read this from Carol’s blog that today is our first month-sary. So for this special occasion, may be I should blog about what I think of her and how different we both actually are? So here it goes.

I guess most people tend to agree with me that she’s every guys’ dream girl?  Pretty, smart, kind, loving, sweet, active, understanding etc etc. I personally think that even most girls would tend to agree with me that she’s all that? The amount of suitors she had is also unbelievable and I think it does judgement on her attractiveness in whole.

Me on the other hand? I’m never anyone’s dream guy to begin with which I think mainly due to my height issues. My personality can be somewhat annoying and I’m so good at pissing people off with my sarcasm and remarks, I can even make a fortune out of it. I’m very bold with my statements and I would care less on how many knife wounds your heart might suffer due to my bold remarks. However, that only happens when I strongly disagree with something or someone just kept annoying me.

So in short, I’m like a devil at some point and she’s like an angel to almost everyone. Opposite attracts? I don’t know. What attracted me to her is actually that she NEVER for once thought of anything bad about me. I’m not kidding you when I say that majority people have bad first impression on me. And probably me being the few rare guys that talk to her without having any intentions of chasing or flirting her away. Her sincerity definitely is what initially got me interested in talking to her.

To be frank, what really makes me fall for her is actually how sweet she can be towards me. Even during the times we are friends and both plain clueless that we actually likes each other as well. Despite me being in my best of annoying her by calling her Cabbit, she stills comes and talk to me and so on. I still remembered the time she first called me to cheer me up when I tweet that I “regretted something”. That time actually I was kinda surprised.

Actually that time I wondered if she treats everyone the same way and which kinda hold me back awhile before confessing. She treats everyone that are nice to her equally nice and even nicer. She even treats those who are mean to her fairly nice. Me? I’m like a 20% extra kind of person. You treat me 100% nice, I’ll treat you 120% nice. You treat me 100% bad, I’ll treat you 120% worse. Which makes me such a bad enemy when I’m pissed. But she’s always nice, don’t you think? But don’t piss her off. You might regret it. XD
She’s polite and I’m rude. She’s kinda innocent while I know every single possible thing in the “3 Words Bible” and I can’t make almost ANYTHING to sound dirty, a talent which made me considered trying stand-up comedy. She’s well organized in person while I’m on the wild side.She’s a perfectionist while I’m a not. I love her being so emotionally frank towards me as she show her love and care for me non stop and publicly! Me on the other hand, well, I leave that to you guys to judge.

However, despite all the differences, we share a lot of things in common as well. This actually makes me more drawn to her. Her attitude and appearance do not do justice to her maturity level. She’s very understanding and what I respect about her the most is she’s very clear of herself. She knows her own weakness well which something that very few people are capable of. I guess the post is getting too long for reading comfort. Shall keep more for next time!! XD

100818-214723 Thanks wifey for the lovely present and the blogpost!! Happy 1st month-sary!! XD
P/S: If anyone of you are wondering about the title of this blogpost, the reason of the title is because to me, Caroline is my out-of-my-league kinda girl and I had to said I’m one of the luckiest guy on earth. Reached the stars as in able to capture something so wonderful that seem so impossible for someone like me with my abilities. =)

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