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The iPhone Story


A few years back, my father went to China for a business trip. Then he come back home with a souvenir for me. An iPhone. This is the first generation iPhone i guess and that time, there is NO such thing as iPhone back in Malaysia.

Yes, this is the lowest range of iPhone imitation in China that time and my father bought it for me. Just because it is cheap and it is unique I guess.

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My Most Memorable Experience Buying Online


My most memorable experience buying online is definitely my virgin experience of buying online. I am one of those typical “uncles” that do not really trust the online buying system despite my age at only 23 at that time. (In case you are wondering, I’m 24 now) There are 2 reasons why I don’t really trust the online buying system.

1. Will the quality of my goods be ensured?

2. How will I know I will not be conned of my money?

This is a post for Lelong.my and its contest

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Wacky Wednesday: Foong Pc

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday. This is a new section of my blog where I will feature some random bloggers by asking them some random questions. It’s not some usual Blogger of The Month or Week that you normally see. It’s more like a section of Q&A compromises of some really RANDOM questions
So the first blogger I interviewed for the first edition is Foong Pc. So enjoy

When You Thought You Know It


Sometimes we are ignorant towards certain things in our life. Sometimes, it doesn’t really matter if you had no sufficient knowledge towards those things. Sometimes, you might thought that you know your “ABC” but in reality, you are well far from the truth. Does it matter?

Image from http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk306/kaesop/Motivators/Ignorance.jpg

Well, what I’m saying is, it is important to do your research before you want to declare something publicly. Sometimes you think you know something but in reality it might not as simple as what you think. Sometimes, it might even come to a point where it is embarrassing in doing so. Let me give you an example which is also the MAIN POINT of my blog post today.

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5 Things That I Don’t Get It


Have you ever encountered a situation, where no matter how much you look into it or think about it, you just don’t get it? I think the most common thing around will be “I don’t get what guys are thinking” or “I don’t get what women are thinking”. I’m gonna laid of this question for my next post and list down 5 things that I would never get it. If any of you have a good explanation for it. Please do share.

Image from http://www.cartoonstock.com/directory/u/understanding_parents.asp

1. Pay To Park

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Bird Crying By The Lake In A Forest


Do you know the MEANING of your name? Or how your name comes about? During the last trip back to KL from Ipoh, I get to listen to the reason and story behind my name. The drama and conflict that happened and also the post-naming days.

Image from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-503600/As-Edward-Sophie-fret-baby-names-I-think-best-boring.html

I’m not sure about other races, but most Chinese believe that siblings should have same middle name. This is to signifies tight bond with one another. Which means, most cases, names would be like this:


Which means, the surname(XXX) and middle name (AAA) would be the same and only the last name differs one another. However, me and my siblings, just not quite it.

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I Might Not Read Novels Anymore


If it’s a holiday, be it public holiday or weekend, I will most probably went out for breakfast with my parents. On Thaipusam, we went to Ara Damansara to have one of the best Curry Mee (shall blog about this one day) in Petaling Jaya I can say. Then something make me go like this.

What is it? Well, it’s a sign. Here’s the sign.

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Clients From Hell


Let me tell you guys something. A designer’s job is not as glamorous as what many think it is. Wherever I tell people I’m a designer, people would go “Wow”, “So cool job!”, “Serious? That’s really awesome!” etc. Most often that not, I end up thinking what actually leads them into thinking that.

Image from http://thenextweb.com/shareables/2010/06/22/clients-from-hell-the-comic/

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