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Just Another Day 4: Up to You


Recently, I was required to make probably a life changing decision. One that would greatly affects my future and what I will seek in life. And I was torn between 50-50 so I did what I thought the most sensible thing to do, which is to ask someone else’s opinions and what would they suggest. I wanted to know what would they recommend me doing and the reason why. So the first person I approached, naturally, will be Caroline. This is what happened.

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Just Another Day 3: Pants And Weight


Like how I previously blogged before, it actually been a month since I signed up for gym. And this whole month, I had been eating healthy as well. So during the fourth week, I began to feel some result. I think. This is what happened.

Constant guilt trip ensured. And that definitely gets me motivated to do even more.

Just Another Day 2: How Do You Feel?


Like most people knew, I signed up for a gym membership recently mainly for health reasons. I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I first stepped into a gym and luckily there is a gym consultant that guide me through. He in fact, one of his duties, listened to my aim and objective in taking up a gym membership which I told him, health and to lose weight. This is what unfold.

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Just Another Day 1: Porridge


Hey guys! I know I had been missing for quite some time. Work had never been so hectic before and yet, I have something excited to look forward to in the future. Let’s leave the small talks aside, today I will be introducing a new series on my blog called “Just Another Day”. The reason for this series is that everything under this series will be based on my daily life. The blog had contained a good (or confusing) mixture of opinionated blog postings and personal stories. I thought this would be a good way to keep these two things aside just in case I want to look back what’s happening in my life before this. Also, I will also be coming up with a series of travelogue which I hope I can execute it by the end of the year. Anyway, here’s the first story from the “Just Another Day” series, so enjoy!

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