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My List of Cili Padi Ladies


Enough with Megan Fox, Yuma Asami, Jessica Alba, Boa, Leah Dizon and so on so on. There are a lot of models and pretty ladies without much recognition for their stunning beauty. This post specifically about several ladies that I found extremely hot. They might be quite popular but I still thinks many still do not know who they are. At least this post will help several of my guy friends to drool about other than Megan Fox or Kristen Kruek. Malaysian babes should get some recognition too.

1. The Chong Sisters

Most of you guys are quite familiar with them while some might even heard of their bloody name before. Vanessa Chong and Pamela Chong are sisters to the first Akademi Fantasia winner Vince Chong and also the runner-up for the first ever Amazing Race Asia. just recently, they are nominated first in FHM Top 100 Most Wanted Women. Both of them are stunningly beautiful and sporty. They have been modelling and so on but I would like to see them act. Probably on Transformers along side Megan Fox? Sorry that I only found one picture of them. The other pictures I found do not do justice to them.
I’m looking forward for each of them to have their name known other than just being a dynamic duo of Chong Sisters.

2. Gan Mei Yan

The ever cute and sexy MyFM DJ that brightens up your morning with Lam Tak Wing. Honestly, I never knew that she was this good looking and I just like how the way she talks. From the radio, she sounds like avery outspoken and fun person to be with. Pretty, confident, humorous personality and active lass. Sounds like my dream girlfriend. Hope she cooks too. Too bad for us guys, she already had a boyfriend (lucky bastard). She should seriously consider some acting and VeeJaying like Chui Ling instead of just being a DJ.

The most charming part about her is her smile. What do you think?

4. Fiona Xie

Dubbed as one of the 7 princess of Mediacorp in Singapore, this Singaporean lass not only got Singapore guys going gaga over her but also Malaysians. Look at her! What is not to like? The smile? The 32-c boobs? The legs? DAMN. Although I heard she’s quitting Mediacorp soon but she is sure to be missed sorely. Seriously, we need girls like her to brighten up the Chinese entertainment industry. How come Malaysia don’t have our own princess ah?
Tell me that she doesn’t look sweet and I will take a baseball bat and shove it down your throat.

5. Kay Kay

If there is anyone who is familiar with xiaxue.blogspot.com, I bet most guys would not missed out this friend of Xiaxue, Kay Kay. A Singaporean who is EXTREMELY hot. Everytime Xiaxue posted something on Kay Kay, I must admit she had my eyes glues to her blog. Occassionally, there were videos of her in Chick vs Dick which appeared on Xiaxue’s blog. With her beauty and witty personality, I wondered why she isn’t as famous as she should be. If I’m gonna produce an Asian teen flick, for sure I’m gonna request for her to appear in my movie. .
Kay Kay had made me wondered is Singaporean really flooded with hot women like her. Hm, time to get my passport done

6. Leng Yein

Next up, it’s a made-in-Malaysia awesomely hot 24 year old model AND entreprenuer, Miss Leng Yein. When I saw her picture, her “assets” caught my attention and I thought this might just be another attention seeking chick who like to flashes some skin and could do nothing else. And HOW WRONG I was. Someone should just bloody slap me in the face and may be should be Leng Yein herself (LOL, as though she’s gonna read this or even know me). This lass is a professional dancer and performing pianist. AND what I love about her the most is she had HER OWN MAMAK at Plaze Prima Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. How cool is that?

Being only at a tender age of 24, she already had a high profile career and with this mamak she opens, it just proves that she is very much independant on her own. And from the captions she wrote on her photo album, this girl not only have beauty and brains but also an attitude. Just what I love in a girl, and she should already be a role model for girl power, independant women or whatsoever. She had a very hot bodyShe’s a regular customer at the saloon Penny works at. Probably I should bump into her either in her mamak or that saloon. Hm…Nah, she wouldn’t notice anyway.

Must….look…..up…….Spicy isn’t it? Wonder if any of you guys could stand the heat.

7. Belle Leng Sean

Yes, she is the younger sister of Leng Yein and also my favourite one among the two sisters in terms of outlook. Belle had a little more meat in her and her poses for photos are GODLIKE. Heard she’s a profesional dancer too and she recently appeared in this month FHM incoming which is how I first spotted her. I liked her interview as it shows her witty and outspoken attitude. My favourite is how she replied when asked about her ideal office and also how she remarked that she had to constantly remind guys to look up and talk to her face not her boobs.

Being a younger sister of Leng Yein, I assume that both of them had the same attitude of being independant which I recognised at the moment she commented on how she likes to fight. Although her sister always protected her but she still doesn’t shows any sign of just wanting people to pampered but like to fight it out on her own. A hot pair of sisters definitely double the appeal and its unfortunate that I could not find any pictures of them together. But still, here’s some pictures of Belle Leng Sean for you.

Heard that she played “nurse” for her boyfriend too. What a lucky bastard. I put up only her cosplay photos as I found that these pictures that made her more appealing. This sisters definitely made the hottest chilli in the world to taste like tomato sauce.

That’s it from me today, I had a hard time trying to find photos of Gan Mei Yan, Pam and Vanessa Chong and Kay Kay. For those who wanted more of the sisters of Leng Yein and Leng Sean, you can add them over in Facebook. Noted that these photos are from the internet and not mine. That’s all from me, leave a comment on who’s your hottest cili padi even if its yourself and may be suggest what should I blog about next.

Oh, the HOTTEST Cili Padi Guys? Sure, as there is one that beat every single guys hands down. Drum roll for…….

ME of course, why should I even care what other thinks? Fuck you if you don’t like it. But please drop a comment. Signing off.

Begging Monks = Scammers, PROOF HERE


JUST when I blogged about scammers, I happened to witness another one yesterday morning. I was on my way for breakfast with Heng. We went over to Restaurant Ong Lai at Taman Universiti which I think all the chinese in UTM knows about it. As I went over to get a copy of newspaper, I saw a “monk” entered the restaurant. At first I ignored it as I knew that he is a swindler but then what happen after that was really spectacular.

As I ordered my yong tau fu and noodles, I noticed the seller was looking over to the other side smiling and chatting “Fight already, fight already”. I had to repeat my hello for 5 times before I finally caught his attention and ordered my kuey teow. Then out of my curiosity, I look over to that side and wondered what was so interesting. Then, I saw one of the vendors have a very very heated argument with the monk.

The monk throwing a tantrum

Apparently, the monk had been there once a few days ago and the restaurant owner had told him not to go over there anymore. However, the monk ignored her warning and returned to the place again yesterday morning. Then, the restaurant ask him to leave at once but he ignored her and continued to beg for money. He might be taking advantage over the female lady boss and showed no fear to her. This had provoked one of the vendor and he call the monk over and yell at him. He scolded him and ask him to leave.

Vendor: My boss ask you to leave and why are you still here begging?
Monk: I cannot hear.
Vendor: My place also can hear and she is next to you. ou dare to say you cannot hear? Last time we already ask you not to come here. Why you come back here? We do not welcome you here. get lost.
Monk: I do not want to leave. What you can do to stop me?
Vendor: You do not want to leave? Ok. Don’t leave. I’ll call police and you wait here.
Monk: Call la. I come to Malaysia already expect everything already. You think I’m scared ah? (He’s from China and we know it from his accent)

Then the vendor went over without any hesitation to make the phone call. Then, the monk kept all his equipments which is a plastic cup containing “donations” and his beads. He then took out a few bananas and threw it across the street to the iron wall making a loud noise. He then march towards the vendor who is making the phone call while pushing chairs and tables around. His disguise had already been revealed with this tantrun he threw. Then he kept yelling as the vendor makes the call.

The vendor making a police report

Once the vendor had made the call, he threatened the monk to stay and the monk stayed on to show his bravery. Occasionally, the monk walked up to the vendor to argue. The vendor dared the monk to wait which he proceed to wait. The vendor said that the police will arrive in 5 minutes. Then, the following conversation took over.

Monk: Oi! Now already 7 minutes. Where’s your men?
Vendor: Wait, they say traffic jam. Will be a bit late.
Monk: Then you want me wait how long? You got no right keep me here.
Vendor: I never keep you here. I just say I will respect you if you dare to wait.
Monk: Ok. You want me wait, then faster cook one bowl of mee for me now.
Vendor: Why must I cook for you? Who you think you are?
Monk: You want me wait so cook for me lo.
Vendor: I never say want you wait. I say you brave if you wait only. Don’t want wait then go away lo.
Monk: Waste my time. (continue spilling out bullshit)

After that, the monk walk away with NO police show up. Me and Heng was expecting a good show, at least show this SOB not to con anymore but we were obviously disappointed with the outcome. Monks are vegetarian, don’t lose temper, don’t simply scold people and don’t beg. So people, do not get fooled by these people. I bet people who donate to him are cursing him badly now.

Arguing before leaving

I had a blast watching this event and apparently my kuey teow soup vendor had a blast too. he forgot what I order and came over to ask me again. I forgive him as I too cannot take my eyes off this event.

Lastly, I wanna salute the vendor who stood up to this conman and scam. He did a good job in showing that Malaysians are not fool and not everyone is stupid enough to fall for this scam. He showes maturity and bravery in all his actions and that definitely put a good impression of him on me.

Then, I would like to say something to the police department in Taman Universiti, Skudai Johor. You guys are a disgrace to the Malaysians. I’m seriously disappointed that you guys never show up. Even after I finished my meal, you guys are nowhere to be seen. How hard is it to response to citizens in need? Your ever-efficient-attitude had made Malaysians look like coward in front of a foreign conman. the vendor had to even cover up by saying that you guys are stuck in the traffic jam. Come on, the police station is less than 1km away and it took about 2 minutes to run over here, 4 minutes to walk and less than a minute drive away from the restaurant. And during my one hour there, you guys are not even nearby. And the MPJBT officers who wore a vest written “Penguasa” just ignore the conman and did NUTS about it even that they are there to inspect the cleanliness. How can Malaysia ever be prosper with attitude like this? Malaysia, WE HAVE A PROBLEM.

P.S.: Sorry about the blurry picture as I was taking the pictures secretly.

Beggars, Swindlers And Doubt…The Day I Got Conned


How often does it occurs to you that a beggar came up to you just when you wanna dig in into your favorite “char kuey teow” or chicken rice? How about when you walk around pasar malam to restock your made-in-Malaysia DVD of the latest movies in cinema and also the already wide collection of Japanese-culture-appreciation-DVD, then you spotted some handicapped lying on the floor begging for money?

This situation is common enough in Malaysia and surely enough, we heard many stories of conmen being in disguise. However, as the guilt trip reaps into your soul and began to create some doubts within yourself. Questions commonly popped up such as “What if it’s real?” and “Will I go to hell if I do not help him?”. The guilt built up will eventually push someone to donate while some just being too darn good to donate. No matter which option you choose, there will certainly be some doubts lingering within your mind pondering your decision.

I’m gonna relate to you a few true stories and two of them are first hand experience.

The first story is a case often told to me by my mother. Being an “Ipoh Mali” lad, I am born and stayed in Ipoh until I was 10 years old before moving to Subang Jaya. This means that my parents used to work here. To all the “Ipoh Mali” peeps, I bet most of you are very familiar with the famous restaurant under the “Big Tree” that sells “yong tau fu” or “liu”.

Before the place underwent renovation, I bet some people might actually recall a limped uncle always hanging around begging for money. He’s been there before I was born and the last time I saw him was last year. He will limped around begging money from customers with a very very unpleasant appearance that most people will instantly felt pity for him.

However, little to your knowledge, this uncle apparently has a “son”. Every morning around 7, the “son” will drop him off at this place with his MERCEDES. I do not really know the market price of a Mercedes, however, owning a bloody Mercedes in the 1990’s means you are damn fucking rich. The “son” will drop him off this area every morning and picks him up at night to BEG for money. I do not really know for sure is it his son as that is what I heard from my mother.

Why do I know of this? Because my mom’s best friend lives nearby and every morning, she saw the same incident. Business must be good since he’s been begging for 20 years. those who do not know of this, continue to donate, those who knows, despise and scolded him off. Now, how many “Ipoh Mali” peeps fell for this scam?

My second story was witnessed by me first hand earlier this year when I’m doing my internship. It was a Saturday morning and I am sitting in Old Taste Kopitiam in Taipan with a cup of hazelnut coffee and a newspaper in my hand. Apparently, my boss forgot to hand me the key for the door and I could not get in the company so I have to hang around that place.

Suddenly, a very frail looking old lady came up limping with a “tongkat” to me speaking in Hokkien and begging for money. Being extremely moody that day and I do not like people assuming everyone knows how to speak in Hokkien, so I politely give her the silent treatment and put up my hand to indicate NO. She got the message BUT end up standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, showing her back and leg was extremely painful while sighing. Too bad for her that it only annoys me more and I simply ignore her.

Then she walk around the place and somehow only a businessman with a female counterpart donated each RM 1 for her. The old lady thanked them and walk to the ledge and stairs at the entrance. The entrance was blocked by a car and only provide a very narrow space for walking. AND LIKE MAGIC, God work his miracle in front of me, the old lady stood up straight and take up her walking stick. She alighted the ledge with very much ease like a young person and walk smoothly without the help of the stick. Since the space is narrow, she walked sideways with very big step while carrying the stick up. Then she walk away without even using the stick.

The BEST part of it is, SHE’S doing it RIGHT IN FRONT of the pair that donated to her. The guy was shocked and quickly motioned his friend to look over. Both of them are shocked but decided to let it go. I witnessed the whole situation with very much interest and it surely humours me.

The final story is a situation happened to me when I’m in my office during internship. I was having a terrible headache and was practically moodless that time. My boss’s husband just passed away and I have many things in hand to handle for my boss’s behalf. So you can imagine my stress.

Suddenly, an old lady rang the door bell (Seriously, why most of them are old people well over age of 50?). I opened the door for her as I thought she is a customer. She just barged in even before I could open the door fully for her and this seriously shocked me. And she began to ask for my name, what is my position at that company and how much is the display set at the entrance of my company. Pretty standard questions for a customer so I answer without any hesitation plus she spoke very fluent English with an American accent.

And then out of the sudden, she told me that she is a psycologist and had her own clinic over in Canada. And she kept emphazing the point she owns a psycology clinic in Canada Ok, I cannot differentiate Canada and American accent. She told me at that moment, she’s doing charity for orphans and ask me to buy a bookmark from her as a donation. I hesitated at the moment and told her I’m stil a student. However, she kept pestering me and under the pressure of my headache, I fork out RM5 for her as I thought that a person that speaks such fluent English might not be a fraud.

She thanked me and hand me the bookmark and just leave. I only thought of how annoying she is by disturbing me for 30 minutes when she’s not even a potential customer. It was not until several days later that it hit me right in the gut. I GOT CONNED. These are the several points that I thought about under no headaches and perfectly rational mindset.

  1. If she owns her own psychology clinic in Canada and this means she’s really rich. If she wanna help out in charity, she could just DONATE HER OWN MONEY. Rich people don’t go around selling things by the name of donation. That’s what scammers do!!!
  2. If she is rich, then she could donate her own money and help around the orphanage to take care the orphans instead of walking around asking for donation. Plus, the donation might not even work out as well.
  3. If she really does have a clinic in Canada then shouldn’t she BE IN CANADA?
  4. If she’s here means she’s on vacation then why work? If she wanna help around charity during her vacation instead of relaxing then why use this method? She could set up funding project that could guarantee trust from people
  5. Usually they don’t charity alone, but she is alone and she do not carry any proof of doing charity for which orphanage. if you gonna work charity alone, then u wun walk around asking for money ALONE but instead took care of the orphans and play with them
  6. The bookmark is so crappy that it is only made from manila card with color pencil writings and small ribbon on it
  7. Asking money from Canadians would be much more profitable than stingy Malaysians like me.
  8. Kept emphasizing she have a clinic in Canada. Already shows it is a gimmick that proves she don’t need the money.

I cover myself in shame for being conned…LOL

If I do not have a headache that day, I would not even donate a sen. This proves I’m still too stupid for my own good. I hope this post will ease certain people’s guilt of not donating and also help those who donate to think twice by considering more aspects. And those who donate to monks and nuns on the street then let me enlighten you guys for some pointers.

  1. Nuns and monks do not need money for food. Temples provide free vegetarian food for them so therefore, they do not need money.
  2. Temples usually have many donors and big fat rich donors too. I went to pay respect for my late uncle and nuns at that temple drove brand new Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, BMW and many more. All these were donated by donors. Even temples are built by community members, companies or government who provide funds.
  3. Their costumes can easily be obtained
  4. Since religion stated greed for money is bad, then why they do this? Don’t they practise what they preach?
  5. Temples provide free lodgings too so they do not need to worry anything else. If there is anything they lack then it should be sex which they need to forget about it.

That’s another long post from me. Hope you guys enjoy the details of it if you ever read till this part. leave me a comment if you are here. Thanks and click my ads. I’m not a monk so I NEED MONEY.

P.S: I threw away the bookmark before i even thought about blogging it. SO, no pictures

Hello Singlehood…


First of all, I declare that i do not really write about my personal life in my blog as I do not really thinks that readers would appreciate reading too emo things from me. As some of my friends would know, I had a really difficult time which I do not wish to elaborate further. As I just recently became single, I became more publicly “kap lui” and also I had noticed many things that I did not.

First and foremost, if you guys are a fan of The Butterfly’s blog just like I am, I guess you people would know how he mentioned that good guys don’t really score with girls. From what I had been through, I couldn’t agree more to that as we as a normal human being, born to judge a book by its cover. This post will be on how crappy is the term “good people are often taken”. It’s just that you didn’t bloody bother doesn’t mean we are taken.

If you are a good guy in deep but you look like shit, the most possible outcome when you start to introduce yourself is the other person would not even remembers you. How about a good looking guy? I think all good looking guys will have problems starting a decent introduction as they do not have much practice doing so because girls will swim towards him to introduce themselves. I too know a few good looking guy friends of mine who had girls swarming for them and I do not need further proof of how Butterfly was right about it. As long as you looks good, everything’s good. If you are good looking but at the same time stupid, just shut up and act cools and chill, the girls will rush over you like Loius Vuitton is having a sales.

If you tends to be a retard, shut up and act cool…works better than you thought

Girls, let me ask you. How often do you turn down guys who seems to have a good personality by telling them how good you two were and wish you two could be friends? Guys, if someone who looks really really fucked up confess to you then how many will stand up like a man and try to accept them? Guys would accept ANY girl that are as hot as Megan Fox even if she sleeps with every known stranger or kills your whole bloody family. Girls would definitely fall for good looking guys at much ease. Somehow, each and everyone of us felt that they deserve someone good looking. I recommend you piss in a cup and look at yourself if you do not have a mirror at home.

I’m not declaring I’m fucking good looking like I normally do with friends. They know me so they know what I mean when I said that. If you are not, then you are in the not so good friend. In fact, I had stated pretty how much I look like a bloody triad member.

I know some girls might be protesting this and said that’s not all in order to impress. So to be fair, I list down the few points that would impress girls(besides looks) based on what I had read in FHM interviews on HOT HOT women and CLEO. (Yeah, I do bloody read CLEO at times so stop laughing your ass off). The following points might be good for impressing a girl but I am not responsible if my facts are entirely wrong. It’s just means that you are too bloody stupid and desperate to believe what I wrote
1. Confident but not cocky
2. Humorous but not over crazy
3. Attentive towards them
4. Must be interested in them but not desperate
5. Able to say the right things at the right time
6. Don’t talk too much without letting them to talk
7. Do not show off or brag
8. Do not go too fast or force them or stares at cleavage too long
9. Don’t appear stupid
10. Stop with corny picky up lines but some girls still like them
11. Do not ever gawk at other girls but I think is an exception if Megan Fox is stripping nearby
12. MOST importantly, tell some jokes and NOT make a joke of yourself
So much points and this proves that girls are hard to pleased and never get satisfied. I hope my market value would not drop after this post. hahaha

But seriously, if a guy does all that but in the end looks like shit and short like hell, chicks won’t even consider the possibility of dating them at first meeting. Guys are the same as well. We would get interested in the first meeting if girls met the following points
1. Good looking
2. Hot Body
3. Dress sexily and i mean SMOKING SEXY
4. Doesn’t talk too much or too loud
5. Never reach beyond this point…SEE…we are just soooooo easy to understand

We are just normal humans so we just wanted what SEEMS nice so if you are ugly or short, the chances of being noticed during first meeting is slim. I might not been picked or chased girls enough to make any judgment but my observation and conversation with most people already made me realized this matter clear enough.

So I look at myself and wondered. I’m not tall which meant that girls are likely to ignore me for a date. Seriously, I knew some girls that are short but they want their bf to be at least 175cm above. This seriously kills my pride. I had read before that only less than 5% of the female population would not mind having a shorter boyfriend. If girls below 165cm(I’m 166) too only wanted their bf to be well over 175cm, I could imagine all the Hobbits stabbing each other to fight for a willing poor girl or majority of them turn gay.

However, last Saturday when I went to Sunway Pyramid, 8 out of 10 couples I saw are either the gf is at the same height or taller than their bf. Either this is a bloody early April Fool prank played on me or dating shorter guys is the new black. Had my time arrived since I’ve already broken up? Am I wrong about the perception that girls prefer taller guys? Had the girls finally realized the principle of the “L-Theory”? What do you think?

Tall maleShort Male

Go figure this “L-theory”. Hint is height is relative to our *ehem*weapon*ehem*…

Motorcycle Rides Will 100% Lead To Sex


I didn’t knew of this until today. Apparently, students in UTM will likely to get hook up as long as they are riding a motorcycle together. Motorcycle rides will definitely equals to sex. Damn it, if I knew of this fact earlier, I will definitely sit for a motorcycle license and bid goodbye to my *ahem* collection *ahem*. This is how the situation is likely to be…

Boy: Come, let me fetch you back to college

Girl: Sure..

(half way through the ride)

Boy: Damn, I feel horny. Must be the sound of motorcycle engine and you talking loudly behind my back is turning me on.

Girl: Yeah, me too. The back of your helmet is soooooo sexy. Let’s fuck.

Boy: Wookay…..(park the motor aside for a quickie)

DAMN, if I know is this easy, I’m gonna get one motor and ride around UTM looking for a lonely girl to fetch.


What do you guys mean that I won’t get guaranteed free sex by offering them rides?

What do you girls mean that you don’t find the way with our helmet on looks cool?

If I had my helmet on, I could be anyone you girls like me to be. From Orlando Bloom to Johnny Depp, from Justin Timberlake to Rain. If you girls have your helmet on, I would definitely imagine you to be Megan Fox, Jessica Alba or Yuma Asami. You were saying I do not have the body or height to be anyone of them? Well, so do I and I think we can definitely compromise here. Things are not always perfect… XD

No wonder motorcycle rides are so exciting and the majority of people here owns one. If you still thinks that I’m bullshitting about this, well, I HAVE PROOF. Apparently motorcycle rides leads too easily to sexual fantasies and sex, some people in UTM used their valuable lonely times and launch this campaign.


Apparently these ppl had found out the main factor(DAMN IT!!) that leads undergraduates into having sex are motorcycle rides. To put in simple form of mathematic equation…

1 Boy + 1 Girl + Motorcycle = SEX

They are so sure of it that they launched a campaign to BANNED such act among students and these group of people are taking matters into their own hand by asking people to sign their petition. When I first found out about this, I do not know whether to laugh loudly or to be angry over their stupidity.

They first go on preach about the moral standards in UTM, religion, sex and bla bla bla. To prevent such thing from happening, BONCENG IS NOT ALLOWED!!! I didn’t pay much attention to much of the preaching as they are very predictable the moment you read first few lines of the blog. What I found amusing was a student doing it with the cleaner lady statement. This is my reaction to that statement.


So what if people have fetish for cleaner ladies and they get turn on by the sight of an aunty cleaning toilets? What does that bloody got to do with motorcycle rides? Do the student even owns a motorcycle? The motorcycle does not even come into the equation of this whole thing.

The student will not goes like “I do not have an motorcycle or I am not allowed to bring a girl on motor SO I do not have a fetish for aunty washing shits off the toilet bowl.

I do not know about you people but I seriously do not think that banning motorcycle rides can eventually cure fetishes or LOVE. That’s the job of a psychriatist and not banning on dumb minor things. They seems to put in a lot of effort and thought into this whole BONCENG matter but instead of being selfish, have it crosses their mind these few points?

1. Banning this will eventually leads to many people do not have a more convenient of transportation and have to always rely on the ever unreliable UTM buses and taxis.

2. Students are poor and could not afford to get their own transportation and have to rely on others.

3. Some classes extends till 10 at night, having group discussions till midnight, a function till midnight(take Majlis Puncak Perdana for example) and so on so on. Around these hours, there are no buses around which eventually leads to students walking back to their hostel. Imagine this, girl walking alone midnight can eventually lead to 3 situations. Safely back but end up being too tired, being raped or robbed and encounter of the supernatural. Are these people implying that the moral standards among students should rate higher than the safety of these students?

4. Does it mean that guy could not ftech guy and girl could not fetch girl too? There is no doubt groups of gay and lesbians exist in UTM. Won’t motorcycle rides eventually leads to unnatural sex?

5. Less motorcycle rides equals to more taxi rides. Thanks for helping to burn the students’ wallets. I bet everyone is as rich as people who do not mind this.

These people claimed that they did this for the good of the students and university but for me they did it based on their selfishness. How bad can a motorcycle ride be? They are saying that we are very closed minded by going against this campaign. They are the ones that are closed minded. It had never crossed my mind of wanting to have sex with girls i fetch on my motorcycle. Everytime i fetch them, I just did it out for the sake of helping them instead of fucking them. What kind of morons would think of sex with anyone they fetch? Will they think of sex with their mom if they fetch them on motorcycle? They are the ones having a narrow mindset by implying and making assumptions that everyone thinks like them.

They preach about their religion and so on and have they ever thought that not everyone are as unholy as they think. It’s true that the moral standards here is not what they hope to be BUT motorcycle rides DO NOT contribute to that much. If they wanna do it, a simple call for taxi, walking, and even UTM bus ride can result in the same situation too. Can they guarantee that by banning this shit can eventually leads to drop of at least 50% in terms of immoral activities? I thought religion taught them to be wise but why not using all the wisdom in figuring out these things?

Do they even ask the opinions of the non-bumiputeras regarding this? Simply imposing rules without considering our thoughts and opinions is definitely going against the teaching of learning to respect other religion teachings.

Do they really consider enough regarding the possible negative outcomes of this rules? Are they sure that the rule will bring more good than bad? What if imposing this rule did not change anything? How can they even afford to repay us? Do they think that they can just get away with all this if their initial plan failed?

I am risking the wrath of many by putting up this post. I seriously think that the real reason behind the group of people who started all these are lonely people who gets easily jealous seeing happy couples. If you people have your loved ones with you, will you ask them take a taxi over to somewhere while you take the motor to that specific place? If dating is wrong, then what’s the point of marrying? Do they really want to prevent love from happening?

If they said that dating around this age is wrong and we should stick to the conservative and traditional way then PLEASE study your history. People in the olden days used to get MARRIED AT 16 or even 12 and you people saying DATING AT THE AGE OF 20+ is wrong? I bet there will be a lot of people that are UNHAPPY with this post then I’ll just say FUCK YOU. What makes you people think that you can simply write out and say your thoughts out and I CANNOT DO THE SAME? WHAT makes you people can simply tell others that WHAT YOU PEOPLE THINK IS RIGHT and you can get UPSET when I simply just do the same as what you guys did?

Preach and say all you want as I’m expecting HATE mails and comments for this post.You people have your say and now I think I deserve mine. I do not insult anyone but I just said out what I think is horribly wrong just like you people did. If you guys get offended and tries to bring me down then please go back to the Stone Age and eat dirt for having such a narrow mindset. That’s all for now as I do not wish to further waste my time on you guys.

P.S: From the words of Russell Peters…”BE A MAN, DO THE RIGHT THING!

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