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Judging A Person By Looks


How many of you guys do not judge a book by its cover please raise your hands. How many of you don’t judge a person by their looks or try to make friends with everyone FIRST without caring their looks? If you are one of them then please slap yourself and reevaluate your opinion. There is absolutely NO ONE in the world that could judge a person by his or her first impression which is usually in this case – LOOKS.

Think about it. Is there anyone out there who don’t judge a person by their appearance? Some of you people might disagree with me right now but wait. Let’s see my points and then further think yourself. I wanna know how many people out there who actually thinks they don’t judge a person by their looks in first meeting and after reading piece of crap from me, agrees to all my points and admit to the offense of judging people by their appearance in first meetings.

Personal Experience

Let me slowly brings your my journey. Let me know what you think of this.

I myself had been a victim of misunderstanding and misjudgment for as long as I could remember. Never in my life that a person actually judges me CORRECTLY in first meeting and usually by appearance. If you are a friend of mine, you guys will definitely laughed your ass off and nod in agreement. This happen so often and many did make a bloody joke out of it. There’s absolutely no one that would thinks that “I’m gonna be friends with this guy because it is interesting to make new friend.” when they first saw me. What are the usual stuff they gonna think? Here’s a list of several opinions I collected throughout my 23 years of life.

1. I’m gonna keep my distance from him to avoid unnecessary troubles.
2. I think this is the type of GUYS mom ask me to avoid.
3. Why the hell our school got gangsters like him?
4. How come that pirated VCD seller/gangster also can enter Form 6 wan?
5. How do I end up same class with a trouble maker?
6. What a loser like him doing here?
7. Not gonna be friends with this type of person definitely. (Admit it you guys, those who are my close friends had this thought flashed through your mind at least one.)
8. This person is very serious and cool and FIERCE.

And several things I heard from friend of friends or family members of friends.
1. Why do you hang out with such gangsters? (I think you guys know who you are and stop laughing)
2. Oh. I didn’t know you will mix around with that type of people?
3. Is he safe to hang around with?
4. How come you have such friend?
5. Goodness. Your friend so scary………

Take note people. I do not even spoke a single word other than hello or nothing at all! The way they say things, is as though I just said “Fuck You” as greeting to substitute for “Hello”. Doubt it? Take a look at this screenshot of my facebook.

What do you think of me in pouch. Never mind Devella that stands beside me.

Once you get to know me, talk to me and hang out with me, everyone would just laugh at it and realized how wrong you were. All of my exes, which is only 2 by the way(another fact of me that hardly people believes) had this bad impression of me and dislike me when we first met. I guess pretty much you guys had know how much the impression had changed. Well, I’m the perfect example and reminder that we should not judge a book by its cover. Since most of my readers are also people I knew online or bloggers, I guess you guys might have a different perception of me. May I know what is it?

First Impression Always Counts

What’s your first impression of me?

First impression always make an impact towards your life. Everyone judges a person by the appearance first and in most case, come to conclusion without even hearing you speak. Even me, the person who always being misjudge, judges a person by their appearance despite knowing how wrong they can be. This is a subconscious process and some sort of a reflex that our brains pull. That’s why going for interviews, first impression always count as the person need to evaluate you and your personality in a short time.

Do I look like someone who will do this?

Seriously, if you are a boss, would you hire someone who look decent or someone who looks like a thief? Even most clothing retail outlets in Sunway Pyramid only hires pretty girls. So if you are downright fugly, you went over to a shop there which a notice for vacancy and then they reject you for it claiming the vacancy already filled, some cases yes but other cases, you just don’t have the looks.

In Everyday Life

People often said that they do not judge a person by appearance and ESPECIALLY GUYS in order to impress a girl. Punch him in the balls for lying. Yes, we do not really judge a person by appearance when it comes to being in a relationship. However, every first meeting, every single one of you be it guys or girls, you judge a person by the appearance. What is there left for you to judge when you barely knows that person? The appearance is the first thing that you could get in your mind and did all the processing while you trying to figure out what other things to judge.

When you check out a hot girl, you are judging her by her appearance. When girls spot a good looking guy, you girls will definitely shift your eyes from head to toes. If you don’t judge a person by the appearance, you will either look at every single human that passes you by the streets or you will not look at a single person.

Or this??? (a birthday prank =.=)

Especially those busybodies aunties and also a lot of other people, how often that you people will go like this? “Yer….Why he like that wan”, “Wah, wear until like that, sure very cheap wan lo.” and bla bla bla. Dave Chappelle once used this in his stand up comedy act.

Statement: “Just because I wear like this, that doesn’t mean I’m a whore!”
Reply : “Yes lady so you are not a whore. But that’s a whore uniform you are wearing!”

Admit it. Most of you guys think I’ll end up here.

That”s right. We can’t actually help it if we judge a person by their appearance. We are not being shallow, we are just being humans. If there is a death penalty for that, I would have no friends because all of them will be dead for doing so and even got them all wrong. Such a sad world I live in. That’s all for now. I would like to know what’s your opinion in this and how do YOU judge ME? How about a classic statement from one of my friends to end this post?

“When I saw you, I thought you are some big shot taiko and a sohai. Now I think you are even more sohai than I initially thought but way nicer and friendlier than I would ever imagine.”

About The Retard Author


Since I never really tell anyone about me before, I guess what other better time than blogging about myself during my birthday. Please excuse me a moment of narcissism and self love. Many people do not really know me that well especially those that only know me through my blog, I guess it’s about time for you guys to check me out.

Who Am I?
The name is Eric Lee Huangshi and yes I never really hides my name online. This is because I do not think I need to be. You guys can just simply call me as Eric. Why? Because nobody had the fucking memory to remember the name Huangshi. When I’m in secondary school, my English teacher thought my name is a girl’s name despite teaching for 2 years. FML. And I had people kept forgetting my name even though it sounds exactly like the Chinese Emperor Shih Huang Ti in reverse.

I’m studying in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design. If you guys do not know what is my course, it’s basically designing anything that you uses in your daily life from your shoes to cars, products to sex toys. I had a brother, a sister, a really really really extreme mom and my dad, the most fucking extreme realist in the world.

My Interest

Basically I had 6 Loves in my life.These are the 5s.
1. Writing and Talking about random stuffs
2. Taking photograph
3. Design and Drawing
4. Making friends or just socializing
5. Checking out Hot Girls
6. Sex (Who don’t, if you don’t means you are either a liar or someone who always had a badsex or a virgin)
If you guys had the exact interest as above, then we could definitely click. Oh yeah, my newest interest is this “Innocent Girl”, if I never list it out, then later she gets unhappy and kicks the shit out of me. I wouldn’t want that to happen. XD

The Narcissist

I’m one of the camwhoring guys. When I had nothing to do and could not find the urge or place or porn to masturbate, I will camwhore and pretty much take any picures with my trusty gay partner, Ricoh Caplio R7. I could pose in many “la yau yeng” pose and then sometimes certain gay pose in order to please the cameraman or woman. I totally believe in loving yourself in order to gain confidence to get on ahead with your life. it doesn’t matter if you look like crap, as long as you had the confidence in doing your things, pretty much nothing could stop you. However there’s a fine line between confidence and self delusional. Some people just are overconfident and caught up in their delusions.

The Man With Words.

Like you guys can see, I could write long elaborated stuff. I not only can write but zI could talk as well. Try spend a day with me, I’m gonna warm you up real quick with all my lame jokes and sarcasm that got you laughing till you shit. I could come out with really really random statements and remarks. I made up my own jokes and proverbs at the same time. One example? Here it goes.

Any one tried “Tong Kai Wan sun”(Cantonese) before? It is directly translated in English as (Slaughter Chicken to Offer the God?Deities). It is usually done by elderly when some good fortune befall on them. In my context it meant a bit different. Go Geylang at night and you will see what I mean. XD

Yeap, I’m lame and random like that but then at the same time, I make sense. For those who still don’t get it, in Geylang at night, there are prostitutes who stands outside a temple and they will bring customers in for a good time. XD. Another one will be my infamous “L-Theory”.

The Mind Reader

I don’t exactly read mind but I just could easily understand the psychology and also personality of a person just by observing their words, speech and small actions. If I talk to you, I am judging you at the same time. You guys will be surprised or find it creepy that I could sometimes tell out accurately your personality despite not knowing you for long. I could ecvebn judge a person by how they handle their financial needs and money.

The Serial Curser

I am a serial curser with quite a habit of cursing all the time. It’s rare to hear me never mutter a single foul word whole day. this is because the foul language could portray my emotions and statements strongly. I might curse a lot but I have high regrds for decency and well manners at the same time. If you gonna curse, curse it right.

The Real Me

I’m just a normal guy in every single way. I’m not quite like the type of person that you could easily associate with. It’s complicated getting to know me and not much people succeed. But the one who done the best job so far is definitely my Innocent Girl although she’s not innocent at all like she always claim. I still love her though. XD I am quite an understanding person and I could give you real good advice if you guys will pay close attention to what I’m saying

I always value family, friendship and definitely relationship.You mess with me then I’ll get even or forget about it but if you mess with any of those 3, I’m gonna fucking murder your family. I am very approachable despite my cocky face and speech at times. I rarely judge a person by looks in making friends although I had this habit of checking out every single hot girl that passes me. You will love me as you know me. (Thick Face)

That’s all from me. There’s a lot more I wanted to write but I just wanna keep it short and simple this time. People will get bored when you talk about yourself too much. XD. This post is just to give u guys a basic idea on what kind of person am I actually. I promise I will back to my usual blogging mode after this. And I’m gonna blog about my birthday celebration too. I never did blog about my personal stuff but because these people made it specially for me, they deserve to be talk about in my blog/ Enjoy. XD

It was 9 and it is 10


Sorry to several people who had been waiting for me to blog. I had been in a busy week that made me unable to blog. But i guess, not much people will miss my blog like they do, so it doesn’t really matter. Anyway, 2009 had passed and now 2010 is a whole new beginning. Had anyone of you reflect on your past or made any resolutions for this new year? I always reflect on my past but then I never ever made some resolution before. Most probably because I know I’m not really the type of person that could keep up with a fixed guidance for a long period of time. Since this is actually a personal blog for my thoughts, I’m gonna start of by telling certain things regarding my past years and then follow up what would I hope for the incoming year.
9 Important Events in 2009.

1. The Break Up

After being in a relationship for 3 and a half years, many did not suspect that to happen to me. Honestly, I don’t either despite all the sacrifices I made and done for her. Then, she betrayed my trust by getting with another guy. This had been a huge impact on me as I used to love her a lot but realized the trust and pampering I showered her had now backfired and made me the victim. The most ironic part of the whole thing, she only confess to it after the Penang trip I planned with limited amount of time and also despite being busy with my stuff. She just wanna have fun before breaking up with me. FML

Since most of my readers don’t know me that well, I guess I could start off by stating I’m the most gullible person on earth. Why? Let me tell you what are the several things she said to me.
1. I wanna try with him and if not suit only come back to you
2. I won’t be satisfied if I never try with him but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.
3. Then she ask for a chance to be back with me which I gave but after that she end up choosing him. For SEVERAL TIMES.
4. I only want you to be my bf. (when she’s with that guy)

These are the several examples, I still never realized how she used me. Even now she’s begging me to be back with her and give her a last chance. I would like to ask you guys to state your opinion. Because she doesn’t get it why I won’t give her a chance anymore, why I don’t love her anymore and why she is fake when she kept insisting she’s a good person? I know you are reading this as well, and I purposely wrote this publicly because you are just too stupid to realized that you are wrong and for you to stop bothering me. I’m well over you so please go get a life. I am actually glad that we broke up now because only then I realized how stupid was and that you are not worth my time.

2. The Singapore Trip

Being my first time stepping out of Malaysia, I guess this is one of the main highlight of the year. Singapore is such a wonderful place with hot girls around and I also totally loving how so many people over there appreciate good design unlike Malaysia. The night life is wonderful and also I come to realize that Singaporeans are not as kiasu as Malaysians.

3. The Taiwan Trip

When was the last time I went for a family vacation? Form 5? A vacation with family is great and being in Taiwan is simply fabulous despite there are several small arguments. Of course I walked till I swear I could have gone crippled but it definitely worth it. I love the air over there and the MRT ethics of Taiwanese but there are too quite a lot of things i don’t like. Anyway, it is a hell of a trip.

4. The Lucky Moments

I usually don’t believe in horoscope despite having a great interest in hearing about them. However, those who are born in the year of Tiger are suppose to be lucky. But then, winning a lot in gambling and also how I passed my Design course despite having such a shitty work. I guess that I am lucky.

5. Started Blogging Actively

Ok fine. I’m not that active but it’s better than before. At first I thought I would just wanna blog for the sake of squeezing money from Nuffnang but then realized that I had so much more fun in expressing my thoughts, knowing other bloggers and also having people to comment on my blog. I’m totally in love with my blog right now.

6. Knowing Bloggers

Ok fine. Not exactly know them but I am glad to interact with several bloggers such as Grey Ang, Kelvin, Jennifer, Donna and many more. Sorry if I left out any of you guys. I simply love reading your blogs. As long as your blogs is in my blogroll or links, I read all of them even though I only comment in a few. I do mean by reading words to words from A to Z even if you wrote gazillion pages.

7. The Health and Death Issue

This year had not really been good to many people. I had heard many bad news and also my grandparents had health complications even though they are minor ones. It did made me realized how life is such a gamble and strong each and everyone of us need to be.

8. The Short and Memorable Moment

I think you know who you are. Thanks for loving me that time but sorry for hurting you. I know that I couldn’t repay your love and I had to do it. Sorry and thanks for everything. I gues I did made a good decision seeing that you found someone that loved you as much. May be be happy always.

9. The Complicated Issue

Meeting this new girl definitely brings me into a whole new dimension. Due to the past, both of us had certain complications and also being defensive towards our own feelings at certain points. I’m glad to know her as we do share some really intellectual conversation often filled with craps and sarcasm not suited for the faint hearted. Probably the situation prohibited us to get on to the next level but I don’t mind as I get to enjoy all those conversation with you be it a smart one or a stupid one. I do come to a point where relationship status doesn’t really matter as you are having fun and enjoying the company of each other. I might not wait for you but that doesn’t mean I don’t anticipate for the time when obstacles are no longer an issue.

2009 had been a really good year even if it filled with sad moments. This because I had grown maturely throughout this year and finally realized what is important to me and what is not. So that brings me to set 10 resolutions and targets for this 2010.

10 Resolutions/Targets for 2010

1. Setting up a blog shop selling custom designed merchandise(shirts, accessories, etc)
I would may be do this soon. Might ask around to see if my design and a few of my friends could really sell

2. Getting my things done properly
I seriously needed this for once.

3. Bali/Phuket
Anyone interested? The bikinis and beach definitely had been a long time dream for me. I vow to reach for my dreams this year

4. Being able to blog at least 14 entries per month.
I guess I need someone to motivate me for this. more comments perhaps? XD

5. Made my blog more well known
Popularity is addictive. Not really. I just want to know more if there are anyone who appreciates my blog

6. Brush up my design skills
My works kinda sucks to me. Check out my facebook.

7. You?
Refer to number 9 above? LOL may be this ought to make you smile or throw up in disgust. Either way, it still pleases me. hahaha XD i’m weird for liking people to hate me.

8. Get a mutha-fucking DSLR
Jealousy drives madness and needs. I’m jealous over the D80 my sister is having. ROOOAAARRR XD

9. Know more people
Preferably Megan Fox, Yuma Asami, Christy Yow, Davina Goh, ROZZ FROM 987 FM bla bla bla….I could always go for Kenny Sia or Miao….Fine, anyone will do….haha

10. Get a new image
Seriously, I think I need a complete make over from my style. I actually had liking for many clothes but since I’m surviving on my parents’ blood money, I did not have he heart to buy them. Since I’m gonna work soon, I guess I can do this

Unrelated target-Get a Lesbian Girlfriend
I would definitely brag about this to Kelvin if I ever achieve this. HAHAHA XD

That’s all from me this time. Will blog about something real good the next post. This post is kinda personal but it wouldn’t hurt you guys much to force you to read about me once awhile. LOL Enjoy life and a Happy New Year to everyone.

I’m A Follower


I kept trying to think of a new topic to blog about but somehow this topic kept appearing in my head. I know I’m taking a big risk in blogging about this but I guess I’m not the type that simply trying to please everyone. It just happen recently that my lecturer called me a follower to a good friend of mine. To be honest, I do not that that’s true and I’m definitely pissed about it.

I’m being interpreted at tagging along with that friend of mine which I highly disregard that’s anywhere near to the fact. I do admit that I hang out pretty much with him only but to have the same thinking, opinion and ideas as him? I don’t think so as our works greatly reflects two different personality. I did evaluate again that particular statement under rational consideration and I am able to figure out why I’m his follower. Let you guys be the judge, shall we?

First off, despite having frequent discussion over a lot of things from designs, sports to life, we had very different views. The most recent case of our debate revolves our design assessment which both me and him greatly disagree to each other. Although he’s a bit pro to a side while I remain neutral, I do not sway my decision according to him and tag along. I do not know where’s the assumption or “observation” they called it come from when I rarely did speak out in class unlike this active friend of mine.

Despite them including this good friend reads my blog, I seriously do not think why they still thinks that? Let my blogger friends be the judge. Can any of you write as much things as I do if you do not have your own thinking and opinion? It’s true that he does not blog so we cannot compare out our thinking but I did not discuss these posts with him. Which also explains why he reads them because he does not have a fucking clue what is in here. Can any good bloggers I’ve known such as Butterfly, Grey Ang, Kenny Sia, Jennifer Chai, Kelvin, Aez or Donna, wrote all their entries if they are mere followers or copy cat of a certain person? This blog contains my original ideas and opinions not discussed with anyone but myself.

I’m just posting a short rant to lift this off my chest. There are a lot more things I could say but I will just stop over here. Writing more could further lead into several outcomes I did not wish to happen right now. I’m not biased or targeting anyone specifically. This is not a hate post to anyone including my lecturer. It’s just another opinion of mine. Wait, probably is not mine as I’m just a follower. I shall stop writing as if I go on further, this would definitely be a hate post.

To you, my good friend who is reading this, I’m kinda disappointed in you for not helping me to defend myself when I’m trying to because you are well aware that I had my own opinion and thinking that is not identical to yours in any way but then you agree blindly with that lecturer. You might think it’s a cruel joke but not to me. Whether or not you are angry with this post as you know who you are and many people do too, I don’t really care just like how you did it that day. I will still treat you the same none the less as this is not a matter to shout about. After this post, I will vow to forget all these. I won’t explain myself to anyone as I rather my actions do the talking. Signing off.

P.S: This is a personal post, you guys do not need to comment on this one but if you want, I gladly to.

A Relaxing But Hectic Trip To Genting


A very hastily planned trip doesn’t always worked well. The trip was planned just 2 days before the trip and the tickets were bought a day before it. It all started funny when I drove all the way to KL Sentral only to end up not knowing where to park the car. Heng have to walk quite a distance to get the tickets while I’m listening to Gary Chao’s songs in the car.

The next morning, Chai Lei was late and the bus was delayed 2 MINUTES just to await her arrival. You know what? We got bloody screwed from the bus driver and bus conductor. Suddenly, I began to miss the ever-late-bus at Pudu and the drivers there not minding to wait for 10 minutes. I got sick during that day, a sore throat, flu and a possible mild fever. This had further indicates this trip gonna be a fucked up one.

Yours Truly,

And the rest of the peeps.

As soon as we arrived at Genting via the cable car, we were greeted by our tour guide and also the ever-generous Penny’s father, Johnny. The moment I saw his thin side crops and neatly styled but funky hair of his, I had a feeling that her dad is kinda cool for his age. When I spotted the tattoos on both of his hands, I suddenly wished my father would have tattoos too. How cool was that! I’m not ass-kissing Johnny here or anything even though he treated us to two meals and get us a discount for theme park fare. Johnny is a cool guy not only because of his appearance but also his witty personality. These are the several conversation involves Johnny.

Heng: Wanna go for Corkscrew?
Me: No. That’s too extreme for me…
Johnny: (Interrupts my speech half-way) Screw The Cock.
Heng: Cock the screw.
Me: Yeah. And screw the Corkscrew.

And during dinner…

Penny passes us our bowl of soup. One of Heng’s friend was together with us but I could not recall her name so I shall call her A.
Johnny: This is for you(passes the small bowl to A) and this is mine(taking the whole pot)
A: Our one so small and your one so big ah? Give some la.
Johnny: Oh, sure.(takes out the only prawn and several other ingredients)Help yourself with whatever remains there.
A: There’s nothing in it anymore!
Johnny: (gestures to me)Help yourself in whatever remains there.

The trip was filled with rainy moments but we too had several events, conversation or jokes that makes this trip a whole lot interesting. As usual, I made quite an impact with the many things I did. One of it is….

Heng: Come on, Eric. Go for the Corkscrew. You play then Chai Lei will play also.
Me: No! I will piss my pants.
Penny: Then you go pee in toilet first then no more excuse.
Me: I’ll shit myself.
Penny: Then you go toilet settle everything only comes out and play.
Me: I’ll vomit then. (I admit I’m kinda a pussy at times when it comes to heights)

And not to forget…My constant molestation on random things

We saw a freaking cool guy selling the chinese flute. Penny could not resists and request him for a song.

Penny: Can play us a song with that flute ah?
Guy: Sure!! What song do you want?
Penny: Can you please play the “Sheng Mu Yu Tong”‘s “Wei Ni Er Huo”? Thank you very much first.
Guy: Huh?? Er…(Stunned for a few seconds and looking blank)
Penny: Never mind. Just play what you best at.

We too had several priceless moments worth sharing with many. One of it is further proof that Chai Lei is blind. She had previously misread my number plate 6310 as 8310 and the following conversation further proves her blindness.

Chai Lei: Eh, why there is black smoke ah?
Me : Huh? What?
Chai Lei: Why got black smoke there? (points at a direction)
Me: : That’s not black smoke. IT’S A BLOODY TREE

Chai Lei wore a 3-inch high heels over here for one particular reason. Its because our height difference wouldn’t be too apparent and she can converse more comfortably. Looking back at the things we did and the hours we spent, it’s definitely a BAD idea. This prompt us to go shopping with her for a new pair of shoes.

Chai Lei with her high heels.

Johnny: Datang sini untuk 12 jam, takkan nak pakai high heels. Lain kali, pakai macam ini la.(points at his sneakers)
Chai Lei: Haiyo, saya tak tau ma. Dia cakap datang jalan-jalan saja.(points at me)
Johnny: Yalah. Jalan-jalan untuk 12 jam, nak pakai kasut ini? Patah oor..

We did went for bowling and this picture is solely for proof to Chai Lei who challenged me to score over 100 and beat the others. And I get 2 drinks for it. IN YOUR FACE! HAHA! E is me.

We stumbled upon Michael Jackson The One Tribute concert by Michael Jackson of Asia whose name I could not even bother to remember.

This trip was filled with a lot of self camwhoring which prompt to these few remarks.

Penny: How long does it takes the cable car to reach Genting.
Me: About 15 minutes
Penny: (turns to Heng and frowns)He’s gonna camwhore for the whole 15 minutes.
Heng: Yeah, with every angle from 0 to 180 degrees, vertically and horizontally.
Me: Bo Pian ah…Leng Chai is like that wan la…

Heng: I think you can fight with my gf.

To put me in justice, I’m not the only camwhore in the group.

And my personal favourite is during the monorail when this pic was taken.


A shitty and hectic beginning for the trip but it end up quite fun and worthwhile. May there will be more of these coming soon.

Have You Been High Today?


Some of you might know that I once took Literature in English Language in Form 6 and for those who don’t, now you know. I woke up this morning and the literature in me suddenly kicks in and inspire me to write a poem about my recent life. This happened before I even got time to brush my teeth or take a shit when all the ideas rushed into my brain. Here it goes.

Things seem so fine in the month of May,
I was naive and happy everyday,
Love seems so real and divine, Like a cup of wine,
As time goes by, Things could not be more fine,
Pearl of the Orient seems so divine,
Probably just because how fine we were.

Things start to seem wrong but I turn blind,
I was wrong and things were not so kind,
I finally understand that it’s only my mind,
Who’s been living in denial every time,
The betrayal I felt is not untimely,
It’s just me being fooled unconsciously.

Things began to rot till the end of May,
The melancholy was always in the air,
To let it go, is what they say,
And I realized something as they say,
They don’t understand me anyway,
Agreeing and keeping it within myself is the only way.

Time passes and the longing feeling went away,
I don’t owe it to anyone because they don’t care,
Friends that seems close to me are plenty,
But not to them and it’s only all in me,
I ask myself each and everyday,
Have you been high today?

I have not been high enough to call it a day,
I finally understood Tom Keats during his days,
I take a vow and pray to get high everyday
And that I would not let anything gets in my way,
Life is not over when you are alone but when you are swayed off your way,
Have you been high today?

This post is specially dedicated to those who had recently suffered a break up like a few of my friends and me. My definition of getting high means be happy and excited at least once a day let it be watching-movie-high, alcohol-high, sexually-high, shitting-high or becoming a sohai. The poem might not be good or filled with bombastic words but it roughly described what I’ve been through since May.

Have I been high today? Have I been high lately? Hell yeah, and I’m doing it legally. AND not because of porn like some people might think. May be some people might not even read this boring shit but forgive me fo going sentimental once awhile. I do not always look into a weird and dumb perspective of certain things. Before I end this, let me share one more thing with you guys.

Does this cactus of mine look a a dickhead with a bigger head and slimmer bottom half??

P.S: Okay, I’m back to my crazy self…..

One of the Greatest Love


Have it ever crossed your mind that LOVE do comes in all sorts of form and most of the time, in a surprising way? The thought crossed my mind every single day without fail which usually followed up by tonnes of unanswered questions. One of the greatest love of my life is also one of the greatest mystery of all time. I often wonder how the love emotion linked the both of us despite all the differences that we had. Her very appearance doesn’t really appeal to me ESPECIALLY when she cries. My appearance is somehow also not her ideal which I too wonders why…

She’s not the type of woman that I like and when i said this, I DO MEAN IT!! I could find tonnes of flaws within her and I could just simply named a few in record time. I hate her stubbornness most of the times especially when she thinks she’s right even when she’s clearly in the wrong. We had tonnes of arguments in the past and usually left unanswered and magically vanished in matters of time. I even remembered the cold wars we had which lasted for a month long or may be longer if I’m not mistaken. Her ego and my ego are just like Robbie Keane and Fernando Torres which means no matter how good we are, we could not blend well together. I could not forget how she mistreated me and how unfair she was towards me. Sometimes, we just hated each of our presence and wonders why do we still stick around. Sometimes, a simple word from her could make me frown all day and also days that we had nothing to say. How awkward our relationship is and also the rough times we had could simply outnumbered the amount of views in Susan Boyle’s youtube videos.

How bad can our relationship goes? Most of the time we disagree with each other. When she poke her nose into my private affairs, I really hated her. When she tries to request something from me, I often thinks she’s overboard with it but APPARENTLY she don’t. Sometimes I hate talking to her as though I’m speaking Greek and she’s speaking Spanish. Our differences varies and we hate what the other person likes. she always thinks she’s correct and I always appear to be the wrong one EVEN if I argue with someone else instead. She never really shows me any support and I do not know how to support her.

She yelled at me countless time as I shut my mouth when in the end she magically claims that she never yelled. I always almost had a heart attack everytime she drives and she seems like to have heart attack even before I start my engine. I could not stand her voice but yet will not get bored of it. Each fight we had always end up me giving up trying to knock some sense into her. Each time I try to find a reason not to give up, she’s always there to become that reason. I hate her and yet I love her. I always wonder what type of fate could bind us together and everytime I’m being pulled away from her, she will reels me back.

She had made many sacrifices which I did not knew of and the love that she had for me is greater than life itself. She did not realise how much I love her and most of the time, she seems to give up on telling me how she feels. This post is specially dedicated to you, My Greatest Love and I’m not sure if you will ever read it. I have difficulties in expressing my feelings for you which is actually a surprise with an outspoken nature I had. So, I’m gonna embarrassed myself in this post just for you by saying all mushy stuff and readers that doesn’t like it, you can just close this page and before u do…PLEASE CLICK ON MY ADS XD !!!

I Love You, Mom and a very Happy Birthday(9th July) to You

Your sacrifices are clearly shown from your thin and frail body. Your countless headaches reflects your worries over this family. I will never forget how you always end up bringing things I forgot. I will never forget how you make cold jokes which resulted me being stunned speechless. I will never forget how you beat the crap out of me especially when I’m young and always end up running crying towards grandmother who protected me all the time. I will not forget and love how hard you tried to make ends meet by working and taking care of us at the same time without employing maid(that’s why I don’t like maids).

I will not forget how hopeless I was once and how upset you were about me. But I do hope you don’t forget how I always find you when I had nightmares during young age. I will never forget how late you stay up beside me when I’m sick and how happy you were when I get good grades. However, I will also never forget how you whoop my candyass if the results are just slightly above average(she had too much expectation on me that slightly above average is never enough). I could go on and on and on but I think that’s enough for now.

No matter how different both of our characters are, it is a fact that your are the Only mother for me. The days we fought are countless but the days we had are priceless. IF you think arguing with me is bad then look at the bright side, AT LEAST I’m talking to you..hahaha I talk when I cares, I shut up when I don’t really give a fuck..(If you read this then you will know that your son is a serial curser) I’m sorry for the sins I’m done and thank you for the love you had shown to me. The only thing I wish to change about now is I would wish to change my attitude to be able to communicate with you more effectively. Apparently, I inherited your stubbornness and I could not do anything about it. I also inherited dad’s inability to express love properly. At least this proves that I’m your son and will always be and proud to be. Thank you for all that you had done for me, I’ll always pray for the family and once more…

Happy Birthday and I love you, Mom….

The Misunderstood Stereotype


It has always been a fact that I’m always being misunderstood. I’ve been misunderstood by people from all walks of life in my whole life and what’s first appear to be annoyance turn out to be something I’m proud of. My outlook had projected so many types of stereotypes that I don’t even belong to and some of them even said they don’t judge a book by its cover. I’ve never met anyone that had been more often being misunderstood than myself. Therefore, this post should dedicate to myself and also to enlighten my fellow readers with a bit of comedy of my life.

1.Serious and cool
I think the most misunderstood part of me is that I’m a serious and cool person from the first sight. A BIG NO for you people who had a single thought of that. I can be as wacky, crazy, joker, and outgoing person as u dare me to be. I’ve made tonnes of sarcastic jokes, comments, insults and also not to mention unlimited supply of pranks and punch lines that people would not believe i made them when they first met me. My dumbshits include insulting a “gangster” sarcastically openly in a class while everyone is looking, cutting up a sanitary pad for fun(it was given free at school, curiosity took over and a friend of mine threw it from 4th floor to ground floor in front of the discipline teacher), threwing firecrackers into a house way past midnight, playing with school fire extinguishers, scratching ppl’s car and many more which i shall not reveal for now….I’m a prankster, joker, insulter or whatever thatn links me up with sarcasm…

2.Malay, Gangster, VCD seller, bla bla bla bla
Seriously I’m always mistaken as a Malay when i used to work in Fajar…My fucking nametag was there and people smehow did not bother to look at it before start speaking to me… My name is written Lee Huangshi and not Mohd Lee bin something something…I admit i was dark that time and my fluency of BM was not of the normal Chinese Ah Bengs…That doesn’t mean I’m Malay..8 out of 10 Chinese customers will speak to me in BM without much hesitation and being a playful nature myself, I replied back to them in BM…When I brought their shoes over to the counter, I spoke to them in Cantonese and the look on their face…PRICELESS…Imagine how shock they were spending half an hour speaking totally broken BM with countless long stops in between words, asking me countless times do I understand them, USING HAND SIGNALS to convey their message and I remembered one deliberately ask her daughter to communicate with me which end up the daughter shoot her back by saying I’m a chinese and why the heck need to converse in BM….

This picture taken before I quit the job in Fajar to study Form 6..Do I look like a Malay? zzz

I remembered some of my tuition friends and Form 6 friends thought I was some kind of problem child, gangster, otai or whatever u called it within the first glance….They do not dare to approach me and even curious why their friend which is my good friend also…be able to mix so well with me…Apparently they too became my good friends hahahahahaha
Once a police look at my driver’s license and IC then…

Police A : Ini…..tak pernah buat apa-apa salah kan?
Me : Huh? Tak ( In my heart yelling WTF!! CB!! )
Police A : Oooo…Photo dalam lesen handsome sangat la.. hahaha
Me : *forcing a sarcastic smile*……..(I’m a master of sarcasm and I knew a sarcasm when I heard one)

This picture was made in hurry with photoshop as Devella wanted to view it so badly..Guess she’s too freaking excited on how screwed up i look hahaha
After i came out of prison(it’s a joke just in case someone really thought so), THIS IS how i currently look like….gained some weight, change the bloody hairstyle, shaved….most importantly.. I SMILED XD hahahaha

DVD sellers…Although I did not dye my hair blonde like most of the DVD Ah Bengs did nor carry a porch bags(I didn’t do it that time…not now)……I was browsing through DVD and customer do approach me to request for the titles…There was once…PORN…That uncle came over to ask…”nice ah this one? how much?”….

3. Smoker
I seriously do not think how the hell that we can detect a smoker just by outlook….We see people in suits smoking, Ah Beng smoking, Nerd smoking and the list goes on….How the fuck people find it hard to believe I don’t smoke? I do not carry a lighter or a ciggarette box, my lips are fine red…There was once a Malay girl came into my store request me for a lighter which I told her the truth I don’t have one…She got stunned and ask if i smokes which i replied no….I SERIOUSLY NOT BULLSHITTING that she STARED at me without saying ANYTHING for the next 10 seconds….I too was stunned by her action and she only LEAVE when i assure to her AGAIN that I don’t smoke..I am sure I do not have a problem saying I don’t smoke…The expression she made as though I just told her I’m her mother or some shit…

4.I can’t speak English or I can’t speak Mandarin or Cantonese
When I speak to people in English, they thought I’m pure banana…FYI, I am only a half-breed banana…I can bloody understand when u are insulting me in mandarin and especially cantonese(incidents happen at Fajar again)….People who i start conversing with mandarin from the beginning i met them, having a hard to time to accept that I could speak fluently in English(you know who you are and i know you are reading this but u r not the only one haha)…

5.I’m not a pro in English or Mandarin either…
Just because i happens to speak Mandarin but that doesn’t mean I could read them…My boss’s daughters( 8 and 9 years old respectively ) ask ME, the fucking half-breed banana to test their MANDARIN skills…I was like wtf…I couldn’t even recognize more than 20 Chinese characters and how the fuck am I going to teach them..I told them countless time that I do not know and they took quite a long time accepting it…Cute girls though….Same goes for people who do not believe i just started speaking less than 2 years…
And just because I could write long essays, that doesn’t mean I’m a fucking walking dictionary..Don’t shocked when I do not know the word that you dunno…I’m only human and i guess since u can not know it then why i can’t be the same? My English is not as good as many thought I am even my family members =.=… Just slightly above average…I can only speak decent enough to differentiate me from normal Ah Bengs…It’s already hilarious enough that I somehow dunno how look like one, I do not need my language to be like one too…T.T

That’s all from me..Hope you guys enjoyed it…Not much picture to post coz lazy to upload with such a slow internet connection…lol

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