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AirAsia Free Seats | Sapporo Winter Festival


The greatest moment for all avid travellers is here! AirAsia is having their FREE SEATS promotion once again from this 22nd June 2015 till 28th June 2015. Book now and travel between 15th February 2016 till 31st August 2016 or you will regret later when you have to fork out a huge sum of money in the future!

Hurry up as there are only 3 million promo seats available! Each year on this particular period, me and Caroline would usually on the edge on our seats clicking away trying to get the best deal for our future travel plans. We always made it a point to travel together and it is a common interests that the both of us have. Although the both of us have different motivation when it comes to making travelling plans – I would usually be interested to check out sceneries, architecture and mountains and stuff like that while Caroline are more motivated to check out their shopping options.

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6 Awesome Things To Do In Da Nang, Vietnam


Da Nang is one of Vietnam’s major port cities and located at the coast of South China Sea. Da Nang is quite a well known tourist destination for the Westerners despite being almost unheard of by most Malaysians. When I first mentioned to my friends that I will be heading to Da Nang, I got stares of confusion from them. I can’t blame them as I personally had not heard much about this place before this. Due to the good opportunity given by AirAsia and Da Nang Tourism Board, I was given an opportunity to learn about this place even more.

Since not much people especially Malaysians know what is there to do in Da Nang, Vietnam, I decided to come up with a post of what are the things you can do over here before you decide whether you should make some room for Da Nang in your upcoming holiday plans.

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A MUST TRAVEL Destination – AirAsia NOW Flies to Da Nang!


AirAsia, one of the world’s best low cost airline has added back Da Nang, Vietnam back to its extensive list of destinations! This is actually a terrific news to everyone who wishes to travel to this gem of South East Asia tourism at a lower cost! I was proud to be one of the 180 guests on board (that’s a 100% flight load, yo!) in AirAsia’s inaugural flight to Da Nang which landed at 29th August 2014, 1330hrs local time.

The flight was given a grand welcome with a water salute and it was a pleasure to be part of this history making moment with AirAsia. I had seen water salutes around the internet and also from the news but to actually be part of one is totally unbelievable. I wished I had known this earlier or I would have already captured the experience on video.

Upon arriving, me and the other bloggers were warmly greeted by these lovely Vietnamese staff. Not only that, we were also being greeted by Mr. Tran Chi Cuong (Vice Director of Culture-Sportand Tourism Department of Da Nang), Mr. Nguyen Ba Quan (Vice President of Da Nang International Airport) and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Vu (Vice President of Da Nang Terminal Operation). Together with us in this fully loaded flight to celebrate this special occasion is Mr. Spencer Lee, AirAsia Berhad’s Head of Commercial.

For those who are interested to pay a visit to Da Nang, AirAsia is the only airline that offers direct flight 4X weekly from Kuala Lumpur to Da Nang. And in conjunction with the reopening of this Da Nang route and AirAsia’s inaugural flight here, AirAsia is offering promotional deats with all-in-fares from as low as RM97* one way for bookings made between 1st September 2014 and 14th September 2014 for travel period between 2nd September 2014 to 31st January 2015.

**Booking can also be made via online at www.airasia.com, AirAsia’s mobile on on Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry platform or even their mobile site at mobile.airasia.com.

Da Nang is a MUST TRAVEL destination that I would highly recommend if you like photography, beach and also cultural stuffs. Whether if you are a traveller who is keen to explore and understand a foreign culture or someone who seeks a relaxing destination to get away from work, Da Nang is the place to consider. Besides, Hoi An, one of UNESCO’s world heritage site, is only an hour drive away. Here you will witness one of the most well preserved town that dates back into the 15th and 19th century and also place where you can get cheap and good quality tailor-made clothes.

I will be sharing later more on what is there in Da Nang and here are some pictures you can see that I had taken during my 4 days trip there. Or you can check out Caroline‘s Facebook Page for the complete set of photos that I took over there at this link https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.789926221030233.1073741966.178896838799844&type=1


(Review) Amansari Residence Resort @ Johor


Wow, it is the year 2014 and my first blog post is in February. That means 2 New Years had passed and that shows how busy I am with work. Or lazy. Or Sherlock. Or Modern Family. Ok, enough excuses I guess. Earlier this year, I went on a short getaway with Caroline, Bok and Anna to Johor, Malaysia. Bok had gotten us some tickets to Legoland so we decided to just embark on a journey to the much talked about Legoland. We came for a 2 days and 1 night trip, so during this trip, we stayed at this resort called Amansari Residence Resort. Located in Masai, Johor, Amansari is only 30 minutes away from Johor Bahru city centre, 15 minutes from Jusco Tebrau and also 40 minutes from Legoland.

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AirAsia In-flight Menu


Our famous local airline, Air Asia has a new menu for their flights! Honestly, every frequent Malaysian travellers had definitely board their flights before. Who hasn’t since everyone can fly? But one thing for sure, not everyone had tried their in-flight meals before. That includes me. Well, unless you count the can of milo I drank before once few years back. So I was invited over to try their new in-flight menu and I jumped into it, well, since I never had any before. And do note, these items are already on sale by now since this is a long overdue post. My apologies for being late since I am drowned with work and personal matters.

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Tambun The Lost World Hotel & ETS Train Ride


What would sum up the perfect weekend getaway? A trip to a spa and hot spring resort obviously. When you mention hot spring and spa in Malaysia, one could not miss out on the amazing Sunway Tambun Lost World. And, that’s the place where this weekend getaway is taking place. The trip to Tambun Lost World, Ipoh began with our ride with the ETS train. For those who are not aware of the ETS Train(Electric Train Services) is an intercity train that currently operates between Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh. It is actually one of the most preferred way to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh or vice versa and for the rightful reason.

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Lost World Hot Springs And Spa


The highlight of the trip or may be I should say the entire place is definitely their hot springs. The Lost World Hot Springs and Spa . They covered a space of 80,000sf that consists of Infinity Pool, Lost World Steam Cave, Foot Spa, Top of The World Pool, The Geyser of Tambun, Crystal Pool, Saphira’s Lair, Saphira’s Baby Pool and Crystal Spa. The name of the places definitely suggest our time spent here is not going to be enough.

I like how they uses a fire breathing dragon or dinosaur at the entrance. This will definitely appeal to kids.

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The Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh


The Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh was not only designed to cater for adults. It is a theme park after all and The Lost World of Tambun consists of seven main elements of FUN which are the Water Park, the Amusement Park, Lost World Hot Springs & Spa, Lost World Petting Zoo, the Lost World Tin Valley and Lost World Team Building Park.

The ticket price to enter the park is as below.

  • Adult – RM48 nett per person
  • Children – RM 41 nett per person
  • Chilren below 90cm in height – Free of charge
  • Group package available upon inquiry – minimum 30 pax and advanced booking required

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Sabah Day 2 Part 1


I was desperately finding for this famous Sinsuran Sang Yuk Mee that Caroline told me about. But then I couldn’t find any so we end up having our breakfast here. The food here is just so so but the kolo mee is still not bad. Then we head to the Filipino Market nearby. Here are some of the shots over there.





Next, we head to Mari-Mari Cultural Village. Honestly speaking, some of us are quite sceptical whether is it worth paying RM100 per person for a trip towards there including transportation. However, we found out that the entrance fee was actually RM75 per person and we get to use the transport whole day. So the RM100 is actually quite well spent in a way.






Upon entering this Mari-Mari Cultural Village, I was (forced) elected to be the chief of the pack. My duties include meeting the chief of Mari-Mari Cultural Village to announce our arrival and also make peace with them. We are given a “warm” welcome ceremony here.




Initially we are shocked by the constant shouting and yelling the chief did towards me. It’s some sort of their way of saying hello I was informed. My aunt was shocked till the point she thought everything was real. Hey, not meant to be rude, but I believe we don’t pay RM100 to get kicked out just by entering there. So obviously it was an act.





We are briefed with every single type of traditional houses and also tribes there. We learned about their culture and tradition.





And my favourite part of the day, getting a tattoo! This tattoo is usually done by them to symbolize status and power. So what did I got? The symbol of Chief of the Pack!




Me and my bad ass tattoo!! WOOHOO!!!

Then we are entertained with several performances.









We are served with lunch and I got to say, the food is actually not bad. That’s all for now. There will be more regarding this trip so stay tuned.

I heard something stupid actually from a tourist. She said this. “Wah, cannot believe they can make this rope(handmade by them). So strong ah. Our modern day also don’t think can make as strong. Must really respect them from now on.

What? You can’t respect them at first? They do survive without any modern technology you know? Quite ignorant to me. And funny as well…LOL

Labuan And Sabah


Sorry for abandoning my blog, I guess I can only blog during weekends since I’m having this job. Anyway, most of you knew that my family had a trip over to Kota Kinabalu last 8th of December 2010. I know most of you have some similar questions so I’m just gonna answer them here without you guys asking those questions.


1. No, I didn’t propose the trip to there for my family. My mom the one wanted to go.
2. No, my mom wanted to go there not because Caroline is there.
3. No, the guy on the other end of the photo is not my elder brother but my YOUNGER brother.

So due to the major difference in ticket price, my family decide to fly to Labuan first before taking the ferry. We we went over there to do some sightseeing. So what is the MUST DO thing in Labuan?


Shopping for cheap alcohol, chocolates and cigarettes of course.

Then we stop by for lunch and honestly, the kolo mee here actually very nice. And I found out something. Ordering a bottle of beer is much worth it than iced coffee. I ordered my usual Kopi Ais which cost RM2 which shocked me because over in Selangor, the most expensive Kopi Ais I had is RM1.60. Bottle of beer here cost about RM5.




The Kolo Mee


Honestly, this is way TOO LITTLE. My family usually have several plates FULL of chillis rather than a few pieces.



Then we took a ferry to Kota Kinabalu which is 3 hours and 30 minutes long. After about 3 hours of flight, another 3 hours of ferry ride, my back and neck seems like had aged 50 years. When we reach there, we checked in to Cititel Express Kota Kinabalu in Asia City. Honestly, the hotel is much better than I expected as the Cititel over here in Mid Valley are famous for prostitution. The one in KK is definitely a total opposite of the one over here.


At Jesselton Point



At Cititel Express Kota Kinabalu

At night we had seafood dinner at Old Village Seafood located at Asia City. According to my parents, some of the seafood price are actually comparable to the ones in Selangor and some even more expensive. And they had high expectations for the seafood over here as many people said it is cheap and fresh. I can say after seeing those prices, they are slightly disappointed.






This plate of crab only RM16!!


However, they had some promotion over certain seafood which is very cheap. And one thing I can say, the freshness of the seafood over here are totally in a different level compare to the ones in Selangor. The seafood is delicious due to their freshness and I cannot express it well through words. You got to try it to know it.


Later at night, I get to meet my love one while the rest of the family went over to a nearby night market to walk around. Darling Caroline bought ikan bakar for me and my family. No doubt, one of the best ikan bakar I had although I had quite few ikan bakar in my life. I especially love the chilli paste which is hot enough for me. Totally superb. Too bad no pictures are taken and I’m still full over the seafood dinner. That’s all for now. Stay tuned for my Mari-Mari and Tanjung Aru post!


Salmiah (Caroline’s friend), my dear Caroline, Me


P/S: It felt really nice meeting Caroline after such a long period of time. Kinda wished that night would be much longer that time. Although I’m tired but it’s all worthwhile.

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