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Being Bold


Being bold is exactly what most people lack. We now lived in a time when there are more cowardly people than bold people. Exactly what most governments in the world wants because once people are no longer bold, they no longer dare to object to any unfairness. Don’t worry. This is not some political post or anything like that. I’m just voicing my thoughts in hoping people to be much bolder.

When we talk about taking initiative in life, what are we referring to exactly? For what purpose?
Why do we even need to be successful in life? How do we measure success in life? Money? Health? Cars? Women? And what do these so called “successful” people have that we don’t? The ability to kiss ass? The ability to work hard? The ability to envision something great? No matter what ability they have, they definitely did it because of the boldness they had.

When Cowards Infest The Society

 As bad as it may sound, the world is getting overcrowded with cowards. Some might not label themselves that and just merely saying that they are just being smart.But if you guys think about it, there’s a fine line between being smart and a coward. Had anyone watched the movie “Race To The Witch Mountain”? IF you do, do you remember the line “The more public we went with the story, the more likely they are safe”? Or something like that, I can’t remember.

The problem with people nowadays, none would dare to voice out. They assuming is it unsafe and so on. To me, it is bullshit and excuses. When the society is filled with cowards who do not dare to voice out, the higher ups will have much more control and advantage over us. When we are not bold enough, we are definitely going downwards instead of upwards. When Guinness talk about Life Favors The Bold in their ad, they are damn right on the point. This is because the bold will have much more power and control over those who hid their balls.Why do we always bitch about certain things but when it comes to confronting that matter personally, one would just simply fail? Then we continue to bitch about the same sort of thing without even realized we did nothing to make a difference? That’s what happen when the society is infested with cowards.

Unite Is Strength

Most people will just eventually wait for some other people to take action first before voicing out any opinions. They might called this smart but I label it as excuses. Being smart is suppose to be in the ways of conveying a message rather than the timing of taking the particular action. Most will just follow the majority rather than making a stand. Being bold is no longer in the dictionary for most people.When someone fail, they will just quietly step back and will take no further actions.

Let’s reflect back on history. Will we achieve our independence by being so cowardly? People need to be bold in order to get what they want. Unity is the main key in determining the success. Try to imagine this. When there is only one abused worker stand up against the employer while the rest just observe, will the protest be significant? When everyone stand up, will it be much better and easier to achieve the desired objective? People need to know the value and importance of being bold in order to progress. It’s because of the “Wait and Wait” attitude among most people in our society, things rarely goes our way. When each and everyone try to be bold for at least once, the impact will be very much obvious as most will just get what they want.


Sadly to say, there are many followers here in this country. Many just tend to follow what majority will do. They will first see if it’s safe to execute an action and then see if there are anyone who dare to do so and then finally they bring out their balls from hibernation and talk shit. Being bold is not about following the majority. To me, being bold is always stand for something worth believing in even if it’s against the norm. Bold people are always leaders. They always seek to voice out and solve their dissatisfaction and will do their every bit to work them out without caring if there are people who against it.

What Had You Done?

Take this question and reflect it upon yourself. What had you done to try to make a change? Me? I had always tried to voice out here in my blog in hope of influencing people to see things in MANY perspective. It is ok if you want to remain anonymous like most people but not everyone of them are brave. When it comes to insulting, many people will put themselves being anonymous while fearing them being found out. This is not a smart move but just a cowardly move. Remain anonymous on the net and remain anonymous over certain particular comments given is a total different thing. I just relate this matter as most of my readers are bloggers and they can relate.

If you wanted to influence someone, how can you do that while you try to cover your tracks in so called certain “brave” moves of yours. I never comment anonymously and I am not afraid of getting hate comments for certain things I said. It is important that you take responsibility in the things you said rather than shrinking your guts. When you try being bold, you must always prepare for certain consequences. I will not regard myself as a very bold person. There are still things that I avoid but at least I don’t set my balls on silent mode and try to fake my emotions and feelings.

So, take this opportunity and reflect upon yourself. Had you tried being bold in your life to change certain things? Actually I had this post written for almost a week but my laziness prevent me from finishing it. Guess I should start being active once again.That’s all for now. Signing off.

Is "Allah" A Necessity Worth Fighting For?


Every time i pick up the newspaper to read, I am totally amused and entertained. Not by the comics section or on which slut Tiger Woods had screwed. But by how amusing is Malaysians in all kinds of aspects. Malaysia had recently been rocked with news of arson attacks of churches and endless debate on the usage of the word “Allah” in the Christian Bible. Let’s just face it, Malaysians are getting more and more ridiculous day by day.

Which part of it that made you guys frown? The disrespect shown by the Christians? The disrespect shown by the Islams? The childishness of the whole thing? The statement from our PM that everything’s under control? To me, it is neither of them. I frown at the fact of how dumb can people be when they don’t even understand what they are fighting.

What They Don’t Understand?

They just don’t understand the very basic thing they fighting for. They don’t understand their religion. It is as simple as that and that’s why it is so laughable. I bet many of you guys are rather confused of my statement so I shall elaborate. Do anyone understand why religion exists in the first place? It is a guide for us to lead a good life and so we will end up in heaven which makes this is the only common point between all religions. I am actually a free thinker although I’m a Buddhist so I shall view all these in a perfectly neutral position.

If a person understand the true value and preaching of their religion, all these would not have happened. Can anyone tell me which relighion encourages us to fight? Or to be more specific to fight off other religion? Do we see famous prophets hurling spears and firing atomic bombs at someone who do not want to submit into their teaching or religion? The answer is no and because they live by a very simple and basic rule of all religion. The rule is to live in peace and harmony. So if they do understand the most basic point of all religion, why fight? Why burn churches and why fight over some stuff that is not even worth fighting for? If anyone claimed they gonna fight for their religion and so on, then you guys simply do not understand the basic rule of your religion and very obvious that you don’t practice what you preach or you don’t even fucking understand what you preach.

Burning Churches-An Act of Faith Or Stupidity?

I cannot believe how brutal and immature people can be at times. Burning churches just because some people decided to use Allah in their Bible translation? If I’m not mistaken and fuck me if I’m wrong, God is cherished through heart, emotion and action and not through a simple word. How shallow is their mind in thinking the usage of the word could lead them out of their religious way. Which part of burning churches is an act of faith towards God? The heart? The emotion? The action? How uncivilized we are in handling such a small matter.

Don’t the state anthem for Selangor contains the word “Allah” and we are forced to sing it every single assembly day of our schools? If not, we as university students were forced to take up Islamic subjects and I took Islamic Institution just last year. In almost every single freaking page of the book contains either the words Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. or Allah. We had to read and faced it every time reading our books especially the night before examination. How is it not different from the usage of the word Allah in Bible?

If that’s the case, I’m gonna burn the whole Minister of Education Department for using the word “Allah” in books that are being read by non-Muslims. How about to those who uses the word God or Jesus Christ? Should we burn them like hot dogs and sell them off in pasar malam? If Allah is equivalent to God, then most people should be hanged to death. How many people had not uttered the sentences such as “Oh My God” or “Jesus Christ”? Do anyone realized how serious the crime was to simply used them and the usage should only limit to Christians? This is just a plain joke.

Usage of “Allah”

Ok, does it even MATTER whether to use the word “Allah” or not? Court case and those stupid reasons? I can’t even decide which one is dumber whether the usage of “Allah” in the bible or burning of churches. Since this is a translation into Bahasa Malaysia Bible, I could not even understand what’s the point of fighting over an Arabic word instead of a Bahasa Malaysia word. When being pointed to use the word Tuhan instead of Allah, they claimed that Tuhan is more suitable to refer to the Lord instead of God. First expression comes into my mind, what the fuck. Is either these people had the lack of creativity in coming out with an excuse or just don’t understand the Malay language well enough to actually translate them. Besides, don’t some Christians refer God as Lord?

It’s true that the Malay translation could help several races especially the bumiputeras in Sabah and Sarawak and also countries like Indonesia. However, how wise is it to translate the original content towards another language. The filtering process might eventually modify the content a bit and to tell the truth, no one really cares whether it is written as Allah and Tuhan. Would Christians turn pagan with the usage of Tuhan? Would it cause the followers to change their faith or even go into depression mode or worse, commit suicide? No that would not happen and if it does then the problem is not the usage of the Allah word but instead it’s the teaching itself.

The Islamic Institution

Is the word Allah so strong that it would lead you to burn churches? Overlooking the fact that it is pure disrespect towards the Christian, what if somebody got hurt or killed? Would your great Allah forgive you for that? Does your Great God permits killing or hurting other people just by how people use to refer to Him? Does your God want riot to occurs just because of one word?

Correct if I’m wrong since I didn’t learn much in Islamic Institution, I very well remembered that the religion teaches to respect other religion and also be tolerant towards one another. I even remembered that advices and discussion should be done BEFORE any actions are taken. Where are all these values? I could not simply see it in them other than a part of the Muslims who are understanding in this case. A Malay blogger(The Star, 13 January 2010) even had a fund raise in order to help these churches as he knows the importance of the values in his religion. Be civilized and realized that your actions of burning churches is not faithful towards Islam but it is more of a pagan attitude. If everyone could just learn the true Islamic Institution like that Malay blogger, won’t Malaysia be a better place?

Christianity Is Not Selfish

When we usually thought that the extremists that burn churches down are bad, those who came up with the idea of using the word Allah and defending them is equally offensive. In what way would we only realized the importance of humanity and the feelings of others? If the word Allah is that important towards the Muslim, why not just drop the whole idea of using it to respect them. Court cases? This is just a waste of time. The court should be used to justify much more important cases rather the selfish request of using the word Allah in the Bible which to tell the truth its not that damn important at all. I believed most Christians still prefer to read their Bible in English rather than a controversial filed Bible.

We need to learn to give in at times. It doesn’t mean that we are losers and afraid of the others. It would just show how unnecessary it is to avoid certain fights and how kind a person could be. What surprises me the most is that these people do not even have a rational mind in judging the whole situation. I’ll put it in a most logical way so that you guys can understand my point.

Advantages of Dropping The Idea of Using The Word “Allah”
1. Peace for everyone
2. No churches being burnt down
3. Respect of knowing how to tolerate
4. Followers won’t be affected even with the word Tuhan
5. Muslims are happy
6. No one get hurt

Advantages of Winning The Court Case
1. Can use the word “Allah” in the Bible
2. If you guys think it would go beyond this then you are wrong. Getting pride or bragging about the freedom of speech is not an advantage but only an immature way of showing off your bad qualities.

Is “Allah” Word Worth Sacrificing Unity And Peace?

Bassilius Nassour, a Greek Orthodox bishop in Damascus, called the Malaysian government’s position “shameful.”

“It shows Malaysia to be a backward, pagan state because God teaches freedom for everyone, and the word ‘Allah’ is for everyone,” he said.

When Muslims mentioned that Allah is Islam God, they didn’t realize that they actually fall into the pagan category. It’s true that there’s no statue depicting their God but the word became the symbol that they worshiped. To think of it properly, Allah is not actually Islam God but an Arabic word which meant God. I guess Muslims don’t label their God as Tuhan Allah but as Allah itself. It means that Allah is just the Arabic definition of God since the religion itself originated from there. And God is universal in this case and there shouldn’t be only a specific word to describe Him. Is it worth killing or destroying the world over it? This question goes out to everyone regardless of religion.

If you want other religions to respect you, you got to respect them first. I’m upset that these sort of case happens in this modern era where people should be rational and civilized. I am required to study Islamic Institution in my university and do I burn down the university because it go against my religion and also forcing me to excessively use the word Allah in my presentation? Would I go haywire when they don’t provide a compulsory subject for Buddhism instead of Islamic? No I won’t because I respect the system and also the Islam religion itself.

That’s all for today. I do realize that this post got a bit too extreme and at the risk of being abused. I just hope this would solve any misunderstanding and help everyone to look at themselves first before hurling insults, threats or abuse at others. When people are not taking any action in criticizing everyone, they would never look at their own mistakes. If you guys able to read until here, do leave a comment regarding your point of view.

Why fight when we can all learn to appreciate the beauty of creation from God?

The Gay Issue


Let’s be honest. Gays are the most discriminated groups of society alongside transsexuals in this modern times. Why lesbians aren’t included? The reason is simple. Most girls would not discriminate against them and just treat them the same but probably a little less closer while most straight guys think they are hot. Gays? Most girls might actually find them affectionate and would not even bother with them while majority of the straight guys felt that the existence of gay men just tainted their entire history of manhood.

To tell the truth, I had little clue why gay men are gays. After a short discussion with Grey Ang and also discussions with several gay online friends of mine, I come to realize that they came with the conclusion that they are born that way. They are born with the natural sexual preference over the male species rather than female. Explanation? They don’t really know it too. Some of them just couldn’t get a hard on by the sight of women’s breasts and some even to the stage where they nauseate over the sight of women’s privates. While me thinking the greatest invention of God has got to be the women’s breast, Hell, I would even set a religion and worship them, they just would not share the same idea as me.

I would list down several factors on why most gay men remain they way they are. Just in case anyone of you thinking that gay men are born that way, there are many cases where a complete straight guy or bisexual turn into full gay mode. I even heard of a story where the gay dude used to be a player where he did ONS with women, orgy and so one but in the end just turn into gay men. Reasons of transformation? Read below for a not-so-accurate-but-most-probably-true reasonings for most case.

1. Women are nothing but trouble
Same goes for the men hating lesbians psychology, most gay men just find getting into a relationship with women are far too troublesome. Demanding and yet ever emotional women might just scare them away from getting into a relationship with women. Face it. Guys are far less demanding as most of them would be happy if they frequently get a blowjob. Guys don’t really demand shoes, clohes, jewellery and we rarely forces our partner to do something that they do not like unless it’s sexual. Being in a relationship with guy, the gay partner would knew exactly how to keep the guy happy.

2. Blowjobs will always be better
A guy definitely know what a guy wants. Whether the way the tongue flick or the motion of doing it, we guys know best and I am not limiting to gays only. It’s not a myth that when most girls give a blowjob, we often felt teeth. Or the grasping motion made our little brother way too uncomfortable. We guys know them all and so gays would often be able to do what’s best as they had a tool for their own. It’s just the same as how we guys do not understand the feel of girls getting into orgasms. Besides that, men are usually more open with sex as we do not really involved much emotional factors as women did.

Is homosexuality a sin?

I would not say that gay relationship is not a emotional affair but in fact I think it is far more straining than a normal guy-girl relationship. The biggest problem is definitely not the normal disagreement between partners but the emotional pressure from the society and family members. Even in these modern times, the society had a hard time accepting gay members. To them, it is against the order of nature and also it clashes with religious teachings and moral values.

If we come to think of it, homosexuality is not exactly a sin like most people assume to be. As most of them are born naturally that way, is it their fault that their nature differs from the norm? Like I said earlier, most gay men would not find a woman sexually or emotionally appealing to them. Isn’t forcing them to be straight is the one against the law of nature? Would most straight guys have sex with a 90 years old grandmother? It is not against the law of nature then why hesitate right? Would most people find having sex with a dog is fine? What if having sex with a woman is like having sex with a dog for the gay men? Would you have sex with a dog if I said it is religiously rightful and morally correct?

Determining whether are you gay

According to Grey Ang, he said that each gays have this sense called the gaydar where they can sense gay men around them. When I said I did not have the ability to do so, he said that I’m just not gay enough. Good to hear that. Hahahaha. I would not know how to exactly detect a gay man around me but I happen to chance upon this picture which shows a simple way of determining are you gay or not.

Wanna see mine?

Obviously my ring finger is longer than my index finger. This method could actually work. XD

The Stereotype

There is this one stereotype that I would like to share with you readers. I’m not exactly an anti-gay person as I believe they should have their own social rights. However, I’m quite unhappy with them at times. Why? Because most of them are *&^*(*&@#*$@- good looking. When you guys do not want women, women comes to you. I had known several female friends who definitely have the hots for gays. This isn’t fair at all you know? Of coz I know that gays had to be extra good looking as they not only need to compete among gay men but also with girls for the affection of a guy. Plus, it had been implanted into our brains that gays are not only good looking, but they had a fucking awesome body as well. Talk about fairness.

See my point? They are not only good lood looking but they had good bodies as well. I saw many gays actually went over to gym while holding hands. What the fuck. Ladies, I would like to clarify this. Most gay men had muscles toned bodies but that doesn’t mean they are the best option k? REAL MACHO STRAIGHT GUYS ARE LIKE THIS!!!
The caricature above is an illustration of the current macho me with my new hairstyle as well. That’s all for now. I hope some readers would post some comments regarding how they felt about gay. This post might sound a bit strange in the content. Probably coz i felt very clueless about this topic and looking at guys pics is not really my cup of tea. Signing off.

Cursing And Its Advantages


WARNING: This post contains various terms not suitable for minor or the faint hearted
I’ve been well known as a serial curser. It’s hard to even imagine a day without me spewing any foul words such as “fuck” or anything similar to that. I’ve been endlessly reminded how foul I sound and how unpleasant my friends felt being around me. Well, I guess it’s a bit selfish of me not to consider much about their feelings but do I really need to care when they don’t care much about mine. Hmmm….I wonder.

Back then in our younger days, we felt that it is cool to curse due to the continuous influence of Hong Kong movies and also Hollywood movies. For God’s sake, watch some Malay movies then your kids would not think that way. I guess many can feel that seeing a young boy as young as 9 years old spewing out words like Tiu Nia Mah or Fuck, we would often laugh as they remind us of our younger self and how stupid they look instead of looking cool.

To me, cursing is more of a form of language art rather than meaningless rants. The small kids did not know how to use it and that’s why they look stupid and sound stupid. Some people might think that I too look stupid when I curse but mind you, you are the one who misunderstood about my art and concept of cursing. There are many ways of cursing in an appropriate way and many will agree to the several advantages that I’m soon gonna list out. If some of you are rather uncomfortable with curse words, I recommend you to stop reading right now and do something more worthwhile like watching Teletubbies.

1. It properly portray stages of emotion
When you are angry, how do you tell some one off? There might be several ways of communicating nicely to that person but then how often do you succeed? Some idiots just won’t get it and they will never will because of the things you said doesn’t properly portrays your feelings. If you say you wanna be good and do not wanna offend that particular person, then go ahead and let him continue offending you. If you care for them, doesn’t mean they will care for you. Take for example, this situation.

A guy keeps on teasing and annoying you while you are handling something very important way. How will you respond?
The Holy Angel who is destined for Heaven(HA)
Please do not disturb me. I’m handling something important and I would like some private time alone to concentrate. Would you be so kind not to bother with me awhile? I will get back to you after I’m done.
Most Likely Consequence
Since, that guy is such an annoying idiot, I reckon he will linger awhile more just to pissed you off may be by saying “Wah, you so hardworking meh?” or “Haiya, don’t pretend pretend la…”

KNNBCCB…You fucking blind cannot see me busy ah? Fuck off before I rip your fucking balls off your nut sack. Fucking brainless idiot.
Most Likely Consequence
Shut up and run off while guarding his balls. Will not ever disturb me anymore although it might ruin the relationship. Who needs a friend who is such a retard?

2. To make something lame to sound so much better.
To me, foul words are the most bombastic words ever. It could make a lame sounding sentence to a very convincing and interesting statement. Let me ask you guys this, who usually got your attention the most be it the most annoying or most interesting? A curser or a good mouthed goodie? The answer is always the one who curse. Vulgar words as a much needed exaggeration at times to make things simply goes your way. This is another case study to prove my point.

Coming out with an excuse of being late. Idea courtesy of Butterfly.
Sorry guys, I was stuck in the traffic jam. Real sorry.
Most Likely Consequence
They would just either brush it as an excuse and ignore it. They might accept it but none will pay attention to it.

CB…The traffic damn fucking jam just now. Dunno why the fuck no traffic light also so bloody jam. Fucking hate this shit man…
Most Likely Consequence
The rest of the guys join in and curse the traffic even though it never really did happen. They are not only convinced, they are INTO it. Notice that there is no apology needed for this statement as it doesn’t sounds like your fault anymore.

3. A form of catalyst to enhance the humor of a reaction, situation or conversation
This is a trick usually used by many film makers especially Singapore’s Jack Neo. He’s is well known for instilling Hokkien foul words in order to make his movies way much funnier. You guys got to admit you can’t just stop laughing at all the jokes regardless how foul they seem. Even in a conversation, the usage of foul words could greatly enhance the conversation value. Admit it guys, those who had been my friend, which one of you haven’t laugh at me using certain vulgar words to make my point or reaction? I had several uni mates laughing their monkey ass off every time uses the word KNN. Take for example, how you guys would react to this statement.

A: Dude, you saw that hot chick over there? I just bang her last night. *grins*
Wow, she’s a fine deal. Although I do not agree to such a vulgar topic but I think you have a reason to be happy.
Most Likely Consequence
Your friend thinking you might be gay.

WHAT THE FUCK??? How come such a fuck face like yours can get such a hot chick? Is she fucking blind or drunk during that time? Dude, you got to fucking pray to the God Of Sex for this bounty or you’ll be cursed never to get laid again.
Most Likely Consequence
The conversation gets more detailed into how he got lucky and the conversation is always filled with spice especially when you mentioned how his fucked up face could get so lucky. He will elaborate on how they meet and how the sparks started. Why is this important? So, you will know the trick of getting such chick in the future, you dumbass.

4. Cursing a good way of releasing stress
Let’s be honest. As an adult, I bet there are surely several times where you had no other choice to simply blurt out a few foul language either intentionally or unintentionally. I believe cursing actually helps us to release stress. Why do we sometimes could not control ourselves but to curse? Our mental stress is building up which affects our emotion and also rationality hence we would not be able to control our actions anymore. When you are unable to contain certain emotions such as happiness, sadness or even anger, we often unconsciously let our actions took control. When we were surprised, we yelled and scream even before we knew it. We cry when we are sad. Do all these actually had gone through rational consideration? The answer is no because that’s the way our mind and body letting out excessive emotion outburst. Tell me which of these situations below would make you feel better. Let’s consider this.

A guy cheats you with another girl who happens to be your best friend.
It’s fine. *sobs* They are *sobs* in love and* I should *sobs* give them *sobs* my blessings. *sobs*
I’m very disappointed in the both of you. I wanna express my anger over here by words and not action. You both will receive divine punishment. Someday.
Most Likely Consequence
They are not entirely disturbed at all and won’t give a nut shit about you.

Me(In this case, a girl)
Most Likely Consequence
They two would get mentally disturbed. Do this by telling it to everyone. I wonder how they suffer. The reason I uses a two-timing guy instead of a girl in this situation is to let some of you know this had nothing to do with my personal life or in reference to my last betrayal filled relationship.

There are many more reasons why cursing is actually good to me. I just got to avoid this long post from becoming a novel. In a nutshell, curse more and you end up happier with no retards will bother your work, able to convince ppl successfully, able to converse better and could let ppl know you are not easily bullied. How about you guys try to comment and list out several reasons why cursing is good/bad. Signing off. To those who disagree to my point, I’m so sorry to offend you but fuck you. XD

P.S: Although there are a lot of advantages for me in cursing, I still felt cursing towards respected people are way low-life. Cursing should be a form of art properly used. If you do not know how to use them, it just shows you are rude and stupid.

The Path of Designs Part 1


Some of you might aware that I’m a design student majoring in Industrial Design in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia despite my awfully lack of photoshopped pictures or own customized blog layout. The reason I’ve been in hiatus for a week is because of rushing my design projects. Now it’s the time where I will proudly present to you the finest works of the final year undergraduates Industrial Designs in UTM. I only blog about those few that I think impressive since there are over 90plus works over there, It’s gonna take more than a few bloody blog page to post them all.

Sean Choo Fook Sin

Being a great mentor to me for several occasions although I still miles behind him, it’s naturally that his works always come out as one of the best.

When humans often seek for the best home with the best interior, we should not be forgetting our fellow mother nature as well. The Vein is an aesthetically designed home for flowers or plants which not only help provide an attractive outlook for them but also helping gardening lovers to ease their work. Worries of getting an aesthetically pot for indoor gardening are no longer an issue with this design and it could not only appeal towards gardening lovers but also people who just appreciate a good decorative piece of accessory.

The functionality of this design I’ll directly quote from one of our senior’s comment on facebook as I’m lazy to explain everything again and he explains them pretty well too.

“u see those rods like thgy thr? they function like shovel to loosen up soil and also to guide the circular thgy (compression springs) which are attached to the white sculpture..
basically, water plays an important role here as weight to bring sculpture down to indicate that the plants has got enough resources (with assumption that the soil has got fixed mass)..
so whn the water level went down, there is reduction in amount of weight whereby the springs unload and the white sculpture moves up, giving indication that it’s time the plant needs to be watered..”-Kinhee (SRI God)

Liau Chong How(not the girl)

He is one of our top students, so it is not surprising that his works are equally impressive. Despite his unnaturally extreme case of “kap siao-ness”, his works display a total opposite of his character.

Perhaps one of the best gifts ever created by God is shelter. The earliest form of shelter came from Mother Nature such as trees, caves, stones and many more. With the urban lives developing fast, more and more high rise buildings were erected with the comparable speed and amount of erections created by Megan Fox. As the town gets more developed, the more pollution and the fewer trees there are in our environment. With a spark of inspiration, this following bus stop was designed. This bus stop design is meant to create awareness among the urbanites regarding the environment. The bus stop is designed with sustainable materials and also a solar panel on its roof to create lighting in the shelter. Let’s just say this is a friendly and cool reminder of the urbanites about the importance of environmental friendliness. Let the cultivation of awareness begins…

I had to put this sketching done by Chong How after seeing how good it is.

Chong How: Want to sketch like me? Read my thesis la….

That’s all for Part 1. Posting too many designs will be unnecessary and there will be more to come in the next few posts. Enjoy. Please leave a comment so that my fellow friends and seniors will be appreciated. Feedbacks regarding the designs are highly recommended as requested by them.

Reasons Why Ris Low Should Be Respected


The former Miss Singapore 2009 had been in a lot of controversies and is driving Singaporeans mad. Everyone has been commenting how bad her English was and what a bad image she portrays for Singapore especially with her credit card fraud incident. However, there are several things that many did not noticed about Ris Low. This post I will specially highlight several things I noticed and actually respecting them regarding Ris Low. Please watch the video before continue reading if you people had not seen these videos.

1. Invention of the word “Boomz” and “Shingz”

Come one, you guys had to admit from her first interview for Razor TV and also Shan and Roz show, you guys had been laughing and may be at the slightest chance of mocking Ris Low by using these two words. How often do people come out with new words? This achievement already put her on the bloody same rank with William Shakespeare who invented over 1700 words commonly used includes the words “assasination” and “eyeball”. If you can’t invent a word daily used by everyone, you are just nowhere good enough with your creativity. Go bang against the wall after realizing you are stupider than her.

2. Her guts

You got to admit that Ris Low has guts or even hiding some balls of steel of her own by using the word KNNBCCB in this interview. She is carrying the Singaporeans’ image even after being stripped off the title and yet she did that. RESPECT!!!

3. Proving stupidity can bring you success

Bad pronounciation of the words red, zebra prints etc can land you a fully sponsorshipped English lessons. Enough said. She is currently more than many white collar workers by being stupid. Or may be she’s clever to pretend to be stupid in order to gain more money. Hm….I wonder…

4. Her looks to kill

To be honest, I still thinks the first and second runner-up for Miss Singapore 2009 are way hotter and better looking than her in terms of face and body. That’s why I was wondering for days why she won until I found out this. She defines the term “looks can kill” literally. Why?

By wearing this black “bikini” (it looks like a fucking bra to me no matter how I look at it) to meet her future mother-in-law, I bet she is planning not to have one in the future. Any future mother-in-laws will die from vomitting too much blood upon meeting a future daughter-in-law who came to the house with only a bra or bikini top. This isn’t some pool party unless she is planning to seduce her future mother-in-law into some kinky threesome. And she still wonders why she is single.

Shan commented in the video that the outfit could be worn to funerals and I applaud him for his sarcasm. Ris Low will be either killing much more people in the funeral, bringing certain “organs” to live or try and hopefully able to bring the dead back to live or scaring the living hell out of the ghosts.

5. Very efficient motivator

Seeing her interviews, I think many will curse and mock her by saying “That standard also can win Miss Singapore ah? I also better than her la…”. Hence, many will feel that they are better than her and deserve better. I knew many people who now have confidence in the English they are using now. LOL

That’s all from me this time. This is not really an interesting or funny post to me as I just post it up as a reminder that something that looks terrible, sounds terrible might not be so terrible after all.

Sushi King Big Bowl Challenge Owned


I bet most of you guys heard about this Big Bowl Challenge by Sushi King which you need to finish this fucking-oversize-humongous-bowl-of-mee. I bet a lot of bloggers blog about this and even tried for this almost impossible feat. I know my post is kinda late but is better late than never. Well, how many could seriously finish that big bowl of shit within the time limit of 10 minutes and not to mention including finishing up the 1.5 litre of hot steaming soup?

I bet many had failed in this conquest and paid the consequences of overcharged bowl of mee while a rare few suceeded in getting some free meal. Let’s get to my main point and let me introduce this challenger, Soon Lam San.

Not me of course, I am not really a big fan of their mee. Soon Lam San is my senior in UTM and he had made quite a name for being a big eater. Let’s see how he can cope with this task, shall we?



Saw the smoky hot mee?

Going for the soup!!

Clean bowl with 4 minutes 21 seconds left…Monsters do exists

This dude finishes the bloody bowl of mee including the 1.5 litre of soup in 5 MINUTES 39 SECONDS which is 4 MINUTES 21 SECONDS to spare. He set the record time to finish it in Mahkota Parade, Melaka Notice that besides that bowl of soup, his bloody cup of green tea with unlimited amount of refill. I bet this fella is gonna stand around laughing at the noobs who couldn’t even finish on time.

Quick facts about Soon Lam San:
1. Devour 9 pieces of chicken and 2 and a half bottle of chilli sauce in KFC at one time right in front of me. Take note that there’s no chicken wings and only one drumstick in it.
2. 3 packs of maggie mee and a burger ayam double special(2 piece of meat and eggs)
3. Then 2 more pack of maggie for supper
4. Went to McDonald’s buffet ate the burgers, chickens and nuggets worth more than double the price he paid for the buffet.
5. 3 fillet o fish burgers, 1 large set of frie chicken, not to mention the ice cream
6. Midnight 3 am supper of one regular set of fried chicken, one regular set mcdeluxe, 2 apple pies which i ordered for him and he eventually got sore throat the next day
7. Religiously consume 2 set of different meals for dinner
8. Eating all that and still claim to had lost weight this semester….fuck me….
9. His brother and uncle too finished the task around 8 minutes..talk about heritage

Since he finished it in record time, I guess Sushi King would put up this banner whenever such challenge came to play to exhibit his success.

While they are at it, might as well set up on every buffet restaurant to avoid bankruptcy. Take this as a note, he do not need free meals to get by his day and he’s not a cheapskate anyway. Did anyone beat his time? If yes then please tell me.

Tribute to All Asian Poser And Camwhores


I saw this video posted by SY in his facebook and I think the video is worth sharing among people especially camwhores and posers. I think this was specially made for fun and also it is a great production.

While waiting for the mockumentary video to load finish, these are the few screenshots from the video.

First of all, why the fuck would some very very chinese looking dude came with such a Mexican or Spanish sounding name Dr. Julio Gonzalez. This point had got me highly interested in the works of Wong Fu Production.

Presenting the Cute Girls Indicator(CGI) which is a team specially made to analyze new poses. I seriously think they add the nerd looking guy to make the other 4 girls much cuter. When Dr. Julio mentioned “Oh, we got cute guys too”, I think he meant “Oh, we got gay-looking-weird-batang-homosapiens-to-make-the-girls-more-cute too.”

The PPA-M GLFP (PPA-Medium Gay Like Fuck Pose)

See what I mean? The guy is just being placed as a joke in the video at times but thanks to him, the video seriously got me laughing my ass off while drooling over those cute girls. I seriously salute him for the bravery unless he really does pose like that then I’m speechless. For those who do not know what PPA-M means, watch the video and you will know. I encountered many posers and I think I’m one too occasionally, I should make a parody of this via pictures.

Wonder if anyone understand the joke behind this picture.

First off, introducing the LAI crew which stands for Lame Ass Indicator. From me clockwise would be Sean, Heng, Soon and Jasmine. Oh yeah, just like the video, we have a cute girl a.k.a the-cutie-which-makes-the-rest-of-the-assholes-looks-even-more-like-crap girl. You see, it’s necessary to have an element like that in order to make the rest of us outstand.

PPA-CU SP (Slapped Pervert)

Considering the high molestation and rape cases in Malaysia, I think it is better for all the guys to get a picture with this pose taken. Why? The victim can easily recognized these people even if they got away and poster like these should be made.

PPA-CU MFS (Middle Finger Salute)

I truly do not understand how did the mockumentary could missed out the middle finger salute which could be one of the most used pose besides the V sign. This is my most used pose in camwhoring be it in group or solo. *Gentlemen….. SALUTE* Flashes middle finger and yelled F-U

PPA-M PE(Photoshop Enchanced)

Nowadays, a pose considered incomplete without editting with Adobe Photoshop either by adding a background, removing the pimples, removing black eyes, enchancing breast, ass or dick, etc. If the girl is cute, poses cutely, adding background to enhance it is good in order to lure perverted uncles to eventually play facebook.

PPA-M BGP (Ball Grabbing Pose)

From the ‘V’ sign, evolution had taken place and soon posing with props to send certain message. What do the above picture means? It means this is how I grab boobs with a do-you-like-it face. And the pose can mean, I can handle BIG coz I like it BIG.

PPA-W CM(Cocky Musician)

It doesn’t matter whether you can play the guitar or not. Having a guitar and pose like a cocky bastard will tends to get attention either from the females or pissed off buggers that will kick you in the balls. This picture shows that even a lame ass guy can look quite ok as long as you are holding something make which makes you look smaller.

PPA-M SIITH(Stick It Into The Hole)

What proves to be more dramatic than the middle finger salute if not by having a corresponding gesture to it. A stick and a hole is an upgrade from the middle finger salute that can be done by 2 person. Doing it solo means you fuck yourself, or having too many sticks or hioles doesn’t sound right. Ignore how gay the two of us looks because I could not find any female willing to pose like that with me. I hope this doesn’t further disgust the girls.

PPA-W FPCJ (Fat People Can Jump)

What other better ways to pose than posing in a manner that no one will expect you to pose or even expect you to be able to do it?

PPA-M FPCF (Fat People Can Fly)

Soon: I believe I can fly~~I believe I can touch the sky~~I don’t care or mind how gay I looks~~spread my arms and bombs away~~

PPA-M SF(Shitting Face)

Enough with all the cute poses and faces. The IN thing is making the faces you make while shitting in the toilet. The expression projects out more feelings and is a face that everyone will made while baking chocolate cake.

PPA-M ECWNSCF (Enhancing Cuteness With Not-So-Cute Face)

It’s been a well known fact that in order to look good, you got to hang out with people who aren’t. What makes you think that the good looking chicks will hang around with bad looking chicks. the world is plastic and people are killing the world by this trick. Humans are the best props available. Guys don’t really pick the look of their mates because most of us are shits anyway and even bad looking bastards can got smoking hot sexy chicks. This phenomena can be observed a lot in Kuala Lumpur.

PPA-W SIL (Suck it, Losers)

1. Sean: The fuck face with crossed hands which is to tell losers that they can’t touch him
2. Soon: Very bloody cocky face facing upwards to tell them that he is the best
3. Heng: A big Prop over the privates which means “My dick and balls are bigger than yours, so just beat it.”
4. Me: Have you ladies seen anything this FINE before? Never mind the 3 losers beside me

PPA-M FOAAP(Face Of An Actual Pervert)

How to look and pose like a real pervert? Have a cute girl blindfolded to enhance your pervertisme while opening your eyes and mouth wide wide like a bloody maniac. *Somebody call 911, there’s a sick bastard in UTM*

PPA-M FGPP (Fucking Geli Pondan Pose)

I could not think of a better picture to end this post and also to redeem all the bad deeds I’ve done. This is the one picture than can make the 3 of the guys to forgive me and prevent myself from getting run over by a Toyota Fortuner, a motorcycle, being kicked in the balls by a girl or actually being “fendomized” by Ah Hee’s pupil. This pose was to show you that if you wanna show fucked up pose of others, get one of yourself out in order to prevent misfortune.

I never purposely took any pic for this post(including the last pic) because it would then be very unnatural and the fun is all gone. That’s all from me this time,. Please click on my ads or leave a comemnt before leaving. I hope I do not get my virgin ass targetted by any unneccesary humans or being labelled as a sicko by girls. I’m the greatest guy there is so please do not let my market value drop.

P.S: If I eventually still get run over by a Toyota Fortuner, a red motorcycle with AEH on the number plate, kicked in the balls by a girl or fendomized the “Ah Hee’s Style”…I hope any faithful readers to report this matter to the police and show them this post. The culprits are all here.

Unwiped Ass Fetish????


It makes me happy whenever people comes visit my blog to read my craps. Getting people to comment over my posts is more than happy, it makes me proud. Getting strangers to comment and read my blog….truly fantastic. One of my best friends Wai Ken often reminded me how posts with many words usually drives people away from my blog. I too agree to his statement but I do know that there will be a lot of people who is just like me who like to read long posts as well.

However, there is this particular thing that makes me dumbfounded and speechless. I do not know whether to laugh my ass off, scream in disgust or close down my blog indefinitely. I was looking through FEEDJIT tracks for people who visits my blog. Basically, I wanted to know what type of people usually come across my blog and I discover THIS….

Look carefully at the second line..

A clearer view

Why the fuck my blog will come out in search result for UNWIPED ASS FETISH?? Why would someone in the right mind to categorized my post under fetish porn site and of all fetish, UNWIPED ASS!!! This RM1 story seriously need some reviewing for I do not remember typing the word “UNWIPED”, “ASS”, and “FETISH” linked together….I am not surprised if people found my blog by searching for shits-cleaning-aunty-fetish but not unwiped ass. For those who might somehow be blurring, unwiped ass fetish meant that people who get turn on by looking at ass with shits on it.

These people lived in the world where toilet papers are taboo and smelly ass is the ‘IN’ thing.

Nice to know people that surfs porn eventually end up in my blog….I do not know whether to be happy or to knock my head to the wall..May be I should blog about shit-eating-fetish, should I?
There is such porn available over the internet AND DON’T ASK HOW I KNOW ABOUT IT? I DO NOT HAVE THAT FETISH……

Long Bitching Pt 1


I had to delayed my supposed blog to further dates due to my tight schedule. I am busy and that is VERY BLOODY FUCKING busy…. I had to let out my stress in this post.. I feel i had to… I really had to… I’m gonna rant, insult and complain and it’s not going to be pretty…

1. Complain 1
First of all, i would like to stress again…I AM VERY BLOODY FUCKING BUSY…. You people do not believe me then just keep your mouth shut and i don’t care..you wanna doubt me then go ahead…I don’t fucking care but if you wanna doubt me and deliberately do it in front of me then you are not getting on my good side at all… I absolutely hate it when ppl do not believe how busy i am, it’s just that you don’t bloody enrolled in Industrial Design in UTM.. Lack of sleep and heavy workload…which SRI students never experienced it before? Even parasites that never do any work also experienced the same torture…If you wanna take into account that you slept at 2 and then boast that you too lack of sleep then fuck you..you never tasted what is like to sleep 2 hours max per day for a few days straight…I never understand why exam-based students need to complain and sometimes boast how stressful they are and even said i have an easy life here(coz i need not face that much books)…well i challenged anyone who think like that for a duel..The conditions are as below:

1. Try to take a can of putty open it near you and leave it for a few days…
2. Try sanding that bloody putty’s surface until it became glossy enough
3. Try using tonnes of spray cans for a few days
4. Try applying putty and try to get it even (one of the most fucking hard thing to do)
5. Try to sleep 2 hours a day while doing this (i never even put in don’t sleep at all)
6. Try doing your bloody 3d modelling while doing this
7. Try writing your report while doing this
8. Try preparing for exam while doing this
9. Try preparing your panel while doing this
10. LAST of all, PREPARE your hardwork to be Critisized and insulted during your presentation

Do this for 1 week, and you still think thatstudying your books late every night is more hectic and stressful, then i would gladly exchange course with you and even pay you for it…Anyone up for challenge?

And i hate it when people complain that they are lack of sleep when all they did was watching dramas or shows till late at night or even gaming….You people are very ignorant and never tasted the bitter part of life..

And i absolutely do not understand why people will question me when i said i’m busy…Is it because i used to be fucking lazy? comments like….”busy still online?” “busy still can surf net?” “busy still can watch show?” Why can’t i do that? those entertainments are for short term, I dun bloody facebook for 3 hours? You might see me online in facebook 24/7 but look at my activities for God’s sake…look at the time…the ranging and random and not continuous time…Busy cannot rest awhile? It’s the same as eating or sleeping when busy? Why don’t you just don’t eat or sleep until your work is done? if your work can only be completed in a week’s time then why not don’t sleep or eat or even drink for a week? I need to release my stress and worries by facebooking once awhile and watch some shows…the shows i watch is only for awhile then pause then continue my work…SHOOT ME FOR DOING THAT……….

To those people (note that i say people not person which means not only 1 who say that) who has been really ignorant then please research on my course or even interview designers for it..you think it’s damn easy to study this design course? Take up my challenge..I even save you the trouble of researching and designing…

2.Complain no.2
Every sem i’ve been blessed with “wonderful” group member that could entirely screwed me upside down…Last sem, i had this group member, S who entirely screwed up my project. S never did anything like i ask her to and her constant complaints about how long her bloody com need to render a few seconds animation….a few hours for 3 secs? Do she seriously thinks i’m dumb? Please take note that her cpu is only a week old and had a Quad Core processor in it with 4GB ram…My computer took less than an hour to render a 3 sec animation and my com is only a Core 2 Duo with 2GB ram… Conclusion?
Intel had better step up in their processors’ develepment as C2D had tremendously overpowered C4Q…
I had asked my senior to help me render my animation with his Quad Core com and he took less than 20 minutes to do so…WOW, magic!!
I shouldn’t jump into conclusion yet, S might be good in doing her animation, in terms of motion, lighting, materials etc etc…which explains the amount of time she need…I only got her work less than a minute before my presentation and wow…she overestimated me for being able to combine these shits in a few secs..the next thing i know? She’s on the way back to Melaka which means it’s down to me and my other group member to present our stuff…I checked her stuff with great expectation and hoping S could prove me wrong with her works…One word to describe her work…
I seriously cannot believe her works….It’s so unbelievable terrible that i really wanted to strangle her to death….Although I’m not expecting anything good from her but it seems i had OVERestimated her…..I’m serious about this…The flaws? Not even a minute long for total animation which is the minimum requirement for each member to do, not according to the storyline, No linkage between scenes, nothing good about it, No movement, It’s terrible enough to make me blow my top and good enough for many people to laugh at it….The only thing that stop me from screwing her is that I do not want to talk or see her anymore…To make things worse is she do not even wanna apologise and even had the guts to act as though nothing had happened…If you are reading this, I do not need your apology or any shits….if you do not have the guts to admit and talk to me about then then you are really worthless..

This sem, another group member like that…..Damn, all thse people should be grouped together to see how sucks can they be… If you happens to read this too…Insult me for being mean with my words but i have the rights to do so… You do not need to do 3d modelling and GA and help out with the modelling and cut wood in this bloody group project.. I could forgive turning up late for meeting or work for 30 minutes…but an hour? 3 hours? you don’t bloody live 200 km away and you just live about 200 meters away…Turning up when everybody had finished their work, not apologising and still act ignorant about it? As soon as i grad i will give each of these assholes a piece of my mind…I don’t bloody care what you need to say or insult…..You only do design report and how about exchanging workload?

WORSE of all, when she turns up, she puts up such disinterested and ignorant outlook…the only thing that holds back my punches is I don’t hit girls…..if there are anyone who thinks that i wrongly judged her, here’s a newsflash…I”M NOT THE ONLY ONE..Juniors, coursemates from other sections….AM i being a little too sensitive? Fuck people who thinks so…try having her in your group…I wonder can you all really bear with all this..

That’s all for part 1, I wasted much time doing this…Time to hit back to my 3D modelling…I will definitely continue this….

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