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Recently I’m so into reading blogs…not just your average blog from average people (n0 offense to those who took it seriously), i began reading blogs from famous bloggers. I wanted to know what made them so successful and famous. The difference is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo obvious from my blog…Let’s just say my blog is FUCKING DULL AND BORING…… haha may be it’s due to the layout…

May be it’s the bloody dull lay out and almost pictureless display (saved by David Southwell’s book cover) (T.T) and then i realise that my paragraphs are too long.. No one will ever bother reading these shits if it’s too long…even I do not felt encouraged to do so…It’s just so pathetic..I might have some contents to blog about but i do not think i have the visual advantage here (so much for being an industrial design student)..

Currently i have a very good blog material and for me it’s a BLOODY MUST for people to read them….although i never did care if people ead my blog or not but i really want them to read the blog i’m about to post..hopefully next week..I’m totally motivated tro blog as good as bloggers like Xiaxue (I love her blog materials for their hilarious and truthful contents). Although sometimes I do not agree with her certain point of views but i still found her blog amazing…Go to the site xiaxue.blogspot.com…i particularly love the posts on Phone Sex and Certainly NOT Dull..I’ve thought of asking Xiaxue tips on getting her blog so good but I just don’t think a blogger like her will waste time telling me how to..Unlike David Southwell, till now I still felt happy that a famous writer like him will eventually pay attention to a nobody’s blog like mine..

This posts is just to release my sudden urge of blogging and nothing else in particular…I might be getting too lazy to blog and most probably because I did too many report writing this sem until it makes me puke….ARGHHH i so fucking hate doing irrelevant reports especially my Institusi-instituse Islam course…why the fuck I am a bloody Buddhist that don’t even read on Buddhism must study on Islamic…It’s just don’t go right..I thought Islamic religion should respect the freedom of taking up religion..this sort of things are like forcing it on us…DAMN


I think that’s all for now…further typing will hence delay my studies on principle of marketing test for tomorrow, ergonomics report, and islamic presentation tomorrow…yes..ISLAMIC PRESENTATION…..FUCKKKK i hate doing stuff i dun understand………..

Secrets And Lies


Well actually i had bought this book entitled “Secrets and Lies” by David Southwell, a retired well-known journalist. In this book, he exposed lots of secrets behind the US government that are unknown to public, false reports, secrets of many Hollywood stars and many more. Articles that are contained in them are example of how JFK became the president of United States due to faulty votes, the actual facts about a dinosaur named Brontosaurus, JFK’s brain is missing, a secret society that many US presidents were in etc. Well basically it is quite a fun book to read and those who are interested in these kind of conspiracies and secrets, you should love this book.

Anyway, i’m not promoting about this book but just to let you people know where the post’s inspirations came from. When i read the large segment by David Southwell, he had revealed the world’s biggest lie and biggest secret of all time. The world’s biggest lie is that YOU do not have the power to make a difference and the world’s biggest secret is that despite knowing the biggest lie, why we did not act upon it.

How splendidly written and true about this statement. It just struck me that a mere human like even myself could manage if i put effort into it. History had painted many big names such as John F. Kennedy, Adolf Hitler, Gandhi or even Tun Mahathir or even Elvis…They are just normal individuals and yet they accomplished what many had look upon to. Why did no one really act upon the injustice they noticed? HOW many actually went for it? MALAYSIAN STYLE = WE SEE, WE PRETEND TO IGNORE, LIFE GOES ON……..practically i dun mean all malaysians are like this but most of them this is what i noticed.. Particularly rubbish dumpsite which i mentioned in my previous post that ironically usually comes with a ‘no-throwing-rubbish-sign’ with them. How far to the extend is our short-sighted than we can’t see such simple sign? No wonder there are so many shops like England Optic since business must be good. Even if we noticed injustice or crime taken place, how many had act upon them? Take as an example our last general election. Many did not vote becoz they do not think tha merely one vote makes a difference.

Even if you guys read this post but will anyone do anything about it? Will anyone who lead a normal life will dare to go up against a powerful politician? THERE ARE even polices that did not dare to take down a sodomy report against a politician. We do not know what each and everyone of us can do and hence we just leave like it is or let the nature run its own course. I might be talking about all this but at this rate may be i’m contributing at least a bit effort in hopefully affecting some readers who might actually read my blog. How far along do we need to keep this lie and how long will we need in order to overcome the secret. If there are people who really see my point, you guys will be amazed by realizing what we could actually do individually. Take for example David Southwell, he took risk in exposing secrets and lies unknown to many and this could lead to the arrests of CIA. Although he did refrain himself from exposing too much but he actually did play with fire in order to may be motivate certain readers or curious bastards like myself with his book and writings. So do anyone here dare to play with fire?

That’s all for now It’s only a short post unlike my previous one. Anyway before i sign off, i would like to state the purpose of my blog page. This blog is meant for me to express myself and what i think and i do not expect anyone to read it all. Basically the style of my blog can be derived from my title itself. LITERATURE = Something that might bore the shit out of someone but at the same time interesting to others. If u expect flashy and “picture-ful” blog page then u might be looking at the wrong blog page. I do wish people whould read my stuff and would be happy if anyone leave me a comment but honestly i dun really think that will happen. Most people will be bored after reading few sentences and I would not be bothered by it. This is a place for me to release my thinking and not to entertain readers as much as i could. That’s all for now. TQ SIGNING OUT~~~~~~



Let’s just face it.It IS bloody impossible to save our society. It is now easier to find a bad apple in the basket rather than a good one. what could possible lead to this impossibility? Mass media? Internet? Movies? Music? Bla…bla…bla.. Every can play the BLAME GAME and everyone LOVES to be in it the game. Proving ownself innocent then judging others guilty and the cycle will forever be circling round and round and right back to the start. Can anyone see the common factor in all this bullshit? HUMANS..That’s right. You can deny all you want but the shit will just come back to us.

Why our society’s morale integrity used to be in such high level? Why we cannot learn from the past to apply in the present to build a better future? EASY. Family education and society’s role model are no more as effective. Can you expect a cigarette-popping father to ask his son or daughter to quit smoking? Or do you expect some foul-mouthed parents wanted to teach their children some politeness and manners? I could only guarantee that these children will definitely find a few “extra vocabularies” for them to use in daily life. Why our society’s Role Model had changed from Mahatma Gandhi to David Beckham? Why? May be they respect him for having such a hot wife to bang but i dunno..

OK, now we look into another factor. Politicians..Do we SERIOUSLY REALLY need to learn from them? Are they really good role models? Corruption, Lies and Scandals..How much of these that we need to taint our history of humanity? From politicians who often sleeps in meeting to sodomizing accusation to sex in the hotel then get busted and the list goes on and on. We don’t need scandals to contaminate the young minds. I bet that the young ones will definitely say that why bother doing wrong things, they do them too. Yes we humans are filled with errors but i do not see such obvious scandals during the 1960’s and so on. Seeing someone swearing on the Holy Book, but what’s the point? What happens if he really does lies? Will the book beat the hell out of the person and make him crap in his pants? Or he will get the suitable punishment when he pass on to a “better” world? Seriously how will we know or will everyone be contended with the assumption he will rot “there” if he lies? Something that is unproven and still a mystery is really SO RELIABLE? I’m not trying to deny the existence of God but isn’t God all-forgiving? Will the crimes be forgiven? There are just too many questions unanswered. The government should really quit playing mind games and being drawn into fighting for power. Instead, do something for our economy and education downfall rather than creating coffee shops talk topic. The general election is over a long time ago but it seems it is far from from over.

Singers, actors, sportsman…bla…bla…Haven’t we seen enough scandals revolving around them? Truly amazing how people expect us to learn things that they could not learn either. Why put the blame on us for social problems such as rape, robbery and so on so on? We the younger generations just did what we are suppose to do. What is it? LEARN. Isn’t that’s what the adults wanted us to do? We LEARN how to watch porn as a divine entertainment. We LEARN how to speak the “proper-adult” language and we LEARNED that the word “FUCK” is the most versatile word of all. We LEARN how to commit crimes to make us survive is this harsh cold world. We LEARN and LEARN and LEARN. YET the blame is on us. That’s the reason why the society cannot be saved. Everyone is doing mistake and at the same time blaming others. YES, very true I’m blaming people now BUT isn’t there a point? We youngsters are arrogant and dumb bastards. We thought everything that is WRONG is COOL and TRENDY. We are so smart that we claim education and examination are useless. WE are so dumb to study hard to score good grades in one of the world’s toughest examination and still not get the courses we wanted whereas those that study in another program with not so good grades end up with the course they wanted. Can we still be saved? We craved for SALVATION but in return we get more and MORE STARVATION.

WE wanted to have sex because we wanted to know what else could our body POSSIBLY do rather than just, eat, breathe, move, sleep and shit. We rob and steal because we wanted to know what is it for being able to survive. Prices of everything goes up but yet our salary remained the same as ever. WE lie in business and claimed it is a tactic that only a master can manipulate. Increasing cost with constant income could only cause us to seek more alternatives. We began to LEARN the “business-trade” in the underworld. If it is wrong to commit crimes to earn money, then why the bloody fuck there is no increase in salary? Our selfishness to continue to survive in this “improving” economy will eventually lead to the downfall of this society. So that’s why we cannot be saved.

SAVE us by throwing free money at us. SAVE us by providing us with free sex toys so we won’t release it on others. SAVE us by providing every countries in the world with government that are willing to sacrifice to save us rather than making profits or filled with corruptions and scandals. HOW far will we go to free this society fro the grip of despair? Can anyone actually do that? WE are not Superman, Wonder Woman or Batman because we lack the superpower abilities and the wealth and also the super power ability or wearing undergarments on the outside. So how can we save ourselves? It is practically impossible and a reality check for those who still hold a faint hope of saving the world and scumbags called human. Everyone lives for themselves and that’s the law we humans had agreed on. We might sacrifice ourselves to save our family, friends, loved ones but will we sacrifice to save the whole world? Can anyone willing to starve to death so that their food can be shared with those who did not eat? Can Brangelina adopt every single children craving for their help?

HOW can we save the society when we cannot even clean the shits in the public toilets? HOW about cleaning the public trash sites that ironically usually comes with a sign “Jangan Buang sampah di sini. Denda….” HOW about letting an ugly kid sing rather than replacing her with some pretty kid who ironically can lip-synch? How about demoting pedophile archbishops or do we actually need to keep them as role model? Promises are made and promises are broken. We had pratically given up the idea of complete salvation among mankind. Loopholes in LAW and Assholes are USING them. This led to the many and many of problems that we had.

That’s all for a piece of my mind that could eventually lead to some unpeaceful thinking. I do not wish to offend anyone in this post as you already had the warining before entering this dump site. XD Anyway do drop a comment. I welcome any criticism and also insults. My computer is practically noob-proof to be able to handle that. =P that’s all fro now…SIGNING OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I dunno what is it to me..It seems that i have lost all the interest to blog about what’s in my mind..Sometimes i realize it doesn’t really matter what i think, there are things that are far more important to be considered..

Anyway, i failed my first project…and then having tremendous task ahead of me in finishing this sem..goodness..how i wish i could slow time or might as well stop it..zzz it’s 1.49 am and my mind is really really blurry of what’s going on…

However i do have several things going on in my mind that i would like to share with my readers..hopefully tomorrow..haha byeez

Moments of truth and despair = priceless


It’s been centuries ago since i last updated this piece of crap..i’m gonna make it more interesting soon when i’m free…life has been busy and hectic..well, the bloody reason i wrote this post is that how unhappy i had become over such a small period..i may not be the type that everyone in the world will like and i ain’t gonna aim for that..my first design project was given last friday..it is a hell of a task to be completed in 2 weeks time..i was truly amazed by certain ppl..well, how fake and falseful they are till the stage that they think they still did the right thing…i know may be my coursemates-chinese or non-chinese alike-will not read my blog..if they do, well just think about what i’m about to deliver here.

During this early stage of design, i fairly think that we all should work together regardless of groupings or races..but supposingly as far as i’m concerned, the hell i see unity and team working among my mates..each and everyone of them just set their eyes on others ideas and researches without offering anything in return..i’m more than willing to discuss together about this subject matter but i’ve seen no equal compensation in return for it…am i being selfish or asking too much for trading information? i simply do not know…it’s been a merry-go-round affair for all i’m concerned..”do u have any ideas for the project?” ‘Erm, kinda had a few mechanism planning out..you?’ “oh, i had no idea, what did u plan?”…like hell i’m gonna letting u take it all without giving any back…may be some of you all did not realise it but it’s way too obvious..what are friends? i believe that we are much more than friends…we are comrades..each n everyone of us wanted to outshine each other n be the best..well, to tell the truth, i do not know how we can be the best without helping each other out..Nokia designers dun work alone? which designer will? who can excel and climb to the top all by themselves? i dun not care about the competition among each other..being competitive is good but there is a fine line between competitive and selfishness..why not we share out research together and then come out with your own design? each and everyone of us need to help each other out and in case u guys neva heard what che tat said..he said, “I’m gonna let you guys choose your own group members, that way i can see what kind of ppl u r”…need a hint? UNITY..i do not know how long will it take them to understand this but as far as i’m concerned..if everyone is gonna be selfish well so am i..i thought that i could share out some useful information that will help a lot but i guess..no point in doing so..i’ll be back for the next post…updating on the project..tata

My own review about the election 2008


Well, may be to some might be surprising that i wrote this..before this, i will be like..”election..what the fuck it got to do with me..BN gonna win anyway..well this time i was dead fucking wrong..Of coz..BN still the government but not getting the 2/3 majority is already a big shock..Bigger shock came from the news that they LOST SELANGOR to PKR????? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON…This got me up and sniff around the newspaper hoping for some enlightment..

For starters, the main reason they lost is due to the VOICE OF THE SILENT MAJORITY of the society..especially the younger generation like myself..Let’s face it BN,most of you are too arrogant and had overlooked the silent majority..may be some of you all thought that it will be another easy victory but that’s not the case anymore. Compare to the rest of the parties, i did not see much effort in BN during this whole event..other parties had done thorough research of BN’s past wrong doings and compiled them and let it all out to the public..i had seen countless of videos indicating the injustice brought by BN and what did BN did to counter them..Sadly i can’t see any..

Anuar had played an important role in buying the support of the Malays…Despite what used to happen to him, you cannot deny the influence and leadership of him over the Malays in this country are better than Pak Lah.. To the PM, i still respect you as my leader but please…dun hate your opponent…Love and respect them and learn from them..Learn their good and bad values then used it fully to outmuscled them the next time around..

For the Indians perspective, i think MIC huge losses are due to the HINDRAF movement. Come on, no matter much i disagree to the their HINDRAF’s point of view for i am not an indian and i can’t understand their feelings since i’m not in their place BUT since MIC did not support them by revising HINDRAF’s action which represented the whole indians community in malaysia, what can u expect from them? Do Samy Vellu really thinks that he could get his own people’s support if he dun support them? Government tearing down Hindu temples…What had u did to go against it? Do u think the whole Indian community will vote for someone who did not defend their rights and religion? No matter their actions are right or wrong, i think MIC should at least guide them to the right path like what other candidates from the Opposition did..

The same goes from MCA..i think MCA and Gerakan ahd been too passive during this whole campaign..the Chinese had been unfairly treated in a lots of way..BN cater so much in to the needs of the Malays but how about us..Indeed that BN had done so much for Malaysia over the past years BUT FOR GOD SAKE IT’S PAST YEARS AND NOT RECENT YEARS..Exams are easier and easier which most of us thinks to cater the needs of the Malays ( why am i complaing about this anyway????? )and we chinese had lesser and lesser benefits..Malays with any kind of results can be accepted into any IPTA or TPTS and matriculation..we had to work our asses off for it..Students from STPM with CGPA 4.00 could not get the courses they desires but malays with CGPA even lower than 3 could get theirs..FYI STPM is one of the hardest exam in the whole world and not matriculation..this case will be like footballers from the 3rd division get to represent their country for the World Cup while the ones from the top flights just be able to watch the bloody event at home…it that even possible? Losing support from the Chinese and Indians are devastating so stop being unfair to us…Our pioneers used to treat us in the fairest way possible but i could sense this value is degrading in recent years..Just try sitting down some hawker stalls and listen to the commoners…we are the one that decide your fate not you yourselves.. I had plenty to say about this but i think i’ll just cut it short to play it safe..

One more thing i would like to highlight is the people who are voting…to tell the truth, i regreted not voting because for my area, BN lost…i’m not a supporter of BN because of all the unfair treatments i observed all this years but i’m a supporter for Dato Lee Hwa Beng..It is such a shame that he had lost despite all those effort that he had done for us..I myself from Subang Jaya where the place he lost most vote..Ppl did not see Lee Hwa Beng when they vote, they see BN the unfair government and therefore did not vote for him..ppl, please look at the improvement that had been made all this years when he serve..especially the chinese…he had built a basketball court in almost every area in Subasng Jaya, improve the roads and trying his best to reduce traffic congestion and even built a new chinese primary school for us..Please vote for the suitable candidate next time not for the party u support..i surely hope he will contest during the next term and BN u will have my vote..i am pissed by certain views..someone i knew claimed that Lee Hwa Beng should step down because there are getting more cars in Subang Jaya…WHAT THE FUCK…this is definitely laughable..He had improved the road condition and widened roads to the maximum extent..building lots of flyovers and if more people afford to buy cars and moved to Subang Jaya hence causing more traffics…Izzit within his limits? should he prevent them from buying cars or come to USJ??? when that happen i bet many will then screwed him for doing so…some people are just not matured enough to look at things..stop finding excuse to find faults in him for i did not see any wrong doings so far..Ppl come to Subang Jaya which shows that they notice the advantages of staying here…i definitely would love to see what the Opposition could do to outbest what i consider excellent management..Some even vote the Opposition in order to give them pressure and not wanting BN to lose at the same time..guess what…BN lost…

Anyway congratulations to BN for forming the government again and i hope the Opposition will deliver what they promises..Especially DAPin Perak..Giving MB post to someone from PAS is definitely an outrage to the chinese community in perak for i myself came from ipoh..i would definitely dislike seeing my hometown to be like kelantan although controls by DAP…PAS only won 6 seats…What you all doing are no different to the unfair treatment we recieved..Please deliver what you promised to the chinese in order to vote for you…thank you and no hard feelings

Communication and Relationship


This post will about the basic of the basic. Well, basically this is just my opinion about things so dun take it too seriously or anything. ^^ From what i observed, the way people communicate or how trhey start a relationship depends heavily on the way they were brought up. Environment have the biggest influence over their socializing skill. Do you all agree?

Well,making frens is easy but keeping them is not easy..starting a relationship is harder and keeping it is even harder. How do people actually can cope with all this? what makes a person more sociable? Well, may be is the environment factor. Parents in my opinion do play a big part in this but very often we see the behaviour of their parents are totally different from their kids. The parents could be could be very open while their kids can be very reserved. This depends on how the parents set an example for them and how they treat them. It is well known that a physically and mentally abused child will remain reserved and do not seem to trust anyone. NUTS..what the hell i’m talking about..this seems to be going to be like an secondary school essay.

Coming to my main point, i thinks that people develope their socializing skill by observing and learning..ESPECIALLY from their peers..well, i do have to confessed i had changed and influenced some..hehe…may be some of you know what i’m talking about.. I think i’m more like a talkative and open type of person…after being with me for a certai n time, people will start to make corny jokes like me, well..let’s just say they become a bit sohai like me la… A few of my friends are actually quite reserved or they do not socialize easily with people around them before i met them.. EHEM seems like i’m bragging about myself but that’s the fact..lol..I came to this university and i had found quite a bunch of friends..Judging by their characteristics…people that came from the same school actually had quite a resemblance in their way of socializing..some of them are quite full of themselves..i mean not to complain about u guys but this is just something i thought..please dun take this to heart lol. I’m not cultured shock about all this as i’m used to confronting a lot of types of people in my lives.. Even something new would not really shocked me a bit. Some really seems open minded but in the end they are not..i met selfish people..note this..it’s in plural..although my frens back in USJ had warn me about this but i still glad to come here and meet some people which i considered worth knowing..i do admit i’m selfish at times but with reasons..and who isn’t? communicating with people is not easy..it’s hard to judge others characteristics..some want people to treat them the way they pleased..well i’m a person that treats people the way treats me..call me judgemental but i think that’s the only fair way..i will treat them good initially to really find out who they are…is it worth all the effort to continue? Recently i had an argument with a lot of people ( which is the main reason i blog this shit ) and think this is not new to some of my old friends..i believe argument is also a way of communicating but may be in a negative way..but negativity sometimes produce better results…but in some, it’s impossible..i do not have much idea for blogging..just that need some place to get this out of me..thanks for wasting your time reading this..feel free to drop a comment..^^

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