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Cheating In A Relationship


Actually promised someone to blog about this together but I guess she will no longer be interested in this. Anyway, what would you people feeling about cheating in a relationship? Being betrayed by the one you love or been in more than a relationship at the same time? Whichever category you used to or are belong to, it is actually a pretty common thing in life. Trust me, there are more people who cheats on their partner in this world than you think. I personally know a few people who are like that. I’m not thinking negatively because my ex cheated on me before but that is a fact that not much people actually believes in.

Well, to cut the story short, I wanted to write about the difference between guys who cheat and girls who cheat.
Yes, there is a difference actually, at least to me and how I observe. It doesn’t implies to everyone in this world as this is based solely on my observations of the few people I know who cheats in their relationship.

When Guys Cheat

When guys cheat, they know it is wrong and they wouldn’t admit that they are correct. Call them jerks but deep down inside they actually admits to that statement. And when their partner founds out about that, there will usually be two solutions out from the,. Break it off with their partner or beg their partner back. However, that does not guarantee that cheating guys will never go straying again. You see, the problem with cheating guys, they rarely learns from their lesson. I’m not implying that they don’t repent, some eventually do but like I said, SOME.

When they went out to talk to their guy friends, they will boasts about it. Some sort of a pride prize and even if they know the guys despise them, they will come out with all sorts of bullshits theories why guys should indulge in multiple partners. They rarely admit that they felt guilty and they just plainly and bluntly said that they need much more variety.The same goes for guys who flirts around and try to get every girl they possibly can. They are not much different actually as they possess the same typical mindset even if they are not attached to anyone. In short, cheating guys know they had committed a sin and they are honest about it. They might not be sorry about it but definitely honest about it to their guy friends.I have a guy friend who cheats on his gf and he just said that it is boring to simply be with one. Trust me, it is rarely about love when they started to have that idea and they will not deny it to their guy friends.

When Girls Cheat

When girls cheat, most of them think that they are the right ones. They will come out with all sorts of excuses to justify themselves. When you confront them on why they cheat, they will come out with all sorts of flaws with their current partner and also developing certain “sensible” reasons on why they cheat. I’m not sure if they wanted to cheat themselves as well as letting the society have a false impression on them but that’s what happen most of the time.

Girls will usually put the blame on other people first before pointing the finger at themselves. Deny it all you want if some of you guilty ones are reading but if you have the slightest thought of  “I know I’m wrong BUT…”, then you belong here. It’s not that cheating girls don’t feel guilty or know they are wrong, but they seem to find hundred and one reasons to justify themselves. This happens all the time when a girl confess to me that they had cheated on their bfs. I’m not worried about them finding out I talk about them because basically I lost contact with most of them. That’s the main difference between guys and girls. Honesty. Girls will also try to justify themselves when talking to their girlfriends unlike guys.

When The Cheating Gets Going

When someone cheats on their partner, guys will have more tendency of repeating them. Girls on the other hand, will have less tendency of doing so. I had seen guys who cheats on their partner over and over again but I had never seen girls who did the same. Not to say they don’t exist, but none I knew of. There are many reasons why girls usually cheat. Money, love, care and the attention they get. As for the guys, probably just the attention and sex. Or the partner might be someone much pettier.It is usually for a superficial reason and not something much deep. Because if a guy finds out the personality of their partner is bad, they will just break it off no matter what. For the girls, they usually put up and then when another better guy comes around, that’s where the cheating started.

However, you cannot say that’s the main reason why girls cheat. In fact, most girls I knew who cheated are actually very flirty around guys despite how they deny it. And most cases, you cannot believe how innocent they actually looks.They claim that they got touched by the attention and love given by the other party and they cannot help it if they fall for them. True but if you don’t love the attention and respect your partner, you will brush and shun the other party completely.

Which One More? Guys? Girls?

Basically, I’m not sure but I can damn well tell you that I know more girls who cheat than guys. In fact, the place where I used to work part time selling shoes, all of the girls in that department had more than 1 bf at the same time. I’m not joking and I was equally stunned too because non of them looks more than average. When ask about it, the same excuses are given by them. I always thought it is funny the way they give their excuses.. When they said because their bf don’t love them enough, then why be together with them. And then they say because they love them too much then if that’s the case, you wouldn’t dream of cheating on them. To simply conclude, human are just plain greedy. And I bet all cheating guys will not deny that.

No Matter How Nice Is The Excuse..

To me, no matter how nice is an excuse, it is still an excuse and it won’t simply change the fact that you betrayed or cheated someone. I believe in open relationship but I don’t believe in cheating in serious relationship. If you know you cannot commit from the beginning, there’s always an open relationship option. A serious relationship should be treasured and respected. I often tell these cheating guy friends of mine that I absolutely do not agree to their action. But I never pass any judgment and a few of them are still my close friends. Luckily they never read my blog. XD

Anyway, that’s all for now. Seems like the topics I’ve been blogging are being forced out. Yeah, my brain is being drained out and I’ve been blogging pretty serious things lately. Thought of loosen up a little with this post and the next post So, are you a cheater? Or Have you been cheated on like me? Or you are plain lucky to not be in both that situation? I hope everyone of you belong to third category. Till then, see ya!!

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  • Charmaine

    I like topics on relationship cos this is what matters most to pisceans.

    Guys will cheat no matter how their gf treats them. Treat them like a king and they will still cheat.

    Girls are more emotional. They tend to cheat when something is wrong with the relationship and the problems are not solved. That's why they always have something to blame on.

    That's why I think honesty is really important and guys shouldn't avoid the problem but to sit down and solve with her. That being said, cheating is still wrong cos it involves lies 🙂
    My recent post Food Review: DIET Cafe @ Cheras Business Centre

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