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Chemistry Is Cooking At Coffee Chemistry Cafe


During Caroline‘s most recent trip here, we planned for a meet up with Rebecca, Witch, Saucer and Grey as well. Initially we couldn’t decide where to had our dinner. And coincidentally, Johnson had been asking Caroline to pop by his new cafe Coffee Chemistry Cafe in Sunway Giza whenever we are free. So I suggest to had dinner at Ipoh Ipoh, Sunway Giza before proceeding to the CCC later on. Joining our meetup that time is Kelvin Tan and Kian Fai as well.

The environment

First and foremost, I would like to voice out my disappointment. Not only my disappointment, but I believe the rest of the group as well are equally as disappointed as well. Why? The food there are so good that we regret having dinner earlier on at Ipoh Ipoh and not immediately set our foot here.

Being new in Sunway Giza, CCC currently have no signboard and the whole environment is actually a bit overwhelmed by HTC in my opinion. No surprise there as HTC’s training centre is just located beside CCC.

Johnson was kind enough to be there to entertain us and also making sure we had a good time. I was actually quite full from my dinner so I end up ordering only a cup of cappuccino. Damn, how I wish I can just undo the earlier dinner.

Sorry that I totally forgot which drink is which. Each of the designs are so unique and I yet couldn’t tell which is which. Being a coffee lover, I totally love my cup of cappuccino. I’m extremely picky over the taste of my coffee and if I give my seal of approval, you know you got yourself a good cup of coffee. According to Kian Fai, the mocha is exceptionally good and I would definitely try this out next time.

A taste of this Bacon & Onion Fritatta, you know good food are bound to come. The exceptionally good combo of sauce, bacon and omelette  is something to shout for.

Out come this chicken salad. Like me with coffee, Rebecca have a high standard of salad. She says it is good and I need not explain more.

The MVP of Coffee Chemistry Cafe, the chicken pie. This is a must try for every customer and highly recommended by the chef and also Johnson. I only took a bite of this and already started cursing myself for coming in with a full stomach. Best eaten hot, the crust and fillings blend together so well and you got to try it to believe it.

I personally like this Carrot an Potato Soup with crust. The soup is very thick in flavor and the fragrant aroma just hit all the right spots. Kian Fai been here earlier so he knows what to order. I manage to steal a spoonful out of it and totally loving it.

Finally, Johnson had his chef made us this Chicken Herbs Pesto Pasta and we are the first customer to try it. Initially it was slightly bland for us. Just not enough salt for me and it was just average. Feeling challenged I guess, the chef made us another one and this time, the flavor is just right. Seasonings are done very well and definitely a lot better this time. Kudos.

Forgot the name of this dish but it is equally good as well!

HTC Desire HD! We got bored at one point waiting for Caroline and Witch to get some Baskin Robbins back and all of us loving playing with this phone during the wait! Absolutely amazing phone!

The view outside CCC. This is quite cool.

First of all, I did not get paid in writing this and I’m writing this honestly based on my own free will. I felt comfortable here while socializing with the rest. Building up our chemistry in this place is definitely fun. Accompanied with good food and drinks, I couldn’t ask for more. Will I visit again? Definitely!

Caroline and Johnson(owner of CCC and also good friend of Caroline)

Although my photos and camera skills do not do justice to the food, but I seriously think it is all worth it.

Coffee Chemistry Cafe is located above Movida and next to Fullhouse in Sunway Giza. Visit their Facebook Page to find out more. For those who are wondering, the price for the food and drinks here are exceptionally affordable. We have Starbucks quality environment and coffee minus the expensive prices. Where else do you find good quality coffee like that below RM10? And food like that below RM15?

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