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CNY Special: Dreaded Questions During Chinese New Year


Hey guys! It has been awhile so how is your Chinese New Year celebration so far? I am still caught up in festive mood and has been extremely lazy to do anything productive. But hey. Like I promised, here’s Friday’s comic! I know some of you are already started to work while I am still lazying around stoning and slacking enjoying my can of Shandy. Ahhhh…life. But let’s get back to today’s topic. Dreaded Questions During Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is a rare occasion where you get to meet relatives that are staying far away from you, get together and have some fun. At the same time, may be meeting some relatives that you wish to avoid at all costs for certain reasons. One of the reasons are the bombardment of questions that make you feel like someone just took a dump on your new year’s clothes. But here is some of my personal experience. Before you get any misunderstanding, personal experience doesn’t mean the questions are being asked directly to me.

Well, I think the first 4 questions are pretty common. In every single family, there is bound to have 1 relative that’s gonna ask you “When are you getting married?”, “Why no girlfriend/boyfriend yet?”, “When getting a baby?”, “When getting another baby?” and the list goes on. It is just like they would never shut up. I guess they too dread it when someone ask them when they gonna shut the hell up which explains why I included that here.

So how about you? How’s your relatives been treating you so far this Chinese New Year? Any ridiculous questions to share with me here? So ARE YOU REEEAAAADYYYYYYYY…..erm….never mind…

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