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There are some things that all of us thought are supposed to be correct. However, the truth is much further from what we thought it would be. I’m not excluding myself from this. I too misunderstood certain things and surprisingly, some of them are due to our very own education. So let me list out several things out here.

1. We have 6 different taste areas on our tongue

Image from http://www.gourmet.com/food/2008/03/tonguemap

We are taught about this fact in school. I still remember having this in an examination to determine which area is which. Contrary to what many was taught, there are only two type of taste which are large and small taste buds. And these taste buds are actually identical to one another. Which means, there are absolutely NO specific region for specific taste to taste stronger. This is a common mistake which is caused by a mistranslation of a Harvard psychologist named Edward G. Boring of a German paper back in 1901. Can read this in this Wikipedia article as well.

I still remember when I was taught that, I tried tasting specific food at those specific area which I found not much big of a difference. Now I know why. Darn our stupid education!

2. Go Thailand must do what? Watch Tiger Show!

Image from http://www.mythaitravel.com/

When I hear of that of the first time, I was curious. Why the heck would I wanna see several tigers performing in front of me? Thailand Tigers know Muay Thai?? When they told me that “Tiger Shows”, are girls doing all kinds of stunts with their privates and many more. I was even more curious and ask for the spelling which my friend replied T-I-G-E-R. Only several years after that. I found out it is called THAI GIRLS SHOW and not TIGER SHOW! What the heck!!

3. From Israel? You must be Muslim.

Here in Malaysia, we had a lot of foreigners. One of it is Israelis. However, I once heard people mentioning Israelis drinking alcohol, they are shocked and claimed, how come Muslims can drink alcohol. Most people are not aware that there are no official religion in Israel. About 75% of the population practices Judaism which means they are Jewish. Just because they are from Middle East, people assume they are those hardcore Muslim countries. Source.

4. Atheists are very sensitive towards religion

Although they don’t believe in God, but real atheists do not really care much if someone talk too much about religion. I think most people might thought atheist will go gung ho in a debate contest the moment they heard anything about religion. I once ask an atheist friend, who said he believe in scientific proof of God’s existence rather than just some teachings from some religion that are dated centuries ago. Which means, if science are able to proof that God exists, then they are satisfied with it.

5. Blogging is just an online affair

Image from http://informedvoters.wordpress.com/2007/10/07/what-is-a-political-blogger/

I guess most are dead wrong about this including me. I always thought that the blogosphere is practically politic-free but oh boy, how wrong I was. From the view of a person who never blogs, he or she will always assume, blogging is just something people do online and there won’t be much politic around it. Both in the real world and virtual world. i once thought like that as well.

However, after hearing stories of one problem after another, I can now conclude that politics in blogosphere are as deadly as those companies. I seen some people who will just backstab you like nobody’s business behind you and then pretend to be your friend when with you. (Yes, I’ve been there but i don’t care as I don’t consider him as a good friend at all to begin with). From people who always think they are right to people who will spread lies about you. Yes, politics in blogosphere can be that deadly.

So do you guys know any facts that are commonly misunderstood by people? Do share your opinions so I get to enlightened even more.

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