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Compliments. Everyone loves getting them. Don’t you? But how about giving them? I think most people had heard of or make some jokes regarding how different genders passes out compliments. It varies. Sometimes a lot. I’m not sure how accurate is that or what proof do I have in blogging in this. I don’t actually. So don’t get too worked up and enjoy this post for fun.

Let’s start off with a pretty common one where it’s quite viral over the internet, shall we?

Girls give compliments that they do not mean

How girls would give compliments they do not mean. That’s a pretty common term that you can see throughout the internet these days. So how much do you agree to this? I would give my opinions later on. Moving on. Guys!

Guys give insults they do not mean

Guys insult each other but they do not mean it. What do you think?

Pretty much the above two situation had been going around on the internet and I’m sure at least one of you had heard of it. Like my next two panels, I do not think these reasoning have much concrete scientific explanation to back them up. If they do, please do inform me as I’m extremely curious how did they come up with that. So why not we proceed to the following two statement that I had came up with, shall we? And do let me know which one do you prefer.

Girls gives compliment that they mean it but they are never 100% true to it.

Girls are not as mean as what everyone thinks. True, some just complimented one another while thinking the direct opposite to it. But I think most girls tend to compliment others while leaving out unfavorable details. Unfavorable details like how they usually think they look better than anyone else. Just a metaphor, not a direct insult or conclusion.

An insult means an insult

I think my last picture basically says it all. Despite how we insulted our best friend, we still consider each other the best company we can get. In fact, that very insult might be much more assuring to some as in someone you can all have fun with without worrying of offending them. So dear readers, before I sign off, I don’t want anyone to get the wrong saying giving truthful insults to everyone is a good thing. Especially when you are trying to get a girl. I repeat. ESPECIALLY when you are trying to get a girl. Try to do that to a girl, you will find your head in somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine. Do it at your own risk.

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