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(Contest) Nuffnang Youth Credit Card Second Design


So my blog was down for a moment and now it is back up!! So here am I once again showing another design of mine that I prepared for this contest. Please bear with me as the dateline is this Sunday and I will be spamming some design contest posrs. LOL If you wanted to check out my first design, please click on the link!

1st Design

So after with the rainbow design, what’s next. Honestly, I prefer to own a credit card that looked premium and exclusive. I think pretty much most teenagers are like that although I am no teenager myself. Still part of the youth system alright?

My second design concept is based purely on diamonds. The exclusiveness and pricey diamonds is most of the unrivaled and this I wanted to showcased in my design. The youth of the country are mainly the diamonds of the country. The youth are pretty much like a common rock but they will turn out to be extraordinary diamonds if being led the right way. This is the philosophy I wanted to apply on my credit card.

I wanted the credit card to look exclusive and this would definitely project a much cooler image. I am not sure how it works for every youth out there but I have always been like that. So without further more ramblings, this is my second design for the Nuffnang Youth Credit Card contest!

Name? How about the Diamond card? We have Gold Card, Platinum Card, Basic Card and bla bla bla. Why not Diamond Card?

I uses a diamond like texture for the entire surface of the credit card smack with a black gradient on it. This is to give a sense of elegance in the design (hopefully it works) and I am trying to keep it simple. As you can notice from the top right corner of the credit card, there are some patterns which are not black. I am trying to achieve a diamond texture on the credit card. That’s the best I can come up with give that shape. The concept of the overall layout is this. The black diamond texture represents youth. Unpolished youth. Raw talents waiting to be discovered. The shiny white diamonds at the background of the logo is the Bank would be the catalyst in making them into diamonds.

Being a youth credit card, I assume that the credit card have benefits that every youth in this nation needs. May be a rebate for books, laptop, small business or anything. If it is a credit card that proved beneficial to the youth, so it is naturally that they have a hand in making the youth into diamonds. That’s the philosophy behind the design and the reason why the white diamonds exists behind the bank logo. Probably just the work BANK NAME is not that appealing enough.

Like you have seen, I uses a silver microchip here for the purpose of making it gel together with the overall design. Like the last one, gold micro chip looks more suited for a colorful and vibrant background. Here, I wanted it to have as little color as possible.

So how do you like this? Which do you think is the better design? DO comment on the good and bad of the designs! Thank you! Especially BAD.

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