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Cool Name, Dad


I have a unique weird name. And it is not Eric I am talking about. I am talking about my Romanized Chinese name. I blogged about my name before this over here. But my Romanized name has a story of its own. Which I actually only aware of recently. For those who don’t know, my name is Lee Huangshi. Far from the typical Malaysian Chinese who have 3 syllables in their names and I only had two.

I always get this “Are you from China or your parents from China” kinda questions a lot. Even now if I tell anyone my romanized chinese name. Probably the way it sounded and also how it is in a single syllable that makes it so China-like? Guess I can’t argue much when people start telling me to go back China. But anyway, to a kid, saying that I am from China is pretty much uncool. Thanks to the movies, comics and p*rn, I used to think that Americans and Japanese are the real deal. They are cool and they are everything. Even their toilet seem to be comparable to my room. The ultimate dream is to be Batman and find Dragon Balls together with Goku to kick Freeza’s arse. Yes. THAT IS COOL. China like name, not so cool even though I am a Chinese.

Well, I changed my perspective towards my name and China people. I am now more proud of it than ever and yes, I still get that “Are you from China” questions at times and I usually reply by saying yes and I have like 30 over siblings and also 6 different stepmothers and I grew up working for a well known company manufacturing smartphones to be thrown into the garbage can every single year. And I would also tell them I know Kung Fu, kicks some ass with Bruce Lee in Shaolin Temple and read math books like comics. I’m so Asian.



Well that’s it from me today. How about you? Have a nice unique name given by your parents as well? Comment and tell me about it.


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