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First of all, I would like to thank  Lady Java and Grey Ang for helping me out in setting this blog. Without them, this wouldn’t be possible. Sorry I missed this out in earlier post.

Have you guys ever wondered, there are certain things in this world, might seem good but when you come to think of it, it is not really as good as it seems? Confusing? Let me list down several things in to look at.

Great Sales

Watch out, shopaholic! We often saw many sales going around us. Newspaper, television, internet etc. When we encountered those discounted items, we will go gaga and said “OMG, SO DAMN CHEAP!! LET’S BUY”. We end up thinking we had saved a lot but think again. To me, the equations are simple.

No sales = buy few

Got sales = buy more

Eh, where got save like that? Especially during sales, most guys’ wallets will be thoroughly raped by their partners and possible not even a speck of dust remains. There goes the credit card bill as well.

Any Over Friendly Gestures From Guys to Girls

In this over friendly gestures, I don’t mean a guy and girl hanging out and talking like best friends since they knew each other long enough. If you see all over Facebook, I think it is a pretty common sight that a pretty girl feels sad, some random guy comes to show concern and even offer hugs and the list goes on.

Obviously, this wouldn’t mean much to girls and said the guy meant to be caring and senstive. Trust me, how many of them ACTUALLY offer the same sympathetic hugs and concern towards GUYS? And ask them why they don’t do it, they might say it sounds or looks gay.

See? This means that to that particular guy, a simple hug or concern or shoulder offering, usually meant more than just friend. This is what I would refer as hidden flirtation. If anyone approach them and say this, they would simply use the easy way out by saying “Just showing concern for a friend”.

When Girls Say “It’s Ok”

I guess this is common. Normally “It’s ok” means:

I expect you to b a freaking psychic and know yourself it is NOT OK.

Mostly Whatever Advertised To You

This one, well, just see for yourself.

Image credit from www.funzo.com

That’s all for me. Hope you enjoy this post.

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