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Crazy Things Parents Say


Had it occur to you before that your parents say something to you and you wish they didn’t or simply just digging a hole and hide yourself from the world? I bet each and everyone of you had this experience before. If you wanna know more about these sort of stuff, I suggest you visit this SITE for further enjoyable read regarding the crazy things parents say.

Right here, I’m gonna talk about my parents. Don’t get me wrong, we have a good relationship together and this post is not to humiliate them or whatsoever. But the things they said sometimes are just too darn hilarious and I think I should blog about it. I am born in a middle-class Chinese family with one very very extremely volatile mom and my dad, is definitely one of the world most realist person ever.

My Mom

I wonder what’s wrong with mothers at times. Treating us like small kids when we are already grown up. It’s kinda annoying at times and my mom did that for most of the time. It is true that I might not be good enough to take care of myself but at least I’m mature enough to make correct judgment or even DRIVE long distance? I remember the time we were in Taiwan, she would just practically pushes us around like small kids. Not gonna elaborate on that but what’s the craziest thing she said before? Tonnes of them but I’m gonna list out 2.

When I was hospitalized for dengue fever during Form 6, a hot nurse came in to take my temperature.

Mom: What’s his temperature?
Nurse: 37 degrees Celcius (looking at the thermometer)
Nurse: ……(got shocked and stunned by the sudden agitation)
Me: Er…Mom, it is normal….
Nurse: Erm…Auntie…37 is normal temperature for human..(giggling and trying very very hard not to laugh out loud)
Mom: Oh. Is it? Ok..

Needless to say, I’m praying hard for that hot nurse not to come to my room ever again and i wanted to go back home and hide. BADLY.

In the car with my Mom and Dad. We were on the way back from Kelana Jaya at night and we stuck in a rare nighttime traffic jam.

Dad: Why suddenly traffic so jam wan.
Mom: Is like that wan during this hour. Sure a lot of cars. Everytime also like that.
Dad: You drive here before meh?
Mom: No. But I know la.
Dad: ….

For your information, my mom never been out to that place before around that time besides that particular time. Let’s just say she won’t go out at night at all. I am rolling my eyes in the back seat and giggling at the same time.

My Dad

Sometimes, I really salute my dad for his pieces of advice. Most of them are priceless in terms of practicality and also entertainment value. Despite having a very cool nature, my dad is actually quite open. He sent me dirty jokes through email and also beautiful quotes of life. He also send me this kind of stuff once awhile.

But only pictures and funny ones la…. Seems like I have such a cool dad then does that mean he won’t voice out several crazy things once awhile? The answer is NO. These are several examples.

Mom: Shouldn’t let her(my grandmother) eat all these things. Not healthy.
Dad: Haiya let her be la. Eat only la. You think how old is she now. Not many years left to eat.

Mean? Cruel? I don’t think it is that way. My dad is just a realist. He is not cursing my grandmother and that doesn’t mean he do not love her. He spend a lot of things on her generously and without any single complain.

Dad: (telling to me) You think you guys study hard for my future? It is for your future and your children’s future. You think I NEED all your money and stuff? How many more years I had left? So it doesn’t matter to me if you do well in the future or not. It matters to you yourself and your children.

Crazy but yet so true. By the way, he’s only 55 and that makes it really weird to hear all this from him. Moreover, he looks like late 40’s rather than 55 and have higher level of stamina than me. FML.


When we grow up, have our own children, please do not doubt a single moment that you will one day spew out something that made your kids laugh their ass off. We often took pleasure in laughing at what our parents have to say sometimes to the extend, we neglected the fact that we made the same mistakes as well. Sometimes, I spew out rubbish unconsciously and my peers have a good laugh about it. But will it make a bigger impact if our parents say the same thing?

Things would definitely be different due to the different status we had in a family. That’s why we often hear teenagers say that how much they hate their parents and how embarrass they are of their parents. We might despise and look down on these teenagers but when you are once their age, don’t some of you feel the same way? As we mature, we began to better understand the nature of our parents and this lead us to realize how foolish we once are.

But things aren’t as simple as it seems. The understanding does not stop there. Even sometimes, I hear adults talking bad about their parents. Saying how stubborn they are at times and how difficult it is to deal with them. It is true that parents are kind of stubborn at times due to their vast experience of life, they think none of their kids will know better. But at the same time, the children might think their parents are old fashioned, conservative and inexperience towards the current world they live in. So, who’s actually the stubborn one? It has to be both.

Humans especially family members should learn from each other regardless of age, sex or status. Sometimes the inability to learn how to communicate with your parents and children, would lead you to have weird thoughts. That’s the reason why the website “Crazy Things Parents Say” exists. Sometimes we might misunderstand the intention of our parents to act friendly towards us by saying something stupid to attract out attention. Sometimes, the parents are too shy to ask their young ones and hence made up their own conclusion. If there is a website call “Crazy Things My Kids Say” specially dedicated to the parents to read, they would have equally good laugh too.

I think that’s it for now. Didn’t realize the post got so long. So leave a comment on your thoughts and may be what’s the craziest things your parents said? Signing off. PLEASE CLICK MY ADS TOO. It is not funny that almost a year passed that my amount didn’t even reach RM50 yet. FML =____=

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