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Cube Revealed And Malaysia Day Eve at Encorp Red Carpet Launch


I never been to any Malaysia Day celebration and countdown before. I had been to our country’s Independence Day countdown but not Malaysia Day which is supposedly the true birthday of out country. Surprisingly, it was only made a public holiday last 2 year rather than earlier.

Entering Encorp Strand Red Carpet Boulevard

As we arrived here at Encorp Strands Red Carpet Boulevard, yeah I know it’s a mouthful, it’s already drizzling. Probably they did not employ any Weather Consultant (not sure then read my previous post to find out ) or they did and without them, may be ribut taufan and banjir kilat all the way la. (typhoon and flash flood)

As we entered, we are greeted by this booth from Celcom. Nicely designed as they used black for their structures instead of their common blue. But wait, what really caught my attention besides those pretty promoters, are all these sleek brand new Blackberry babies.

There is a promotion going on that time and those promotions are really tempting actually. Check them out at http://www.celcom.com.my . I began to wonder is that what’s Cube all about? Cube? Latest Blackberry plan all together in one Cube? Doesn’t really make sense no matter how I tried to put it in together.

Then, I spotted several Cube decorations along the Red Carpet Boulevard. Pretty cool place. You will felt like an instant star stepping foot here. I wonder if that’s the whole experience about. Then I saw this gigantic big ass Cube lying there with a Xbox Kinect service in it. Ok. I start to get an idea of how Cube should be. Something interactive and fun.

The event began with some really entertaining performances such as dancing, cheer leading routines and also street parade. It’s a carnival out there and everyone regardless of age is having fun. Looks like the drizzle did not stop anyone from having fun. Talk about celebrating the occasion of being Malaysian. Nothing will dampens our spirits in celebrating Malaysia Day. Kudas to Encorp for organizing this event!

I was impressed by the projection mapping on here. Probably one of the first projection mapping stage set up outdoor in Malaysia. At least, it’s a semi outdoor.

The giant LED screens are a sight to behold. Amazing. Since I’m doing design in event field, I am impressed and felt this place holds a great potential in holding events and concerts. It’s a very unique experience.

Joe Flizzow

Bunkface Lead Singer

Ila Damiaa





Then, the artists were there to keep the people entertained. A countdown event with artists is never dull. The audiences are entertained and they are people who actually sang along with the artists.

On a very notable incident of the whole event, is these Cube people took on the stage and perform various dances. Ok, I’m damn annoyed already because I had no freaking idea what Cube is.



Alright, the Cube is actually a multimedia branded channel that will provide you the convenience of accessing contents on any devices, and anytime and any place. Wherever you are, The Cube will be there for you. Let’s look at the homepage of The Cube.


On of the components of The Cube is Musicube. You can just download your favorite song anytime and anywhere! And then just listen away to wash away your blues. Your life would never be dull even without a smartphone. Or just browse through the Top 10 songs to choose your favorite song and download away!


Next is the Playcube. The Playcube platform provides you a wide range of games for you to download and play. You have action, sports, racing and many more types of games to make your life a lot less boring. Going to the toilet session would have an extra activity for you to enjoy while doing your business. I dare you not to get addicted because it is that good!.


You are not a music or game person? Afraid not. The Funcube platform provides you a whole lot of entertainment contents that would keep you busy. Comics in MMS form, BPL news update and even the Twit Talk would get your fingers busy.

A Facebook junkie without a smartphone is quite sad to me. But this Frencube epidemic will take your Facebooking addiction to another level. Now you can update your status, comment and even poke your friends’ Facebook just by sending sms at a low rate of RM1 weekly for its unlimited usage. Who says you need a smartphone and expensive data charges to get you connected to Facebook while on the go? Frencube is the answer to that!


So basically, the Cube is a web mobile content portal that keeps you updated with exclusive content for your mobile. It is a service available to all Celcom customers only. The Cube will make sure you stay cool and hip all the time by providing you with the latest music, entertainment contents, games, social networking services and many more. Once you tried it, you can never guarantee you can stop the addiction! Sekali cuba, hari-hari mahu!

So people, that is the Cube. For more info, please visit http://www.thecube.my/mdp/main.jsp


So what exactly is my favorite feature of Cube?

Believe it or not, it’s this feature. I have my phone as a music player more than anything at most times. And downloading from computer and then transfer it to the phone is way too much of a hassle. This is especially annoying when new songs kept popping up one after another and it’s way too troublesome. Gaining access to this, I can just download without even need to go through the computer. Definitely one of my most liked feature about The Cube.

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